shitposting rave 5: discount rejects from every genre

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    SHITPOSTING ALPHYS Dr. Alphys, but, you know, off the clock?



    * Y-you guys probably all know how this goes already...

    * But! Just in case! I'm going to, uh, review it.

    * Especially since sometimes new people show up...

    * Or, uh, really, all the time?

    * Sometimes literally falling in???

    * We should look into a net...

    * (You find a record of SPR's history.)

    * (It's a link to shitposting rave 2: electric boogaloo.)
    * (It's a link to shitposting rave 3: dawn of the third rave.)
    * (It's a link to Shitposting Rave OOC.)
    * ...
    * (You wonder why the capitalization is so inconsistent.)

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    SHITPOSTING ALPHYS Dr. Alphys, but, you know, off the clock?

    (This post isn't really in-character like the previous post's was. Flippancy or casual wording is all @swirlingflight )


    * Rules of the shitposting rave.

    • Write your own characters' actions and words, not others'.
    Other players decide whether their characters can perceive yours, whether they're affected by physical interactions, aware of odors/yelling/etc, and so on. Nobody's obligated to respond to other posts,

    The name of the game is shitposting; this is a silly, low-stakes thread with no consistent setting, plot, or cast. It's perfectly okay to hang out and have a conversation only between your own characters, or for a single character to offer posts into the thread for others to respond to.

    You can look at the setting to be a dreamscape, as a virtual reality with faulty network connections, or something else I haven't seen suggested. There's no in-setting true answer, feel free to go with whatever paradigm works for you.

    Ultimately, whether characters are able to interact, encompassing everything physical from high-fives to lethal violence, is up to agreement between the players.

    The most basic reasoning behind this rule is, please do not be a steve uchiha, declaring that your character is successfully pummeling others' characters all over the scene in a needlessly dramatic shonen fight scene.

    Sorry, steve uchiha, your brother sasuke is in another roleplay.

    At least unless that's the joke, in which case:
    • Use the OOC Thread to communicate with other players about in-character (and out-of-character) conflicts.
    There's a whole bunch of things people are interested in playing, from serious to silly, and not everybody's interested in arguments or fight scenes. If you're interested in a fight, or your character really wants to hassle somebody, please give the other players a heads up! That way they can get into the mood if they do want to, or can let you know that they're not interested.

    The ooc thread's also used for touching base about out-of-character conflicts. If another player says they want yours to stop hounding them with attempts to fight, please pay attention to the request. If they specify that their character minds but they themselves don't, then go ahead. If they don't specify, and you don't know if the request is IC, OOC, or BOTH, please ask.

    But questions of fights aside, mostly we use the ooc thread for chatting! Chatting about our characters, chatting about others' characters, mentioning when we're online and interested in rping, when we're going offline and becoming unavailable for various reasons. You don't really need to do any of that if you want to just hang out and shitpost; please just keep an eye out for notifs of people asking for a time-out on something distressing.

    That said, if an ooc conflict gets significantly headed, we may ask that you take it to another thread, perhaps in That Could Have Gone Better
    • Do not openly post spoilers from recent canons (information from within the last four months).
    Four months is an arbitrary amount of time that I think works for a majority of people to catch up on the things they were interested in, or already encounter the spoilers elsewhere. TV shows and movies probably have not-exactly-legal streams available, videogames likely have complete let's plays around, and so on.

    This isn't a rule against rping about the cool and recent things, though! All I'm asking is that you make sure it's easy for people to participate in the spr without accidentally getting those spoilers. Please make sure your character's account name isn't a big spoiler, that the user icon isn't a scene of something big, and that you put the spoilery content behind a spoiler tag like so:

    [spoiler="A helpful warning title"]
    The recent release you feel like talking about.
    • Fade consensual sex to black.
    There's no rule against flirtation or referencing sexy times, but graphic depictions should be faded to black in the shitposting rave itself.

    If you really want to keep roleplaying it, bring it to another, appropriately tagged thread. We don't yet have a 'shitposting xxx rave' thread, but if there's ever demand for it, let me know in ooc and I'll make one with @the fourth wall .

    If you don't know if it's too sexual to be in the spr but suspect it might be, there's three things you could do: pause to ask in the ooc thread, put it under a spoiler warning if you don't get a response quickly enough to satisfy you, or just stop altogether.​
    • Do not depict noncon sexual acts.
    The basic sentiment of this rule is: Do not be a Cronus. Unwanted shoulder massages, where the one character keeps at it when the other character is uncomfortable, qualify as noncon sexual acts.

    I don't police this rule very hard, because it's really freaking difficult to draw a singular line in the sand where everything past it is okay. So it's partly a question of player comfort, and that may depend on who's reading and roleplaying in the thread at a given time.

    If another, uninvolved player says "hey guys, I'm getting uncomfortable with what's going on," please respect their discomfort. Put the questionable posts under spoiler warnings asap to avoid people unexpectedly running into something painful. Talk ooc about whether to fade to black, proceed under spoiler warnings, or bring it to another thread.
    * this post, too, is a wip. but i'm sticking it out here w/o spoiler tags because it's a more immediate concern than the sillier intro/reference posts.
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    SHITPOSTING ALPHYS Dr. Alphys, but, you know, off the clock?

    *and this one


    * Resources

    * because lbh sometimes we put a lot of work in our shitposting

    * and stuff to make it easier helps

    * there's this text conversion tools encompassing text, binary, hex, base 64, decimal, AND rot13. not everything, but it's pretty good! even i use it sometimes!

    * and, of course, this troll text generator. but, um, it's only good for the alternian trolls. h-hopefully that helps!

    *and even... this zalgo text generator. it's really customizable! and it's got a reference sheet, if you want to manually add specific things. in.

    *, the drippy text is creepy.

    okay have fun
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  4. totally not FL

    totally not FL lets do the trauma warp agaaaaaain

    first lol
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  5. Vector Prime

    Vector Prime Primax 1005.24 Gamma

    Over here, sister dear.

    And it's debatable whether we are actually an animal species, though we might want to get @Quintus Prime in on that debate...


    Incredible! Also morally dubious?

    You know, deer eat meat sometimes? It's so fucked up. Nature is terrifying and I want it a million miles away from me at all times.
    UGHHHHH but kids are annoying! I hate being around them and they're SO easy to hurt so you can't even do anything FUN!

    I'm pretty sure everyone's adolescent murder phase becomes nascent murderous adulthood, but SOME PEOPLE don't get paid to murder and have to play footsie with the AUTHORITIES because there's not JUSTICE IN THIS SYSTEM.
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  7. totally not FL

    totally not FL lets do the trauma warp agaaaaaain

    i never had a murder phase or a weeaboo phase but i did have a scene phase


    it was more of a neopets scene phase
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  8. Onyx Prime

    Onyx Prime The passage of time is highly problematic

    If you're going to split hairs as to whether mechanimals are just as much animals as organic animals, I'm going to go bother Mala instead.
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  9. is this ua?

    is this ua? maybe|18+

    bambi no
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  10. aurumIlluminatrix

    aurumIlluminatrix Achromat Nichrome/Ophira Reesch, ThiefOfDoom | 18+

    I Mean You Are Talking To The Woodlands Hobo That Only Doesnt Look That Way Due To Longsuffering Pale Interventions Of Numerous Different Kinds.
    Though Most Of Them Involve Burning The Shirts That Have More Holes Than Fabric In Them.
    I Lost Whatever I Wanted To Say- Oh Right. Alien Fashion. You Should Try It.
    [She's wearing a soft tunic with very high side slits over a tightly fitted cropped turtleneck top with sturdy loose kneelength pants. None of it but maybe the leather gloves are of alternian make]
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  11. A Six Legged Terror

    A Six Legged Terror Just a strill named Jorin

    -is a discount reject from some genre or another-

    -he rolls over on his back like a kitty, all six legs splayed out-
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  12. Clover

    Clover Witch of Breath (18+)

    -Clover pets him.-
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  13. OP 13

    OP 13 WHY AM I MADE OF MEAT? 18+

    -fondly- Your hair's still a disaster zone. -one to talk. The only reason theirs isn't is because it's cut short-
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  14. Clover

    Clover Witch of Breath (18+)

    Clearly I have the best hair out of the three of us.
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  15. totally not FL

    totally not FL lets do the trauma warp agaaaaaain

    i win yall can go home
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  16. A Six Legged Terror

    A Six Legged Terror Just a strill named Jorin

    -begins a great rumbling of a purr and nuzzles into the hand. jorin then takes a sniffing of clover. it is a pleasant scent. a good one. the strill approves and squeaks-
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  17. Clover

    Clover Witch of Breath (18+)

    -She summons up a squeaky football and squeaks it.-
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  18. aurumIlluminatrix

    aurumIlluminatrix Achromat Nichrome/Ophira Reesch, ThiefOfDoom | 18+

    That is Part Of My Identity If My Hair Was Any Tidier Itd Alter My Sillhouee Enough To Make Me Irrecognizable.
    No Im Sorry Yours Is Just Too Soft And Pettable, You Lose This Round Due To Being Disqualified For Ruining The Competition.
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  19. A Six Legged Terror

    A Six Legged Terror Just a strill named Jorin

    -this rouses the jorin. he pauses in his purr and sits up attentively. there is a squeaking. THERE IS A THING TO BE HUNTED. he barks in excitement at this-
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  20. Clover

    Clover Witch of Breath (18+)

    -She THROWS IT.-

    Do you want to brush it?
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