shitposting rave 4: (almost) anything goes

Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by This Was A Triumph, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. This Was A Triumph

    This Was A Triumph huge success

    Welcome to the fourth Shitposting Rave.

    This thread was designed for subaccount containment. It's a difficult task; as we all know, subaccounts reproduce by budding. Rather like tribbles. Or potatoes.

    However, we here at SPR are not cruel. We don't put the subaccounts into solitary containment for the mere crime of existing. To that end, we provide this space so that you, their creators, can socialize them here to your little heart's content.

    There's just a few ground rules, put into place to meet Kintsugi Wellness Standards, for the well-being of people through the forum:

    • Write your own characters' actions and words, not others'. Other players decide whether their characters can perceive yours. You could consider the setting to be a dreamscape, or perhaps a virtual reality with faulty network connections. It doesn't really matter, unless it does for whatever you're playing out. The important thing is, this means whether characters are able to physically interact, encompassing everything from high-fives to lethal violence, is up to agreement between the players. Cooperation. Isn't it beautiful?
    • Use the OOC Thread to communicate with other players about in-character conflicts. Use it to communicate about out-of-character conflicts, too. And because it's not named the SPR Conflict Thread, feel free to use it for other things that aren't all about conflict. Like laughing about things with others, as a social recreational activity. Or seeking the company of specific characters.
    • Do not openly post spoilers from recent canons (information from within the last four months). That's rude and unnecessary, especially when it's so easy to just post them under a spoiler warning, like this:
    [spoiler="A helpful warning title"] 
    The recent release you feel like talking about.
    • Fade consensual sex to black, or bring it to another, appropriately tagged thread. If you don't know if it's too sexual to be in the spr but suspect it might be, there's three things you could do: pause to ask in the ooc thread, put it under a spoiler warning if you don't get a response quickly enough to satisfy you, or just stop altogether.
    • Do not depict noncon sexual acts, not even unwanted shoulder massages, where it is unavoidable. A spoiler warning might suffice, but don't quote me on that. Do not be a 'Cronus'.
    • However, the character Cronus is allowed.
    • Sorry.
    • Do not eat the mis.
    • Absolutely do not eat the potato.
    • In fact, to be on the safe side, just don't eat anything that you don't bring into the rave. Bring your own food. Eating strange things that you find littered around the internet, or anywhere else, sounds like a really bad idea. Unless you enjoy food poisoning.
    • This list of rules is subject to being updated without notice. There's no particular penalty for failing to read it, but we will point and laugh at you. Or at least I will. Or at least, I would, if I had any fingers. Maybe I'll locate a gif of a pointing and laughing figure, just to post it at you.
    We hope you enjoy the duration of your time here.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
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  2. smol cuttle

    smol cuttle 1 tsp of cephalopod

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  3. This Was A Triumph

    This Was A Triumph huge success

    Wow. I didn't think we would need to instate a size minimum. But here we are. You are so small that it is probably illegally cute in several jurisdictions.

    Good thing we're not based in any of them.
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  4. A Mi

    A Mi smol, NS

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  5. local rats

    local rats NS| snif snif snif snif snif

    (a single rat pops into existance

    snif snif snif snif the cuttle

    snif the robot)
  6. A Mi

    A Mi smol, NS

    -Mis begin construction on a new and improved mi fort-
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  7. Universe

    Universe Needs A Hug

    [Bounds in, making the rave shake]
    You made a new one!
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  8. This Was A Triumph

    This Was A Triumph huge success

    We sure did. And now I'm being sniffed at. By rats. Actual, literal rats.

    I liked the old one better.
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  9. Universe

    Universe Needs A Hug

    Hi, you´re not one of mine. Do you have an altmode? Or is this yours? Who are you?
  10. This Was A Triumph

    This Was A Triumph huge success

    You like asking nested questions, don't you. Quickly. So nobody else can answer while you leap to the next one.

    To answer your questions in order: Correct,I'munfamiliarwiththatterminology,I'mstillunfamiliarwiththatterminology, and GLaDOS.
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  11. Smol Norm the Genie

    Smol Norm the Genie babby genie|18+

    What are the other facets?
  12. Universe

    Universe Needs A Hug

    An altmode is what some mechanoids can turn into! I don´t have a name.
  13. Stela Heterodyne

    Stela Heterodyne Medical Spark Extraordinaire

    ...Huh. Well, that didn't work quite as expected.

    ((for context, see the last few pages of the spr3))
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  14. Reed Castor

    Reed Castor lives on the b-side | 18+

    (having unintentionally been dragged along by the space-time anomaly, reed appears couch-height off the ground but suddenly sans couch and does an Acrobatic Fucking Pirouette into the spr4)
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  15. Rayineen

    Rayineen Fields and trees match the damage and frills 18+

    -walks out of the forest that definitely wasn't there a second ago, and promptly stops existing once it's no longer needed-

    -she's eaten most of the cinnamon roll half and is feeding bits to the silver raven-
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  16. Life Support of Iacon

    Life Support of Iacon Co-Captain, Autobot Rep, CMO | 18+

    -holds onto the kitten-
    Well, this is different, but not that different. It still feels like dreamspace.

    Too many to list. Anything to do with life can be studied.
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  17. Smol Norm the Genie

    Smol Norm the Genie babby genie|18+

    Literally anything? Wow!
  18. Cosmina Kastellan

    Cosmina Kastellan Sergeant In Denial, Knight of Rage 18+

    -comes running in after her- Meestress Stela are hyu alright!
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  19. Stela Heterodyne

    Stela Heterodyne Medical Spark Extraordinaire

    I think I made a miscalculation somewhere. Hang on...
    -a few adjustments, a couple of additions, one removal and a kick in just the right spot, and the entire contraption has somehow become... a small headset-
  20. Reed Castor

    Reed Castor lives on the b-side | 18+

    (grumbles into the ground)
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