Shitposting Rave After Party - Only ironic Kidz Bop after this line

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Integritas

    Integritas Broken Dove, Dead Bird | 18+

    [He wordlessly hands her a towel and a change of clothes - just loose linnen pants and t-shirt in unisex cuts and softly faded light grey.]
    Frankly my dear you look like utter shit. Was it at least a fun death?
  2. It's long for Rob

    It's long for Rob secondhand designer type | 18+

    -Robbie is visibly put off by the gore, but they try their best to smile and carry on. When they push a violently green drink at her their hands are shaking, just a little-
    Sure! This one's called the Dragon Slayer -dragonberry rum, midori, sprite, vodka, and sour mix .
  3. Prince Aiden

    Prince Aiden i'm tired of all the noise | 18+

    So Rob-boo-bae-honey would be pushing the limits a little bit? [He smiles faintly.]
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  4. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead dave ver 3.0.4 |18+/NS

    both can be true though maybe thats whats happening
    [dave turns his head towards the sound and then immediately back away]
  5. Unicron

    Unicron Planet Eater, Chaos Bringer | 18+

    [Unicron snorts]
    He did his part. If he meddles too much it destabilizes everything and the cycle collapses sooner than it should. And the mortals tend to dislike it even more when I do my part than when they feel like their beloved creator has turned away from them.
  6. It's long for Rob

    It's long for Rob secondhand designer type | 18+

    -They laugh-
    Y'know what? If you wanna dedicate yourself to that mouthful, feel free, I'll respond to it. I was just tryin' to save you some trouble, is all.
  7. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead dave ver 3.0.4 |18+/NS

    arent you self vore guy
    i dont think anyone would be excited for that
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  8. Klaire Azazel

    Klaire Azazel gunpowderMistress

    You´re not going to explain that are you?
    I dont mind, these...whatever they are, are pretty tasty actually.
  9. Otis Kinsley

    Otis Kinsley Up and coming author ((character is bad news))

    I'm super cool and stand up for the little guy and am always there for my friends, and I'm also a published author, and can spontaneously produce these totally wicked explosions! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm the life of the party and the center of my circle of friends.
  10. Alex Metzger

    Alex Metzger grumpy vegan

    Things are sorta getting fucked up faster than we can unfuck them, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't at least TRY.
  11. [Unstable Loop 1505]

    [Unstable Loop 1505] There's no pressure for the hemorrhaging 18+

    -she shrugs out of her hoodie and shirt without a care for who's around, wipes off the blood around her wound, and puts the clean shirt on. It's kind of undermined by her putting the bloody hoodie on over it, but it's less awful than the chest wound being visible. Her torso's covered in scars, scrapes, cuts, and bruises, though death wounds don't stick when the timeline resets-

    Nice to know I feel better than I look. I suppose it was. Put up a hell of a fight.

    Just hope it fuckin' slays me. -sweetheart it's a little late for that-
  12. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead dave ver 3.0.4 |18+/NS

    i mean i very much did say hell yeah unfucking
    i dunno i guess knowing there was nothing else i could do if everything went to shit in the end was comforting so i thought it might help you but uh
    apparently not so
    carry on with the unfucking
  13. It's long for Rob

    It's long for Rob secondhand designer type | 18+

    Pumpkin seeds with spices! They're from the guts of a gourd.

    -Okay, bloody clothes are a lot better than an open wound. Robbie relaxes a little bit.-
    It should! No puking on the bar and if you're gonna cry don't do it on me.
  14. [Unstable Loop 1505]

    [Unstable Loop 1505] There's no pressure for the hemorrhaging 18+

    -she takes a thoughtful sip before answering- Haven't had either of those happen in a while, shouldn't be a problem.
  15. Klaire Azazel

    Klaire Azazel gunpowderMistress

    Whats a pumpkin? Or gourd.-noms some more-
  16. Felidae

    Felidae When you are the cat AND the catnip

    Good, getting addicted to that is bad! Also [Noofs the hand] If you gotta get pets you gotta make sure they're doing ok, that why I'm not allowed any yet, until I can keep a plant that doesn't grown on me alive for like a year. Caer says that's how I can show him I'm being responsible enough to get a pet.

    [The kitten eyes get somewhat bigger] You're real, too? [Neat!!] I thought you'd be supposed to be bigger. Both of you, actually or is that Rave magic happening? How does that even work on gods? Aren't you supposed to be really good at breaking stuff, shouldn't that mean that the Rave wouldn't work on you, or fall apart at the seams?
  17. Integritas

    Integritas Broken Dove, Dead Bird | 18+

    Only if you ask nicely, sweets, I'm not your mom or payed to teach you.

    That's the spirit!
    [He toasts her with his champagne, grinning.]
  18. Unicron

    Unicron Planet Eater, Chaos Bringer | 18+

    ... Will that actually stick? Hrm.

    [He raises an optic ridge at her.]
    Primus made me... a pallatable size for now. Yes I am real. And I am not a god.
    [He doesn't touch the question of why the rave even allows him in with a ten parsec pole. He doesn't know and he doesn't want to know.]
  19. Primus

    Primus It's tough to be a God

    It's really hard to tell how hands on I'm supposed to be but I'm working on it. I just wish everyone would stop having wars. (っ- ‸ – ς)

    Uni! [he delightedly pounces onto his counterpart, scrambling up to sit on his shoulder- when did he get small enough that that was an option?- and immediately starts making the blah-blah-blah hand motions] Always grumpy! o((*^▽^*))o

    Your caer is right again! You definitely shouldn't create a whole species when you're too young to deal with them, that's how bad things happen.
  20. Unicron

    Unicron Planet Eater, Chaos Bringer | 18+

    [Unicron grunts quietly at being pounced on, but does shift a little bit to accomodate his brother.]
    One of us has to be reasonable about things.
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