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    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    oh!! also i discovered a Forgotten Cache Of Last Year's Christmas/Birthday Money And Vouchers yesterday, so i treated myself to Darkest Dungeon because..........well, because i'd been listening to a bunch of its music for D&D Reasons and when i looked it up it looked good??

    i SUCK at it, but it is good!! i'm just.............there's a lot to take in here, huh. nearly died in my first dungeon (well, my paladin fella nearly died) because i don't think i'm very uhhh efficient. in combat. but i'm learnin!!

    it's been a while since i played a fresh viddygame though, so i'm happy C:
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  2. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    we met a very sweet friend today. he’s lovely, my friends are all lovely, it was the first time wyrm had met him in person (he is her friend in particular but we also talk and he’s LOVELY and KIND and all the things I wish more straight cis guys were bc he’s just An Gentle, Compassionate Guy and the world needs more) and I’m just like

    God we went so long having sort of terrible people for friends. We just sort of accepted whatever we could get bc it was like Well, It’s Company! and we were too socially awkward to set boundaries....and NOW

    our crops flourish. we friend only the people who care about us and will treat us with kindness and apparently genuinely love it when we ramble abt the things we like, and who make us feel appreciated and warm and Good and tell us (excitedly, joyously) fun weird facts about the place they live as they show us around

    no more trash boys!! only sweet humans now!! we have Evolved. we have learned what to watch out for and also what to seek

    Also he gives the Most Fantastic Hugs. Oh my god, have you ever been warmly hugged by someone six foot tall.

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  3. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    He’s not the only one, we made ANOTHER sweet boy friend lately and it’s so lovely to know him! He’s a big dork and very kind and we have those good good 3am chats together and we can talk super easily. He’s also a very enthusiastic person who Respects Our Boundaries But For Real (WE HAVE BOYS WHO DO THAT PRAISE THE LORD) and has the same weird sense of humour

    Our boy luck rn is AMAZING. I thought they were a pretend thing for a bit ngl. We had such a bad run. Then we realised we were ignoring our discomfort and THAT is why we kept “liking terrible people by accident”. We didn’t Want to be around them! They made us uneasy! I can’t believe it took this long to go “trust. your damn gut.”
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