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    these all were tweets but i decided against it.

    Kind of hate being told to go away after asking him to not yell.
    like i havent been bothering him for a whole 10 minutes of him yelling and the moment i ask him to not fucking yell, he tells me to go away and leave him alone :)
    :) he's in the next room from mine.

    Like this isn't an exaggeration, he yells so loud and bangs on his desk and complains and all i ask is for him to not yell at his goddamn game.
    I can't even be in my own room w/o hearing him yelling cuz that bounces off of me and it makes me angry and i can't focus or even SLEEP

    Honestly i'm so mad at him, he's not going to school and he doesn't tell us ANYTHING aside from not feeling safe. like fair but he wont go into more detail why he doesn't feel safe. he won't clean up his area or clean up after cooking, he does NOTHING.

    legit it's pissing me and my family off because he's been told he can get scholarships and such but all he wants to do is stay at home and play league of legends and not do anything to help in the house.

    i'm just so mad at him, he's so inconsiderate to his entire family, he does nothing to help around, he doesn't tell us anything when he's upset cuz we are genuinely worried about him and we want the best for him but he does nothing to even fucking help himself at this point.

    like we want to help, we really do, we want him to be in a good mental health state, we want him to succeed but after a few years of him constantly missing school via headaches and such and us giving him the needs to remove those aches, he doesn't use them.

    like he's 16 and he has 2 more years of school, no matter what me, my parents, his brothers, PEOPLE FROM SCHOOL telling him that he will fail his grade and be held back and he then feels awful about that and tries to avoid us all together when we want him to go to school

    like i get it i failed my grade and dropped out but at least i had a back up and did my GED, for him he is legit wasting so many opportunities for himself and i dont want him ending up how i ended up.

    but holy shit he gets mad at us for even asking him basic things like CLEANING UP HIS DESK AND HIS AREA AND HIS MESSES AFTER COOKING, we get him food he wants, we get him sketchbooks if he wants them but honestly im at a point where if eel like he doesnt even deserve--
    my attention if all he does is be shitty to me when all i ask of him to NOT BE LOUD.

    like it sounds harsh of me to say this about a 16 year old but he's pushed past my limits and i WISH i can move out of my house so i can get away from his bad energy.

    I have nothing positive to say about him anymore than 'he's smart'. cuz he is, but he's fucking unfun to be around when all he does is say the r slur, yell angrily at his game, be loud while talking in general with his friends and be a goddamn slob. I don't want to say i hate him but i'm that close to it being that fully because he does nothing positive in me or my families life, he just makes us all mad and hella disappointed in him for deciding to become a NEET in a house that's always scrambling to pay bills.

    I know i'm not perfect, i know i was pretty mean as a kid at points to my brothers and it went down the line to him, but we're annoyed that he won't talk to us and won't let us help him, and im afraid that someone will come to my house and question my parents and im afraid people will think we're abusing him when he's pretty much abusing us with his yelling and violent anger when we ask him to not be loud and be a little quiet.
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    i need to take a break from twitter cuz im exhausted of seeing posts talking about pictures of cp and pedophelia when the law usually talks about deception's of real children being drawn from what i remember

    its like, actually depressing me cuz i understand how cartoon characters who are underaged can be used to groom others but im tired of seeing all this talk all around.

    it's like, i guess i feel bad for liking nsfw of cartoon characters of anime characters i find adorable/attractive but i also don't like, actively look for it or draw it either. i get uncomfortable seeing nsfw seeing characters who like legit look like kids/are kids/younger teens but im not gonna stop someone either cuz it's,, not my problem either.

    i just dont know anymore, im exhausted and seeing so much of this stuff is making me frazzled and unsure of what to think anymore
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    Gonna put this here to yell about cuz idk if the tumblr forum thread is good to put this there but hhh


    Link to the post

    like hoolly shit so



    Like holy shit so many of these motherfuckers making fun of Lizcourserants don't realize that they and others like them have also been very very effected by positive things in fiction, and seeing more positive representation in fiction proves that!!

    negative things in fiction, anything negative, showing it's negative, even if it's somewhat sexualized, it varies between person to person, can see it being, NEGATIVE, they will very much see it as bad irl and will not condone it irl!!

    like i know this happened to me and many others, but seeing Yaoi has legit shaped me into who i am today in terms of i became more accepting and uncaring if someone is gay or not, in turn helped me discover my own sexuality as well as my gender!

    the only people who will see fiction = reality are people who cannot see it as not the same thing!!

    which, again, i will always think of this:
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  4. mcsiggy

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    like i'd rather have someone become NOT homophobic because of fictional gay ships cuz that leads them to accepting actual gay people!!!!!!!! THATS A GOOD THING!!!!
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  5. mcsiggy

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    oh god my art's never good no matter what i do
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  6. Lizardlicks

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    Do we fucking LOVE your art, it's fantastic!
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  7. mcsiggy

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  8. keltka

    keltka the green and brown one

    I was so fucking hype when you said you'd be game to join the zine
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  9. mcsiggy

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    I'm,,, not well haha, i'm at a point where i can't be around my friends w/o becoming angry and just, annoyed all the time? idk why, i really dont wanna be like this.,

    I need to figure out to limit my social media too cuz i'm way too like, i want attention but then i get mad when i get any.
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    i gave my tooth a closer look and it didnt just chip a part off, it looked like it chipped AND CRACKED, I'M, i dont know how i even do this im just i dont have money for this i know i wont have money for taxes how will i have money for a dental bill

    god im crying i dont know how i can do this,, i cant keep begging for money i can't keep wearing myself down through commissions where it legit burns me out i cant keep doing this,m
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  12. mcsiggy

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    tooth fixed and the bill wasnt as much as i thought but i still need about $500 by the end of the month or early next month so hhh

    aside from that, im feeling a little better but still not great.
  13. mcsiggy

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    ive been having a lot of doubts lately w/ my art, i wanna make a nsfw comic thats either WoW or Homestuck, but i just,, feel like they wont be good, doesnt help i have super vague ideas of what i might wanna do?? and i wanna also make another oc nsfw comic but i just,, hhh

    i just felt my nsfw hasnt been good at all where i just don't draw it cuz when i try it just turns out awful.,
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  14. mcsiggy

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    i make no sense i complain about my art but i also want to show people it like hey whatare u doing,
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  15. Lizardlicks

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    Aaaaaaaaa I would be so down for a new NSFW comic you should go for it!!!
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    its real awkward when ur friends with two people who don't like each other :'|

    my feels are like 'HELP THEM PATCH THINGS UP' but i know thats not how it works so it's just, hhh..
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    ngl but im just

    really feeling like no matter where i am ill never belong or fit in, even a little.
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    great news?! uh! me and beek i guess made up in some sense. though i'm keeping a fiiirm line in the dirt for my own sake, cuz after talking to like, 3 people about them and how they first messaged me, i need to be very careful which,,, yeah lol. but i feel less nervous now? ye.
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    Hmm. I don't know why am sus but. Feels. Off? Hmmmm.
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  20. mcsiggy

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    legit its very sus, i know they reached out to me cuz they thought i like, was stalking their locked twitter when i wasnt following it this whole time lol. when i told them i didnt know they vagued about me before i vagued about them, they didnt believe me but they also didnt want to keep having a petty passive fight w/ me.

    which btw is funny of them to say cuz they took me enjoying and making things in the wow fandom and saying hi to people, was me forcing myself into their friend groups, like lol ok. like i knew they were around but i wasn't forcing myself into their friend groups, im legit just making things and talking to other people and or saying hi to people who say hi to me /shrug

    but!! i know some of it is maybe i could be seen as a threat to them cuz i know theyre not the best person, but im also kind of happy that i dont need to tip toe around them anymore. it's giving me some peace at mind, even if i'm being very very aloof of how they talk to me. tho i dont really plan on talking to them much for my sake if i can, maybe say hi or something so /shrug.

    plus i guess they seem to also be wanting to talk to me again anyway, or at least not be on bad terms lol.
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