Shaking Trees, Snooty Giraffes, and Highway Robbery: The Animal Crossing New Leaf thread

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Kaylotta, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    I know there are a few of us ACNLers on here, and we didn't have a thread yet, so: here we are!

    I don't mind sharing my Friend Code, but if others aren't so comfy feel free to PM. Mine is 0404-7746-2796, and anyone is welcome to add me. :) Just please let me know if you do so that I know who you are!

    I will open up my town from 2 pm to 5 pm Central Time as often as I remember to, and y'all are welcome to come visit. I have all the fruits, so you're welcome to snag one off a tree if you want. Please don't trample my flowers! I am not terribly talkative but I'm happy to host and visit other people. I will also post turnip prices if I remember, and if Redd is around I will list what he's got for the day.

    errybody get down at Club LOL tonight *oontz oontz*

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  2. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    Shame on me, I know, but I haven't touched my cartridge since mid june, I need to go catch up again .._.."

    Dream Address is 6400-3690-3270
    FC is 2208-5378-6381
    Ima add everyone who posts their code in this thread, my ID over there is "Eyefish" ::3

    Also, curse you, now I want to play ACNL again so Ima start catching up today.

    I had a sporadically updated incharacter blog when I was still on tumblr, if you wanna have a look: prospitbythesea

    How long have you been playing acnl? I don't even know why I started, but it was around when ACNL came out (bought Wild World first tho). Are ya'll planning on getting Happy Home Designer? Because I know I am.

    EDIT: corrected a typo in my FC
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  3. Lissiel

    Lissiel Dreaming dead

    I'll have to look up my code when i get home in a few days. Like half the custom designs in my shop are cosplay shits ridic.

    As for the happy home rating, man, i just gave up on that. I LIKE mixing and matching, what's the point of letting you customize in the first place if they're just going to ding you on points? If i want a creepy hacker basement full of skeletons then by god thats what im going to do. :(

    What have people done for their custom museum exhibits btw? Ive got a "moon aliens" room, a halloween room, an egypt exhibit, and a nasa room.
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  4. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    My museum is currently a barren storage unit for turnips, but before that, I had a couple of theme rooms. "Frost and Frogs" (Frogs & Ice Set Furniture), "Rays and Frogs", "Battlefield" (Checkerboard floor, sky wallpaper, gold&black chess set, still peeved I can't make a purple set). And yeah, shop full of cosplay designs sounds about right ::D
    I kinda sorta fell i love with all the eastern furniture, so my mayor's house is Harmonious Theme Challenge, idk the exact amount of points, but well over a million. My secondary char doesn't have the challenge going yet but I'm going for Fairy Tail, and she's just under 250k. My third char is a tad under 100k, because I'm missing a bunch of stuff for her.
    Happy Home Designer is a spinoff for the series, which gets released like a week after my birthday. I need it. Like burning.

    Does anyone of you use moridb? I spent like a day or sth sifting through my ingame catalogs to set up the moridb catalogues of stuff I still need. That being said, if anyone of you needs stuff I have, drop me a note, I'm happy to help out ::3
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  5. Hobo


    I'm terrified of logging on and finding out which of my villagers is gone :( I haven't touched the game in a year or more and if Vic is gone there is a strong possibility that I will cry (and I am not much of a crier). This game kills me with guilt ;3;
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  6. Lissiel

    Lissiel Dreaming dead

    Oh lord i hate losing villagers. I kept stitches for over a year, he was my sweetest little creepy baby, i gave him fruits and cakes all the time, then i left it for two weeks and he left just like that. :(((((( Thats the thing i wish most could change about this game was more control over which villagers stay and which gtfo.

    What is moridb?
  7. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    Moridb is a site which lists almost all items in ACNL, searchable, with filters regarding style and type of item. And you can make your own catalogues.
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  8. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    I've got my house set up pretty much how I think I'll leave it, though I do change the main room every once in a while for seasonal stuff. I also have one room that I haven't pinned down yet. I haven't filled my museum exhibits yet! :(

    I'm also happy to get people stuff they like if I've got it. :)

    I've been playing for just over a year now - I got it just before I got married so I'd have something extra to do on the plane/honeymoon. XD and also it was a good excuse, because I'd been wanting it forever...

    And yeah, I missed a couple weeks at one point and two of my fave villagers moved out. T_T I have a good set now though and I'm pretty happy with them.
  9. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    which is why i play the catching up game. rogue movers destroyed too much of my stuff.

    those are my two big doesnt-have-yet lists. if its not in any of those and you can order it, i can get it for you.
    (i have a house faved in the showcase, which has almost all the things from the dlc/offshore list. i cannot order any of them. D::)
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  10. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    I haven't played in a while but likely will get back in while I am travelling up to Seattle. My town is garbage lmao.
  11. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    I kept all my ingame mom's letters.
    ingame mom is a lot nicer than meatspace mom.
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  12. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    I haven't played in months but now I kind of want to, haha.

    Okay, I just got on, and based on my green attire and shamrock hat I last played in March. Time to pull up 4-5 months' worth of weeds!
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  13. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    So I have just discovered that if you have enough weeds, Leif will show up in your town and helpfully provide a count of how many weeds there are left, which goes down as you pull up more weeds. Awesome feature, would have loved it back in Wild World. Right now I'm looking for my last 2 weeds.
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  14. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    Yes I loved it! Although I always had so much trouble finding that last weed.
  15. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    hey folks - Redd is in my town today, and he has a genuine Arearea and a genuine Dogu for sale, both of which I've already got so they're up for grabs. (if you're interested in a round-headed bust of Nefertiti, or a Roman Empire genesis myth statue minus a twin, he's got those too.) If you want one, come visit, or I can grab it for you if you can't today. I can only buy one of them though obviously. :P

    Also, I have a petition that needs signing, anyone up for a visit?
  16. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    Yessss I found my final weed. (It was like 5 ft from Leif OTL)

    I'd love to come sign a petition and buy something from Redd. I'm going to go ahead and add you/everyone else who posts FCs here as a friend - my friend code's 1220-8758-8482.
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  17. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    Cool! I will open my town right away, I just added you. also I misspoke - the petition has to be signed by another town's villagers (for all that we're involved in civic government ourselves, apparently they like to do things on their own XD), so if I could visit after that would be awesome!
  18. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

  19. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    My town is now open! (I also have Redd here, and there's a genuine wistful painting (Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer) available for anyone who wants it.)
  20. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    @garden whoops, looks like a typo snuck in there! correct one is 2208-5378-6381

    Speaking of art, I can't let a genuine item pass by, so I buy them all and got a bunch of genuine dupes. I gave most of them away via a tumblr giveaway, but I *still* have some.

    Calm Painting x3
    Common Painting x3
    Fine Painting x5
    Moving Painting x1
    Moody Painting x2
    Neutral Painting x1
    Scenic Painting x1
    Solemn Painting x2
    Worthy Painting x1

    If anyone needs one of those, hit me up, they're just eating space and I refuse to just sell em to Reese.
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