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    i was with a friend at a party and they told me this about myself: you are sound sensitive. what does this mean to you? i often hear sounds converge into patterns that don't exist in reality. i feel the vibration of sounds from heavy and hard objects, such as cars and construction, and to my mind they carry an emotion and intelligence to me. i can even hear other people's voices converge into different words than the ones they are saying. i am easily distracted by the sounds of voices and on certain days, sounds seem louder and more piercing than normal. sometimes i am so emotionally affected by the sounds of sirens or cars outside my window, that i cannot focus on reading words in front of me. i can definitely see how the term sound sensitive applies to me. do you identify with this term?
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    So for me, on heavy overload days, sound becomes especially hard to process. Any sound above quiet talking level HURTS, literally eyes watering, trying to cover my ears painful. Speech recognition also goes out the window; someone can be trying to talk to me and while I know that they're probably talking in English, it's like Simlish to me. The right sound and syllables are there, if I take time, and there's no other conflicting signals (like say several people trying to talk at once or someone trying to talk over music), and it's not being rushed I can wait for the words to click as words again, but that takes a force of mental EFFORT to do.

    This is part of sensory processing disorder, often something that goes in hand with being autistic. Sensitivity to sound is not the only part of that, but it's the most bothersome thing for me, because other stuff (like if clothes or tags are Too Itchy or if there's a smell making me nauseous) I have at least some control over. But getting away from sound means having to isolate myself, which means not getting to spend time with people I want to be with or missing out on things I want to do. However, what is NOT part of that for me is getting any other deeper meaning from the sounds I hear. When I can't process speech, it doesn't turn into some other thing, I straight up just can't understand it. the parts of my brain dedicated to uncoding noise into usable information just have too much traffic coming in and it shuts down completely.

    I'm definitely not a professional and would encourage you to bring it up with someone who is, but as a laymen the way you describe it sounds more like auditory hallucinations or psychosis.
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