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Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Socket, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    I draw a lot! I'll put some of the things I draw in here!

    .....Probably a lot of sketchdumping, since I sketch a lot and finish very little - and I am regularly fond of sketches that never feel "worth" posting on any of my artsites, so here's my little wall of doodles where I stick all my favourite scribblings i guess. :3
  2. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    started a Big Sona Chronological Timeline back in early lockdown to get myself out of a creative slump by sheer force of self-indulgence! (it's interesting to revisit so many ancient designs!)

    how it started:

    sona lineup goblin smol.jpg
    how it's going:
    Sona Timeline Updated smol.jpg

    nearly there!!!!! :D (although i think something's gone funky with chaos' placement in the lineup now i look at it. oops! well, plenty of time to fix that :D)
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  3. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    lots of oc sketchin'! working on remembering how to vary my figures by doing OC lineups, so far featuring

    mara (zangoose angstlord assassin) - i think she's how i want her, like, Lithe Buff, built for being very fast and becoming a devastating claw-nado at a moment's notice, yes

    cerise (just a little femme dragon) - could have more to her! the build is right and i'm happy that i've got her looking V Soft because her design is and always has been about cute round-edged shapes, but i love the idea of her having a heavier build than i've given her here

    drew (totally-not-a-selfinsert) - given that his entire build is Literally Just My Build, i know he's a touch too slim here XD

    lola (punk rocker turned cool aunt) - Tol and Toned! not as beefy as your average nidoking, she's kinda lanky by fully evolved nido standards

    so far i'm happy :3 wanna do many more!

    figure doodles.jpg
  4. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    onigeckle render.jpg
    having the absolute time of my life rendering this labradorite, it's just outrageously fun
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