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    Hey guys! I have been noodling about this project that I want to happen for a few years now, but I have no coding knowledge or expertise! I've got some mockups made up, but the people who were interested in coding it are too busy.

    So! Here's the idea if anyone wants to take it, contribute to it, or just read about it:

    I propose a program that will help you generate a shipping grid. The most obvious application of this would be to assist with filling out quadrant grids for trolls, but there's no reason that it wouldn't be just as useful for any group of characters.

    Page 1.gif So first you would enter in the names of the characters you want to generate, with the handy option of putting in an icon to help make visuals easier.
    Page 1 Copy.gif This is an optional page, if the generator is going to do more than just fill all of the given trolls' quadrants. I have put up several different relationship options, including but not limited to enemies, friends, family, bros, cahoots, blood pacts/blood brothers, and I honestly forget what the knife stood for cause it's been a few years. Also I thought I had human-style romance in here too? Whatever. Here you can choose which characters can be involved in which relationships. As you can see I have Dave as the only one who can do the human family thing, but he also can't do the quadrant thing.
    Page 2.gif You would then have the option of inputting any ships that you have already thought of, and your preference for them. This will help speed up the later generation process, and also lets you choose outright for any relationships you don't want to go through the generator.
    Page 1 Copy 2.gif Another optional one, here you would be able to allow more complicated relationship dynamics. As an example, I have made Karkat able to be poly pale for anyone and blur his pale quadrant with any other quadrant, and red and pale for Eridan specifically. I have also specified that Sollux and Aradia will be mutually red for Feferi.
    Page 1 Copy 1.gif On this optional page you choose which relationships to have the generator generate.
    Page 3.gif I have a few different ideas on how the actual generation could be done. This is one of them, where you do the "which do I prefer" game and winnow out the best possibilities, but it could also randomize things and then you select which ships you like and generate the others again like with Yahtzee rules.
    Page 4.gif And then finally we have a few different methods for displaying the results. This one lists the ships by character.
    Page 5.gif This one generates and actual grid.
    Page 6.gif And this one a shipping polygon.

    There'd be a legend to describe all the symbols used at the top, and at the end you'd be able to download the final grids.

    So yeah, that's my idea. I think it would be very useful, though moreso if I had gotten off my butt to make it years ago. But even in non-Homestuck stuff it'd make it pretty simple to toss a group of OCs in there to get some interesting dynamics for a book or whatever.
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    Got someone who might be up to coding it, just have to redo my mockups so he can figure out a price estimate
    going to do 3 complexity levels

    Here's the basic one:
    Page 1 Copy 1.gif Page 1 Copy.gif Page 1.png Page 2.gif Page 3.gif Page 4.gif Page 5.gif Page 6.gif
    Does anyone have any suggestions for changes on this version or features they would like on the more complex versions?
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    Intermediate proposal:

    Intermediate Version Quadrant Grid.gif
    Input Chars.png Ships Allowed.gif Legend.gif Ships to Generate.gif OTPs.png NoTPs.png
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