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  1. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Here´s a place to post a lis of your SPR subaccounts if you want, along with whatever info you´d like. There´s no requirement to post anything, since the Rave is by design informal and impermanent.
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  2. blue

    blue hightown funk you up

    I haven't been playing in the Rave much lately because my brain is having a hard time with characterization, but i've got -

    @Berit Suranavellan , who i can't at for some reason - my nervous gay elf dragon OC, who was both warden and inquisitor
    @Caroline (from Portal), who only showed up briefly
    @Eiffel - Douglas Eiffel from the podcast Wolf 359, occasionally a Dragon Age AU version where he's the worst Hawke
    @English As She Is Spoke - Translation shitposting
    @Minkpaw - not actually in the rave, warrior cats AU of Renee Minkowski from W359 lmao
    @Redux Glass - angry captive baby version of @Reed Castor
    @Reed Castor - cyberpunk private investigator and incognito escaped clone; from my game of the Sprawl
    @Stabby the Knife Roomba - A roomba with knives taped to it. I super need to bring them back lol
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  3. artistformerlyknownasdave

    artistformerlyknownasdave revenge of ricky schrödinger

    the regulars:
    @Karkat Vantas -postgame alpha timeline karkat currently on earth c. worldbuilding will be retconned to align with canon if and when more details come out
    @turntechGodhead -postgame alpha timeline dave currently on earth c. same as above, these two are dating

    everyone else:
    @Mr. Mistoffelees -from cats the musical, anthro catman magician, usually in the form of a sparkly tuxedo cat with a white face, bib, and front paws/palms of hands
    @Mistof Felees -second verse same as the first, little bit homestuck and a whole lot worse
    @Tantomile & Coricopat -from cats the musical, anthro cat guy and gal, psychic twins with....weird stripy red/black/white patterns
    @turntechGrimalkin -dave lalonde. dave except purple and more of an asshole, about 17
    @carcinoGeneralship -karkat peixes. karkat except pink and more of an asshole, same age as purple dave
    @timaeustestified -postgame alpha timeline dirk currently on earth c. i hoard striders, okay
    @akwete purrmusk -I HOARD STRIDERS OKAY, it's turntechGodhead except with a pair of cat lips glued to his face. i also use it to talk on FiD sometimes because that's hilarious to me
    @gardenGnostic -postgame alpha timeline jade currently on earth c. i cannot be stopped
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  4. cleverThylacine

    cleverThylacine cuddles for the weird and the fierce

  5. palindromordnilap

    palindromordnilap Well-Known Member

    @Dom Irossi: Smol immortal mainly powered by spite and attention, from some RP I was in once
    @Mary Sue: Mostly self-explanatory, can and probably should be ignored
    @Drake PPS-1083 Swift: An infodumpy spaceship AI from my own setting
  6. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    Its me, Mr. Hardly Ever Appearing In This Rave

    @local rats is a vague and uncounted number of friendly rats. They will snif and attempt to take food and sometimes do weird things in the background of the rave

    @Threeshoes may stumble in at some point if I can get my act together, theyre my dnd character. A gnome rogue who has no idea what theyre doing, just like me lmao
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  7. Loq


    Ain't no fuckin way I'm going through to edit every single character profile, but player is over 18 if that matters.

    Bit: a dark green shapeshifting robot, of varying size and shape but no more massive than the average six-foot-tall human. Transformer OC so far limited to the SPR, telepathically linked to Cogwheels, Silverburst, and Rustbucket.
    Cogwheels: 60-foot-tall blue-and-gold robot who turns into something vaguely resembling a tank. Transformer OC so far limited to the SPR, telepathically linked to Bit, Silverburst, and Rustbucket.
    Congessi: 17-foot-tall mostly-silver robot. Unless otherwise noted, communicates by displaying text and images on her visor rather than making noise. Transformer OC who lives in the Dramatis Transformae thread, linguist and unprofessional translator, paranoid. In robodiamonds with @Jetski of Lake Depolito.
    Rustbucket: 45-foot-tall, rusty robot covered in spikes. Turns into a modded car. Transformer OC so far limited to the SPR, telepathically linked to Bit, Cogwheels, and Silverburst. Has issues with emotional regulation and impulse control, the most likely to cause problems.
    Silverburst: 30-foot-tall, mostly-silver robot with iridescent wings. Robot medic/mechanic, turns into a spiky impractical aircraft when they remember how dreamspace works. Transformer OC currently limited to the SPR, telepathically linked to Bit, Cogwheels, and Rustbucket. For cultural reasons, will occasionally speak for all of them (in the third person) if they feel uncomfortable or defensive.

    Congessi can't see any of the others' posts, and they can't see hers, for reasons of each thinks the other(s) is/are dead, and their eventual tearful reunion is six pages of me talking to myself-- which is fanfic, not RP or shitposting :P

    Various DT filler characters:
    Eclipse of Apophenia: 50-foot-tall robot who turns into a VLJ personal carrier jet. Transformer OC, in robodiamonds with Venture and Whisperwind.
    Venture of Petrohex: 26-foot-tall robot who turns into a zippy jet. Transformer OC, in robodiamonds with Eclipse and Whisperwind.
    Whisperwind of Obex: 25-foot-tall robot who theoretically turns into a stealth jet but has painted themselves with a bunch of art-nouveau-style curlicues. Mute, communicates almost entirely in images and gifs. Transformer OC, in robodiamonds with Eclipse and Venture.
    Laeto and Aralia: 6-foot-tall twin robots who will, someday, probably turn into jets. Transformer OCs, children of Whisperwind, Venture, and Eclipse; part of Dramatis Transformae's babygeddon.

    Various Non-DT-Canon Robots:
    >>NaNoWriMo Trine(s):
    Paradox of Operation: The Hills Have Eyes: A 35-foot-tall robot who turns into a stealth jet. Ex-Decepticon and Adventurer.
    Barrage of Vos: A 40-foot-tall robot who turns into a black fighter jet. Ex-Decepticon.
    Dynamo of Vos: A 40-foot-tall robot who turns into a blue fighter jet. Ex-Decepticon. These three are also a trine!
    Ignis of Vos: A 40-foot-tall robot who turns into a red and gold fighter jet. Decepticon until his death, now a ghost; was trined with Barrage and Dynamo before his death.
    >>Murderhusband Poly Pile:
    Afterglow of Apophenia: 30-foot-tall pink robot who turns into a sybian. Decepticon assassin.
    Thunderwing: 35-foot-tall Insecticon, alt something like a blue stag beetle. The Heavy compared to his current squad, but technically a scout-class bugformer.
    Wiretap of Altihex: 15-foot tall red and white robot; turns into a surveillance unit (primarily monitoring electronic communications) similar in make to @Scanner but currently works as a medic. Decepticon.
    @Slipstream: 20-foot-tall filigree robot who turns into an ornithopter. Decepticon.
    Quarrel, the last husband in the polypile, doesn't have an account yet but may occasionally be referenced.

    @The Swarm are not in the polypile, but their numerous Insecticon children through Thunderwing during DT's Babygeddon.
    @Sunscourge: 50-foot-tall gold-and-black Insecticon warrior.
    @Overflow: 32-foot-tall robot of indeterminate design, standardformer (probably a wheeled vehicle of some kind) "handler" and translator for Sunscourge's swarm.
    @Switchboard of Iacon: A mnemosurgeon (robot neurosurgeon/code specialist) who died about 3/4 through the War. Not A Happy Ghost, though he will occasionally have Tearful Reunions with his unrequited love interest @Shadeswitch of Altihex (who is not mine). Notably appears without a faction badge unless otherwise specified.

    Robot Demigods:
    Amalgamous Prime: 70-ish-foot-tall robot of questionable alt and even more questionable mortality. Worshipped as a deity on Licentus, and will not interact with any of my Licentan mechs.
    Onyx Prime: 70-ish-foot-tall robot with three faces, two alt-modes (horse and dragon), and a short temper. Currently Prime of Eukaris, a transformer-held planet specifically inhabited by beastformers (robots who turn into robot animals). Completely noncanon wrt the current comics run.
    Vector Prime: 80-foot-tall robot who turns into a weird-looking spaceship; guardian-embodiment of spacetime in his particular corner of the multiverse, and consequently a dimension-hopper and prone to making nonsensical references.

    Actually Not Robots:
    @Maraas: Eight feet and change of depressed Tal-Vashoth. Berserker for a Dragon Age tabletop.
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  8. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Succulent Vex Belly

    -cracks knuckles-

    @Jetski of Lake Depolito: cinnamon roll who's been a tour guide for literally a million years. Has two forms according to where he is in his timeline: this, for past, present and a decent stretch of the future Jetski, and this, for far-future Jetski. Best way to work out which he is if I'm not being clear is Does He Have A Tail Or Not. Smooches on @Life Support of Iacon and @Unicron, pale-fusspots at @Congessi, is bioparent to @Lord Polemarch and @Voidborn.

    @The Jaeger Mirrors: a Girl Genius jaeger who likes cooking and sex. Part of a little minipack with @Cosmina Kastellan. Boisterous, intensely friendly.

    @Stela Heterodyne: a member of the House Heterodyne, speciality mad medicine. @Cosmina Kastellan is one of her personal guard.

    @Twisty the Devil-Swan: Jetski's beloved pet, a ten-foot-tall juvenile water monster that resembles a swan built entirely out of tentacles, teeth and hatred.

    @The Ket: a Girl Genius Fun-Sized Mobile Agony and Death Dispenser. Very friendly.

    @Skydrop: an MTO Decepticon who deserted along with @Throttle, Sunshower and @Half Life. Turns into a predator drone. Usually dating or married to Sensorsweep, who is not subaccounted (or mine).

    @Throttle: MTO Decepticon who deserted along with @Skydrop, no-nonsense, clinical, vaguely terrifying. Dating at least one version of @Scanner. Turns into a motorcycle; is completely identical except for paintjob and optic colour to Sunshower, who doesn't have an account.

    @Mistress Theresa Schuyler: very alive wife of the very dead @Mister Simon Schuyler and not very impressed with him. Victorian, human version of @Throttle, who knows how to behave better. Or at least kill you quieter.

    @Primus: a from-no-particular-continuity version of the Transformer creator deity. Has difficulties with common decency and not being an immature little shit, but he's trying! Smooches on @Life Support of Iacon and @Unicron, bioparent to @Phaedrus Prime and @Hippolyta Prime, parent in the 'I created thee as a god' sort of way to @Vector Prime, @Megatronus Prime, @Quintus Prime, @Amalgamous Prime, @Alchemist Prime and the rest of the Thirteen.

    @Aerobolt of Vos: TF OC based on a Concorde, every time I put him in here he seems to find a way to trigger himself. Is, in an alternate universe to DT, trined with @Refractor of Vos and @Officer Whiz and has at least three kids, none of whom are (yet) subaccounted.

    @Billy the Butcher's Boy: a butcher's boy. PseudoVictorian. Totally harmless. Pals around with demons for... some... reason... mostly @Grimm and @Lindi.

    @Fidelis: a TF OC again, used to be the sword of Adaptus, now bonded to Ivy's @Armory of Alyon, speaks in wingdings to represent Old Cybertronian/Primal Vernacular, a massive brat.

    @Rage of Tribe Megatronus: also bonded to Armory, is the giant fuckoff cannon Galvatron used to kill Nexus Prime way back when (definitely noncanon). Speaks in weird curly font to indicate an older language than Neocybex but less old than Old Cybertronian, which I believe @Loq named Ultimal. Sulky. A little bitter.

    @Ghost!Pocket: from Divisiun. Dead. Haunting Ivy's @Sunburner of Devisiun, whom he used to date. Looks like someone sliced a magpie in half sort of diagonally and stuck it to a robot; one arm has feather kibble, his feet are birdy and he has a birdy tail. His dead and non-subaccounted twin Pick had the other half of the bird going. Morbid as fuck.

    @H.I.C.S.S Stardust Hunter: my fantroll Elluha in her helmstroll form. Mad as a hatter, fixated on death and @H.I.C.S.S. Gilded Chain. Laughs a lot. Will bite you. Likes stories.

    @Hippolyta Prime: the robopreg daughter of @Life Support of Iacon and @Primus and the new Matrix. Definitely noncanon. She's the oldest of her siblings but I only ever put her in as a small child because she's more fun that way. Everyone's favourite Brat Princess.

    @Phaedrus Prime: the robopreg son of @Life Support of Iacon and @Primus and the new Well of All Sparks, also very noncanon. Is Busy, since he's a medic on top of managing the dead due to be reincarnated; tends towards either flustered or grumpy. Sorta-secretly dating @Voidborn, is flustered about it all the time forever.

    @Pollux: my oldest still-active OC, cat demon and asshole, currently dating @Integritas and a wolf demon named Paul. Thief, sneaky bastard, general pain in the arse.

    @Quintus Prime: my very non-canon version of the Transformers demigod. Responsible for my also noncanon Transformers colony of Obrizon. As @Loq once put it, 'hyperfocused himself into Science Jail' so he was a very absent god, albeit not entirely of his own doing. REALLY bad ADHD, does not think before he does, and in possession of an artifact that comes the closest to Primus in being able to create life. You can see how this is occasionally a problem. Loves all life unconditionally. Kind of erratic spades with @Amalgamous Prime.

    @Retort: 80ft Spinosaurus dinobot, absurdly huge even by Transformers standards. Poorly socialised and uninclined to do anything that doesn't align with her own desires, but also endlessly curious, very intelligent and intensely motherly. Robodiamonds with one version of @Scanner.

    @Canopy of Lake Depolito: From the same fleet of pedalboats as Jetski, and as such looks and sounds completely and utterly identical to him in his pedalboat shape- the literal only difference is that Jetski's had his paint spruced up a bit, and that she uses female pronouns instead of male. Is not taking the transfer to a new life aboard the DT TEAM very well at all. Brews robot alcohol so disgusting it'll turn you temporarily blind, and quietly wishes to be so unremarkable and unimportant that she fades into the background and has no impact on anyone or anything.

    @Mortuary of Op: CPR: Transformer OC; as built during the war for the one and only purpose of recycling dead Transformer frames in order to build new Transformer frames. Is incredibly poorly socialised, morbid as hell though not as deliberately as Pocket, and rather co-dependent on his non-subaccounted friend FF (Fuel Filtration, for long). Turns into something with a lot of grindy blades. Is mostly summoned by people talking about corpses. 'Op: CPR' stands for 'Operation: Crystal Pools Retrieval'.

    @Pillage: Cockroach transformer. A quiet thing with a wicked streak. Eats anything and everything and largely unkillable, as befits his altmode. Utterly devoted to @Beacon of Praxus, if remembering Beacon's old temple with considerably less fondness (it fucked him up).

    @Shadeswitch of Altihex: Dead. Used to be a Decepticon medic; turns into an ambulance, British style and garish paintjob. Incredibly guilty for his prewar work on coldcon technology. Never hooked up with @Switchboard of Iacon but really wishes he had. Should not be permitted interaction with @Updraft unless everyone finds mutual mental breakdowns and possible one-sided murder attempts to be fun times.
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  9. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    Oh hey I should... Probably do this...

    @Life Support of Iacon - captain, medic, autobot. At some point robot married to @Jetski of Lake Depolito and boyfriends with @Primus. Pale married to @Cloudcrusher of Kalis. Bioparent to @Hippolyta Prime, @Phaedrus Prime, and one or two other divine kids, adoptive parent to @Averagius Of The Rave, has some other kids whose names I've forgotten because I haven't played with them much.

    @Cloudcrusher of Kalis - autobot and ship therapist. Very lorge, very pink. Turns into a B-1B bomber. Pale married to @Life Support of Iacon, trined (a sort of... Friendship-romance-queerplatonic relationship between groups of jet robots that's not quite like moirails and leans more to one of the points in the triangle as the people in the relationship see fit) with @Triage of Operation: BHS, @Lacuna of Devisiun, and @Stentato of Devisiun.

    @Geargrind - my spider son who started as a meme joke. His root form is a spider and his alt is humanoid. Clumsy in alt because his limbs are all twisted together and he lacks half his eyes. Sex repulsed ace who writes thinly veiled RPF about people on the ship (and others, upon request).

    @Oar - A Douche. Jetski's boss and a very nasty person. Is "sir not appearing on the rave" because it's kind of tiring to be as nasty as he is.

    @Lillian S---- is the Victorian AU version of human AU Life Support. Displaced by a lesbian scandal, she's studying medicine in 1890s London.

    @Red Hood - Jason Todd from the Batman comics. A mishmash of whatever canons I happen to like. Likes: soap operas and chili dogs. Dislikes: rich people and harm to kids. Is almost always wearing a full face red helmet. (I like redhead mixed Jason, which is debateably canon, but you'll see references here and there.)

    @Kasumi Fuu - from Samurai Champloo. Fifteen, likes pink, yells a lot, and a big eater. Trusts a little too easily and occasionally very sneaky.

    @Cthulhu - the tentacle from Lovecraft, except I've never read Lovecraft.

    @THE FUN POLICE - bodiless eldritch being of fear dedicated to enforcing proper levels of emotion in the rave.

    @fun wagon!!!! - the fun police's partner. Is also sir rarely appearing in the rave.
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  10. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Oh dear i should make another list too.
    @A Mi Tiny round cat critters who pounce around the rave and do cat things
    @Abomination transformer, originaly a flier but he can´t transform anymore because he shoves four extra arms into himself. He´s covered in rust and crystal growth, looks pretty to humans and like a zombie to transformers.
    @arsenicCatnip Nepeta Lejion
    @Chell From Portal. Doesn´t trust robots and wants her damn cake. Or fries. or any food that´s not bland and preserved really.
    @Connor Kent superboy from the Young Justice cartoon.
    @Cosmina Kastellan Jägermonster OC. grumpy medic.
    @Jasper From steven universe. Gem-not-appearing-in-this-rave
    @Kation A catformer from obrizon, a DTverse colony of Mirrorses invention. hides in vents.
    @Libre of Iacon A grumpy librarian and former decepticon spy.
    @Lucifer Lucifer. The Devils Carnival version.
    @Lysander A sapient former labrat from an alternate history victoria era.
    @Megatronus Prime A transformer deity. he appears in RID but isn´t given much depth. this version is based on a cosmology by ivy. he killed his lover mostly by accident and started a war with his siblings, which he blames himself for entirely. It resulted in him giving up his name and fucking off to parts unknown.
    @Mettaton EX from undertale.
    @Misty A Mi. She´s humanoid, and more or less queen of the mis.
    @Moldsmall From undertale
    @Sawbones of Kaon Cosmina in transformer flavour. Medicat.
    @Sitara from Watchdogs 2
    @Soundwave Minimus II child of Sawbones and @Nichrome of Iacon he is also a catformer, and far more curious than is good for anybody.
    @Sprocket An Insecticon, a Maker. which is a type of insecticon of my own invention, less bulky than the warriors. His job was building weapons.
    @Starscream Starscream, IDW comics version.
    @The Archmitect a mi who created a humanoid body similar to the kind gems use. Likes building stuff.
    @Universe Personification of the transformers universe, pretty much there for sillies.
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  11. Acey

    Acey i am a ring that turns your finger green

    I barely post, but...

    @yo its amethyst: Amethyst. Basically identical to canon Amethyst but lewder and more foul-mouthed, because she's not confined to a children's show. Vile trash child, does pretty much everything wrong but is arguably trying her best. Maybe.
    @Ronaldo: Ronaldo Fryman. Again, basically identical to canon Ronaldo--arguably closer than Amethyst, since he mostly just goes around sharing dumb conspiracy theories whenever the need arises.
    @Padparadscha Sapphire: Padparadscha. Haven't really played her because I'm not sure how I'd include her in the Rave (I made the subaccount solely to make a dumb joke in my vent thread ngl), but I'm gonna leave the option of her joining in someday open.

    @Damara Megido: Damara Megido. Mostly identical to her canon portrayal, though she types in oddly-punctuated all caps instead of Japanese because I'm super lazy and also because accessibility.
    @apocalypseArisen: Aradia Megido. If anyone dies temporarily, let her know so she can throw a corpse party.

    @Tektite: Gemsona. Awkward confused sperg gem who works with the warp pads. Quiet and nervous. Often wears large headphones so she can focus, and gets very excited when asked about the history of the warp system.
    @Baroque Pearl: Pearlsona. Intentionally-defective Pearl, commissioned by a high-ranking Coral. Missing both arms; in their place are glitchy stumps. Largely mute due to spending most of her life in a display case.
    @Mandy Macbeth: Regular ol' non-fandom OC. Garbage Shakespeare nerd. Kind of a dick sometimes. I need to actually play her.

    @ENOBY nut marie sue: Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). [[I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Hogwarts. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
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  12. Birdy

    Birdy so long

    Probably will be added to?

    - @An Ordinary Kestrel : female Falco sparverius, about pigeon size, likes to perch in high places. Nonsentient. For shitposting.

    - @Jemima : From Cats. Tabby-tortoishell molly with a lot of white. Under a year old in cat terms, young teens in human terms. Sweet-tempered, a bit spacey, loves magic and the moon.

    - @Haku : Tragic antagonist from an early Naruto storyline. Dead and dreaming. Fifteen years old, ridiculously androgynous, identifies as male. Polite, gentle, with a lot of secret steel under the silk, and then a lot of pain under that. Will pledge undying loyalty to anyone who shows him a modicum of kindness.
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  13. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    I should probably do this again since it's been a while since I updated anyways, so...

    Transformers OCs:

    @Burlesque - A diplomat and dancer who was a former sex worker, very catty, very strong opinions on the Decepticon/Autobot conflict, basically married to @Flux. Pretty much always has a drink.
    @Swiftwing - One of the TEAM's captains and the Velocitronian Representative; he's a very fast jet who's excited about everything, especially painting people, and doesn't always get social nuance
    @Scope - Decepticon MTO turned Autobot traitor turned unaligned asshole who got his face and hands empurata'd off. He's very bitter about it. I can't imagine why.
    @Triage of Operation: BHS - Decepticon medic and member of the the TEAM with a special interest in Hax and an incredibly reserved demeanor. May have lobotomized himself once, but everything worked out alright.
    @Index of Caminus - Tiny wife to @Archive of Caminus, who she loves VERY MUCH, part of the Camien delegation on the TEAM.

    Watch Dogs:

    @Jordi Chin - A notorious hitman who always gets his shit done. There's a bar in the rave every time he's in the rave, and he's usually drinking at it since it's not like he can do any work in here anyways. Also technically a universal constant, which means that he can remember every AU version of himself while in rave-space. Best not to ask about it.
    @WRENCH - Hacker, anarchist, demolitionist, purveyor of weird ass porn. Always wearing a mask, sometimes not wearing anything else, but has a great appreciation for all the beauties in the rave even if he's technically in a monogamous relationship right now. VERY LIKELY TO START YELLING.
    @Aiden Pearce - Sad man. So sad. Depression if depression was a person. Also way better at killing other people than any man should be, and way worse at self-care.
    @レンチ - Weeaboo!Wrench. A fucking disaster in pastel and glitter and bad anime. Run. Save yourself.

    Dream Daddy:

    @Robert Small - Alcoholic cryptid-hunter with a taste for movies and tv shows of all kinds. Top tier bullshitter and a big fan of war stories and ghost stories both.


    @Diamond - Alien bomber with amnesia, stuck on a prison planet. Pretty much never wearing pants, not that you'd be able to see anything.

    @gnomonAugury - Fedina Oscine, Mage of Time. Technically godtier now, though he shows up at different points in his timeline. Has a thing for bullshit prophecies that only sometimes come true-- the only future he can actually see is his own, and that didn't stop him from dying, now did it? Used to have robot arms, but he got better.

    @Helios Lavellan - Post-Trespasser (former) Inquisitor. A rift mage who's currently bouncing around between Tevinter and Orlais on a mission of his own, enjoying the hell out of retirement and studying up on the Fade, the Veil, and spirits as much as possible. Married as hell to @Dorian Pavus. Missing an arm.

    @Marcus Hampton - A superhero-turned-technical-villain by virtue of the superhero association in his world being absolute shit. Has lots of feelings about institutional oppression and taking resources away from existing communities to hand off to gentrifiers. His superpower is manipulating body fluids which means his superhero name was The Bloodletter-- he doesn't tell people this very often because what kind of superhero name is 'The Bloodletter' and it's not like he picked it. Missing two fingers on his dominant hand.
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  14. Valenorn

    Valenorn Praise the Commonwealth

    (Half of the people here I hardly play, but I do when something in their field comes up. Underlined is who I play most often)
    @Black Hat -from the Cartoon Network alpha Villainous and is a villain weapon salesman

    @Caboose -the lovable idiot blue from Red vs Blue

    @Cait -the tough fighter companion from Fallout 4 who was abandoned to a bunch of raiders at a young age

    @Codsworth -the robotic butler companion to the main character was n Fallout 4

    @Crossbreed Priscilla -the half dragon, half godess that was put into the Painted World of Ariamis in Dark Souls 1 at a very young age hence her mental state.

    @Curie -the French synth scientist companion from Fallout 4 who explores the wasteland for science.

    @Discord -the maker of chaos from My Little Pony. Recently reformed and tried to act nice.

    @Dogmeat -the dog companion from Fallout 4 who doesn't judge people and loves affection

    @Evie Frye and @Jacob Frye - twin assassins from Assassin's Creed Syndicate that live in the the industrial Victorian Era.

    @Hancock -Mayor of Goodneighbor and ghoul companion in Fallout 4. Loves drugs and sexual innuendos.

    @Hanji Zoe -Commander and scientist of the Scouting Regiment in Attack On Titan in a world overrrun by man eating giants

    @Ignis - butler and bodyguard to Prince Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. Master chef, knife expert, and driving professional

    @Joseph Jostar -2nd Jojo from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. I am currently going off of Stardust Crusaders (3rd season) where he is an old man because I still have to see the 2nd season where he is a young man.

    @Juno Eclipse -ex empire pilot from Star Wars Force Unleashed. She is a rebel leader and spouse to Starkiller.

    @Lopez - the Spanish speaking robot from Red vs Blue. He is on the red team, but no one understands him Fuentes to him only being built with a Spainish vocabulary where no one on both teams speak Spanish.

    @Lucio - the happy DJ from Overwatch. After his city was destroyed after the Omnic Crisis, he used music to cheer everyone up and made a profession out of it.

    @Medic - the medic from Team Fortress 2 that is insane and has a dove that is constantly covered with blood.

    @Morty Smith - the shy boy from Rick and Morty that goes on Rick's adventures mostly against his will

    @Rick Sanchez- The drunk alcoholic grandfather to Morty.

    @Nick Valentine - the robotic detective from Fallout 4. He constantly faces discrimination against him for being a synth, lives with memories of an original Nick Valentine, he tries to avenge his wife, kind and caring, constantly calls people "doll" or "pal".

    @Saitama -the main character from One Punch Man who can kill anything in one punch and has extreme reflexes.

    @Seigward - the knigh shaped like an onion from Dark Souls 3. He loves to make Estus Soup and must live up to his deal to kill his friend Yhorm the Giant.

    @Sif the Great Grey Wolf - the giant wolf from Dark Souls 1 who guard her fallen master's grave and protects the royal family.

    @Starkiller - the sith turned Jedi from Star Wars Force Unleashed who has force abilities stronger than most. I am playing from Force Unleashed 2 where he was made into a clone, but still believes that he may or may not be the original Starkiller.

    @The Pyro - the pyro from Team Fortress 2 that all the other characters are afraid of. He may seem like a crazy killer, but in his eyes, everything is rainbows and lollipops, literally.
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  15. Mendacity

    Mendacity I’m meaner than my demons

    The following are my accounts, any marked with a * are mostly inactive. This goes for categories marked with * as well.

    Watch Dogs
    @Marcus Holloway (Base Marcus)
    Au accounts of Marcus:
    @A Cat Named Marcus (Cat Curse AU, he changes into a cat)
    @Mr. Holloway (CEO of Blume AU, he is a very bad man)
    @マーカス (Marcus but a Weeb, He's very sweet but very weeby)
    @Retr0 (Marcus but he's an A.I., he's got a body but he doesn't always stay in it)

    @VVRENCH (A Vampire AU of Wrench)

    @Josh (Base Josh)

    @Defalt (Base Defalt)
    @R@SNEK (Naga Defalt AU)

    @Jordℹ Chℹn (A secondary Jordi that got split off the collective of Jordi. He's totally the real one though, the other guy's just a loser)

    Transformers *
    @Aurora of Vos
    @Flux of Kaon
    @Silverweave of Helex

    Dragon Age *
    @Dorian Pavus

    Overwatch *
    @Dragon Hanzo (Dragon AU of Hanzo Shimada)

    Feast for a King *

    Homestuck *

    @Gabriel Merlo *
    @Mint Green
    @Problematic Cat
    @The Queen Bee *
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  16. Lazarae

    Lazarae You won't be the death of me

    All are OCs, grouped by universe. With a separate section for The Lavernas, but both instances of the original Lav are also in her proper universe.

    "Like an Onion, with Buoyancy" (orphaned RP characters, formerly modern Lovecraft, moved to Chzo Mythos, now original)
    @Aveira 'Venena' DeCalix - Slightly possessed witch, cult escapee, chaote, member of an organization that handles supernatural bullshit [BOLD CAPS DIALOG IN DIFFERENT FONT IS COURTESY OF HER POSSESSING ENTITY, WHICH SHE'S NAMED JAKOB.]
    @Valentin Mikhael Bohd - Aveira's partner and moirail, also a witch. Raised by a necromancer; keeps his dad's skull on his belt

    Last Story Ever/Ragged (original):
    @Blood of the Star - Possibly the living personification of a psychic plague. Immortal. Strangely magnetic despite the fact he's a complete asshole. Goes by Tariq.
    @Feinted F8 - Feight, F8, or Feint. Accidentally the apocalypse, now trying to fix it.
    @Terrence the Vampire - Worst Vampire Ever. "Acquirement specialist." Rapid-vacillating quadrant clusterfuck with Feight.

    Ten Minutes to Midnight (original):
    @Burning Girl - Kelosa Ashcraft. Surviving twin of Seraph. Rebel witch. Held together by pure fucking anger. Smokes like a chimney.
    @Wings and Ash - Kelosa's dead twin brother. The more level-headed of the two, unfortunately. Really wants his sis to Calm the Fuck Down.

    Rifts Tabletop RPG:
    @Moirana of Clan Aerihman - Atlantean, former Sunaj assassin. WT character, where she's one of Ford's moirails and sworn sister to Valiska. Also making heart eyes at Tainell.
    @OP 13 - Technokinetic rescued science project, usually goes by Static. Used to run part of Lone Star facility out of their head. WT character, member of Courinna pride and Chroma's Matesprit.
    @Circuit Head-Trip Alternate timeline, older Static. Phaeton juicer: traded their lifespan to be a badass for a few years, geared toward pilot skills. Has a biocomputer and delivery system that pumps them full of steroids. Member of a ship-wide poly tangle and damn happy about it. The Beast's general electronics expert and pilot.
    @Captain Lithima - Pantherine captain of the Beast. Kind of a handful. Seeking the birthplace of the Three Galaxies, the Forge, because better a cat have it than some of the other options.
    @The Behemoth Crew - Collection of characters who crew the Behemoth mobile station. Description of characters found on the 'Information' tab of the account's profile. Background characters in WT.
    @Lyra Rose - Former member of the Behemoth crew. Another psychic science project from Lone Star, whose assisted escape was what had the Behemoth crew hired to 'steal' Static. Recovering aphasia, prefers to communicate telepathically or draw, but is now capable of some writing and sign language. Background WT character.
    @Like a Wave - Yamada Kohaku (surname first), genderqueer Japanese dragon Cyborg (tsunami model), frontline soldier in the Zone fighting oni before they fell through a rift into the rave. 100% Knight. Didn't get to people much and is hilariously awkward.

    Unnamed proto-cyberpunk thing (original):
    @KABL003Y138 - Kablooey (real name unknown), party girl hacker and demolitions expert. ALL THE EMOTIONS ALL THE TIME. Leveled a skyscraper on primetime TV once.
    @PR1NC3SS_CH8OS Lady (not actually her name but what Kablooey introduced her as), leader of the 138 (hacker group she and Kablooey are part of) and member of several others. More calm but no less involved in her causes. (Actually kind of scary.)
    @EIDOLON - Rogue AI that lives on the Othernet (basically the matrix) and lives to learn. Likes being a philosophy troll.

    Thalassani (cT's cattes):
    @Nilima Mis'rath - Desert guide on Ai-Talas. Also practices dance magic exclusively and has a near-special interest level fascination with dance in general. Friend of Alhri.
    @Saveneia Vissiakana - The Whore Queen Venena (no relation to Aveira, I just like and re-use the name). Not actually queen of her pride, but lover of the queen and it's a poorly kept secret they rule together. Might show up in WT.

    Project Zomboid:
    @Pre-Mortem - Zombie apocalypse survivor in Knox County, KY. Former search and rescue touched by some Weird Shit even before the dead started walking. Has a magic axe and a bag of holding.

    Something that'll probably happen if she ever fuckin told me anything:
    @Rayineen - Woods witch. Lived in a place where the Forest of the newly discovered continent is ruled by faerie-like creatures while the old world is conquered by humanity who are attempting to colonize the new land. Now lives in the Rave. Speaks very softly, but to sing-song, fluctuating degrees of quietness denoted by slight font size changes. Also has a nameless silver raven who likes to steal shinies.

    The Bar, also untitled thing I never wrote down:
    @Riya and Remi - Ex-bass player and both born- and pact-witch Riya and her young son Remiel. Hasn't shown up in the rave but might eventually.

    Decaying Among the Hopeful (original):
    @The Mordaunt Twins - Cursed twins Lilianna and Kassandra Mordaunt. From a minor (dying) Victorian noble house originally, in WT now members of Courinna pride. Lily is boisterous but sickly and formerly possessed, and has a background in various magic disciplines as well as, apparently, thievery. Kas is level-headed, proper, and fiercely protective, and if the curse isn't broken she's doomed to die young.

    Hostile Tongues and Enemy Mouths (and an unnamed sorta sequel) (original):
    @Silver Gold Iron - Princess Isauria II, adoptive daughter of the Iron Queen, Isauria I, as a child. A spirit-touched, but heir to a kingdom ruled by a spirit-touched as well.
    @The Spirit-Touched - Blessed/cursed part-spirit albino seer and stormcaller. Raised herself, used to being chased out, being used, and attempts on her life: paranoid, tricky, and downright cruel. Will self-medicate with any and everything. Never lies, but is very dishonest. WT character, working for Zacharie in exchange for sugar and somehow managed to end up Sans's moirail.
    @The Unspoken Lady - The Spirit-Touched far in the future, after she and four others performed apotheosis via cannibalism and created a species of merfolk from other spirit-touched. Goddess of unkind death, secrets, harsh justice and especially revenge, magic, storms, and a few other things. Actually way chiller than most Lavernas except when family or Those Above comes up
    @Truth in the Mirror - Laverna's dead pirate ex. Will show up in WT where she's either a ghost or hallucination haunting the Spirit-Touched. In the Rave where other people can see her who even knows.

    @waywardPrognostications - Anmula Keress, goldblood. Has prophetic nightmares. Was very confused by the rave. A little troll-goth.
    @violentMuses - Thanna Mirikh, rustblood on edge of brown. Anmula's friend (in fact has a blatantly obvious palecrush on her that she fails to notice), enjoys vulture culture and scrimshaw. Perpetually unimpressed.

    @Feed Me Pet Me - Senka, shapeshifting black Persian leopard. Natural dimensional traveller. WT character, rescuer of thylacines.
    @Voidcat - A cat-shaped hole in reality. Or in the Rave's case, unreality? Avatar by @Codeless, thanks Cody! :D

    @Denmother Ren - Leader of Ren's Ronin out of Ren's Den. Despite their name being all over everything they're really only leader because they're best at herding cats. Ex-slave and enemy of the Holy Nation (considered by some to be the antichrist equivalent because for some reason they're always feeling like a girl when raiding the Okranites), the Slaver's Guild, and the Empire. So: most of the continent.

    @Needleknives - Psyche, 14-year-old vatgrown combat medic and spaceship wreck survivor. Has Seen Some Shit and more than a little messed up about it. Was the only one with medical knowledge among the colony for a while. Harvests organs for survival and profit.

    Orphaned OCs from things that never happened:
    @Of Cemetery Things - Naenia, slightly sane wiedergaenger. Was murdered, came back, somehow not entirely a revenge-obsessed corpsemonster.
    @WarSeer - Aletheia, though she prefers Aletha or just Letha. Was once, long ago, famous for being her homeland's secret weapon against invasion. An 'accident' with a corpse of a dead god left her blind, briefly displaced from her reality, and her abilities as an oracle slightly screwy. Always accompanied by Badulf, a shapeshifter who takes the form of giant white wolf-dog, heavy on the wolf. He likes being dog-shaped and is officially a service animal. Also a huge goof.

    Characters from RPs happening elsewhere:
    @Idalia Deneen Sheach - Very, very fucked up vampire hunter. Gets high off death because -handwave-y gestures- magic (there's an in-universe explanation but let's go with that). Got picked up by hunters because she got caught by one after killing, as in she was walking away from the crime scene, and he took pity on an obviously fucked up kid and took her in for training instead of deeming her a Threat To Humanity. Turns out killing vampires gets her as high as killing humans! Except then an equally-fucked up vampire realized she wasn't as zealous as the others and now they're strange bedfellows.

    @The Spirit-Touched - the Original! Ironically, never goes by Laverna. It's straight shit-flip trigger to ever call her that; she collects names and will use literally any other.
    @The Unspoken Lady - Terrifying Death Goddess!Laverna
    @Lady Seddon - Victorian assassin/vampire hunter!Laverna
    @Poisoned Silk - Demon!Laverna
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  17. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    @Acalephe Princess - Adult Bad End Verse @freshetWeaver . Slaver, Courtier, Acquisition Expert. Owner of @H.I.C.S.S. Gilded Chain (fantroll)
    @Armory of Alyon - Knight of Cybertron, Monoformer, Outlier-Carrier bonding with weaponsformers such as @Fidelis . May or may not be the reincarnation of Adaptus. (TF OC)
    @aurumIlluminatrix - Achromat Nichrome/Ophira Reesch, Unknown Sign (Arsenic), Thief of Doom, angry yellowblood heretic. Builds bombs. (fantroll)
    @Averagius Of The Rave - Kind of spontaneously popped into existance. Not sure what they are or who they want to be. Thinks you should hug it out. (TF OC)
    @Bang & Pow - Twin pistols, super undersocialized, literally only know 1000 words. @Armory of Alyon's symbionts (TF OCs)
    @Beacon of Praxus - Carformer, Autobot, ex-priest of primal doctrine, now grumpy old man and warrior hippie, crystal gardener and philosopher/spiritual life advice columnist, conjunx of @Pillage (TF OC)
    @Call Me Lavender - shy Lavender Pearl. Talks too much. (fangem)
    @Curaverimus - five six (L I S T EN i'm really bad at doing research sometimes okay) robots in a trenchcoat making a bigger robot. Currently in med school. (TF OCs) (Also kids of @Half Life by various other parents)
    @Eyefeather of Caminus - more fabulous than you. Peacock Beastformer from Caminus (TF OC)
    @Flipside of Nyon - Team dad, adopts everyone. Decepticon. Turns into a motorbike. Conjunx Endura of @Hurdle of Nyon (TF OC)
    @Focal of Horizon Island - The Best Personal Assistant (Whether The Captain Wants It or Not) Ever. Camera altmode. Very recent Decepticon recruitee from Obrizon. (TF OC)
    @freshetWeaver - Loreli Rheins, peppy purpleblood, Lyra, Sylph of Heart. freshwater troll (NOT A SEADWELER GOSH). Serves coffee. Professional Cute. (fantroll)
    @gallantStitchery - Ghazal Kecske, brownblood, Aldebaran/Alpha Tauri, Knight of Doom Light, Spidergoat Lusus, likes fibercraft and hiding in caves far away from meddling cat aliens (fantroll)
    @Grimm - The Birch Wolf. Asshole demon who keeps being an arrogant asshole. Likes woodcarvings and nature walks. Works with @Lindi (OC)
    @H.I.C.S.S. Gilded Chain - Adult Bad End Verse @aurumIlluminatrix . She's a ship. She's probably kind of insane. In a quadrantblurred clusterfuck relationship with @H.I.C.S.S Stardust Hunter (fantroll)
    @Half Life - Robot with an empathy problem. Medic. Too small, too cute. Deserter. Turns into a heart- spark-rate monitor (TF OC)
    @Hurdle of Nyon - Punk dad, fighty. Decepticon. Turns into a motorbike. Conjunx Endura of @Flipside of Nyon (TF OC)
    @Hydrablaze of Devisiun - An idiot crushing on a mob boss. twin of @Sunburner of Devisiun (TF OC)
    @Integritas - Dove, Demon of creativity, tainted innocence and muse of the wicked. Lover of @Pollux (OC)
    @Ivy Of Kintsugi - Kintsugi in Space self insert. Short, Caffeine Addicted, Makes Clothes. (OC)
    @Kickstart of Nyon - Prankster, Decepticon, tries to dodge work whereever possible. Motorbike altmode. Don't ask him about his hometown. (TF OC)
    @Lindi - Eye of Snakes. Demon of Dreams and Farsight. Sensitive about some parts of the usual contract termination process. Likes Poppies, apples and blood. Works with @Grimm and sort of jealous of @Billy the Butcher's Boy (OC)
    @Lord Polemarch - You will see. Son of @Unicron and @Jetski of Lake Depolito. Brother of @Voidborn. Shepherd of Wellbound-Sparks. (TF OC)
    @Merc With A Mouth - Deadpool (Deadpool/Marvel)
    @Mister Simon Schuyler - Very Wet, Very Drowned, Very much misses his wife. human/Victorian!AU version of @Scanner (OC)
    @N-Series “Ping” Nr. 75-a - Techfae version of @Scanner . In prison for being a shithead rebellious punk involved in a revolution. (OC)
    @Nichrome of Iacon - angry minibot revolutionary. Builds bombs. (TF expy of Chroma). K-Con (turns into a bomb). (TF OC)
    @Not The Batman You Want - Dick Grayson: ex-Robin, ex-Nightwing, now Batman. Circus brat, big brother, vigilante, terrible flirt. Has a thing for righteous red heads. (Batman & Robin 2009-2011 run written by Grant Morrison, DC Comics)
    @Oak Tree Town's Darling - A Farmer with a liking for fashion, root vegetables you can harvest so much you drown in them, his farm animals and beating his crush in farming competitions. Sleeps too little, usually a little messy, even when he wears a frilly dress. White hair, golden eyes, red glasses. (Story of Seasons OC)
    @Officer Whiz - Helicopter, Good Cop, Trined with @Refractor of Vos and @Aerobolt of Vos (in an AU, not in DT) (TF OC)
    @Ratio of Iacon - Sells videos. Of everything interesting or gossip worthy. @Libre of Iacon's sparktwin. Turns into a datapad. (TF OC)
    @Refractor of Vos - Shy spiky black robot. Recon-jet/Locust Tripleformer. Speaks either in soundbits/Recordings or via text messages. (TF OC)
    @sans. WT's Sans The Skeleton (Undertale)
    @Scanner - Professional Asshole Autobot spec ops, hot mess. Hears all of your secrets. Turns into a Radar. (TF OC)
    @Starscream Minimus II - One of @Nichrome of Iacon 's kids. He's gonna be The Bestest Winglord Ever one day. (TF OC)
    @Sunburner of Devisiun - Things keep going wrong around him. Twin of @Hydrablaze of Devisiun , (ex-???) boyfriend of @Ghost!Pocket (TF OC)
    @Switchblade of Scelus - Literal Robot Mafia. Apostasia's conjunx amica steamy workplace affaire appointed enforcer. Cool cat. Turns into a motorbike. Has the fakest accent ever witnessed. (TF OC)
    @Unicron - Literally Giant Robot Satan. (... might as well be an OC at this point, but technically Canon Transformers Character)
    @Vendeur Masquée Zacharie (WT version). Item Merchant. French. (OFF the game)
    @Veritas - Axeformer. Mute. Rejected by the Primes. Newest symbiont of @Armory of Alyon (TF OC)
    @Voidborn - Daughter of Unicron, Dimension hopper, sister of @Lord Polemarch. Herder of Sparks. Death became kind of complicated (TF OC)
    @Voltron Paladin Keith - Galaxy Garrison Dropout, hothead, pilots a giant robot lion to save the universe from Galra Tyranny (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
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  18. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    -cracks knuckles-

    Giant Robot OCs:
    @Apostasia of Tetrahex: Platypusformer and one of currently four oligarchs of the multicultural hub/city state Scelus. Has a piston to pick with Primus. Acts younger and more bratty than she actually is.
    @Tempest Dive: Storm chaser plane who does not comprehend violence. Mute. TF!Ilmatar
    @Skyfall of Teutonia: Interceptor, businesswoman, currently working on getting accepted into the Apostasia Semya. Speaks like a valleygirl, sharp as a tack.
    @Windshear: A bike. From somewhere. She's just in for the brawl, yknow?

    @eyefishSoup: Oneira Eluvei, greenblood, ran a bar/cafe/outpost somewhere at the coast of troll Scandinavia with her moirail Loreli. Sufferist, but very much capable of pulling the trigger of her humongous crossbow and lodging a bolt in your skull if you piss her off. WT character.
    @60% dog hair by volume: Oneira's lusus and pack, Huskiemom, Abwind, Granat, Mangan, and Südost. WT character.
    @Lumipyry: Gobano Eluvei, Oneira's ancestor. Not affiliated with the Alternian government any more, empathically. Speaks in rhymes, and very much bonkers.
    @Aurora Borealis: Aurora Manala, Gobano's... moirail...? Similarly terrible. Rustblood whose psionics enabled her to kick off blizzards.
    @torridRefulgence: Riassu Manala, Aurora's descendant. Rustblood hedgewitch who likes knowing people. Swan lusus. Not quite as powerful as her ancestor yet. WT character.
    @reverberentSquall: Fiaina Sgread, yellowblood with high-precision psionics. Touring musician. Hates dealing with people, thankfully there's Riassu. Cicada lusus. WT character.

    Talassani cats:
    @Al'rrhissim Belassen: Young scholar on ai-Talas. Has a skeleton or two in her closet. Currently looking for her missing twin. Otherwise very exciteable about new things. Friends with Nilima. Will probably end up in WT. catte!Nasim (with Nasim being attunementverse!Salbrakmuir)
    @Emreissa Belassen: World Walker whose powers got a boost from Weirdmaggedon. Not sure what they are, or what they want to do. Twin of Al'rrhisim. Not sure if their family wants them back. catte!Salbrakmuir. Will probably end up in WT.
    @Nivalorrha Belassen: Courier and member of the Pennarine revolution. The war never really left her. Also looking for her missing nibling. catte!Runner/catte!Nibal (with Nibal being attunementverse!Runner). WT character.

    @Deirdre of the Lantern: Lantern angel/psychopomp. All things must end at some point. Perpetually overworked. Has not yet quite realized that she's not a Tershoëti priestess/the Tershoëti paladin any more, but that she got promoted to angel.
    @Jhenya Sage: A young mage/engineer from Upper Kiliskalea. Their friends have disappeared into the mist, and Jhenya is going to find them, Debarach damn it.

    Tabletop characters:
    @bourasqueIndwell: System: SBURB/D&D. Ilmatar Nordwind, Mage of Breath. Halfways stuck in an escapist fantasy that she's a fairy, fully stuck in a game that intends to break her and her loyal friends. Bubbly, cheery, and will plug her ears and sing loudly if it means that she doesn't have to hear something she does not want to hear.
    @Margaret Fallowind: System: Call of Cthulhu, 1920. A young librarian, one of the early women to gain a degree. Very no-nonsense, unlike her older twin sister, and quite blindsided by the cosmic horror that is unfolding. Willing to entertain fantastical explanations, if only to understand what makes her opponents tick.

    @Le Juge: The Judge from the video game OFF. Enigmatic cat. WT character, in which he is looking for his dear missing friend Sucre, along with his dear friend Zacharie, and the scritchings-providing Sans and Laverna.
    @Rahela Czekelius: A Jäger.
    @Kite from the library: Some kind of horned alien with four eyes. Its second pair of arms is controlled via wifi horns. Has jacks in its head where its hair should be, and can connect to just about any piece of hardware. Has a skirt made out of pockets.
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  19. rats

    rats 21 Bright Forge Shatters The Void

    i havent posted in ages but this will be a good place to put the characters that i have played with before so people can ping me if they wanna rp :P some of them i haven't even touched lmao

    @Cassie Volante, my sprawl OC
    @peridoot, peridot from SU lmao
    @Raoul Menthe, an OC with universe-ripping abilities
    @Terri, percy jackson-verse kid of hermes
    i think that's it!
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  20. shmeed

    shmeed plant me

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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