NSFW SPR After Dark: Dead Dove Rave for Dead Doves Only

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Cthulhu, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Another Hollow Face

    Another Hollow Face A glance of evil grace 18+

    Amanita? They've got a nice fuzzy feeling but they're inconsistent. Getting the dosing right is a pain and there's no guarantee of the same kind of high. Some days they're great, some days they just make me puke. Cubes... Best taken outdoors at least two miles away from civilization unless I want a headache from the energy flow suddenly being visible. Both are also lacking in spooky shit, except for the Silent Hill wall breathing bullshit Cubes have.
  2. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    When are plants not inconsistent though? I've had a scrape some idiot magelet of the street two weeks ago who'd thought that taking Burgmansia was going to teach him some magical secret to control. Ended up exactly like you'd think it would and he didn't even have the grace to leave the city before he decided to nuke his brain on what I guess was a fucking pint of strong tea. Dude's my current bet for Darwin Award of the Year.
  3. Morsus

    Morsus vicious twinky vamp | 18+

    -He shrugs, twisting a lock of hair around his fingers and cocking his hips just enough that a slice of pale skin shows between the corset and the pants. If he didn't think it would be too much, his lashes would be fluttering. Humans that smell of death are always so much more fun.-
    Lady Fletcher has excellent taste - my maker is her favored heir, after all, and I'm her favorite of his children. She does like to play little games when I misbehave, but I usually end up liking them in the end.

    -Morsus eyes him up and down too, though it's not quite clear if this is an aesthetic appreciation or a threat assessment. Regardless, he does think the bones are a nice touch. A little déclassé, but it does match his overall aesthetic well.-
    Astral projecting would explain quite a lot - I don't think my lady would want me permanently exiled to an Elder One's domain. I wonder...
    -He extends a hand, and a wine bottle encrusted in gold and gems appears in it. He sniffs, and then takes a drink.-
    Ah! Wonderful!
  4. Mikel Popescu

    Mikel Popescu The Cursehag | 18+ | Dead Dove Only

    [Both of them get a half-feral grin, his false eye swiveling with worrying accuracy to track them. If his makeup was any heavier, you'd have to pull out and excavator to get to the face underneath it.]

    this a FUCKing neutral ground or sommat????
    it happens, you're sitting around and next thing you know you're on the higher planes of SoMe BuLlShIt and everyone there is fuckin mad at your for no reason

    lotsa fun!

    [Mikel gives Morsus a wink and a grin too, then eyeballs that wine. He Thirsts.]

    you sharing, bro?????/
  5. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    The best kind of games, then. [He does flutter his lashes back at him, all innocent, head cocked just so to let his hair fall back and leave the line of his neck very bare and very tempting]

    Wouldn't know about that, ask the land lord. Though that said, I'm not mad [no, more like hungry. He wants to dig his fingers into his skull and pull and eat it all up] You'd notice if I was mad in some fashion.
  6. Morsus

    Morsus vicious twinky vamp | 18+

    Oh, I always give someone a reason to be mad at me. Things would be awfully boring without it.

    -Because Morsus, as a vampire who literally named himself "bite", enjoys the classics, the wine is of course not wine at all, just blood in a very gaudy container.-
    Oh, that depends. What are you willing to trade?

    Mm. I tend to think the best kind are where I come out on top, personally.
    -He's not in Matt's personal bubble yet, but he's getting there, and he lets his gaze linger very obviously on that exposed neck.-
  7. Mikel Popescu

    Mikel Popescu The Cursehag | 18+ | Dead Dove Only

    i would rather DIE than ask anyone for permission for anything.

    [Matt gets a wink too. Yeah, he bets you wanna. Just try it.]
    [He just... pulls his eye out. Hooks his thumb against the smooth edge of it and pries it out. It's not a proper falsey anyways, more like an undersized marble that's been painted with little skulls all over it, but hey, somebody has to want the Gross Glass Marble That's Been In His Eyesocket.]

    i got ehhhhhhhhh this and some chick's skivvies in my back pocket
    probably a chick's skivvies
    MIGHT BE a twink's skivvies come to think of it???? SOMEBODY'S MISSING A GSTRING IS WHAT IM SAYING

    eyeball's the better bet tho
  8. Morsus

    Morsus vicious twinky vamp | 18+

    -He looks over the fake eyeball with distaste - doesn't seem to be worth much - but then again, this is eldritch shadows condensed into a shape, not real blood he worked for. It's probably not worth much either, and maybe the eye will get him a little insight into whoever this is. He takes a deep drink so there's only about two thirds of the bottle left, and passes it over.-
    I'll take the eye, but I want the bottle back when you've emptied it.
  9. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Why yes, but isn't that makes the games so much fun? The struggle? [he does put a tiny little bit insinuation in there. Maybe]
    [He's shifting under that gaze, but nothing in it indicates that he's uncomfortable, it's more something like a cat stretching in a sunbeam, pleased to be exactly where it is. Come hither, have a taste]

    [Mikel gets an arsenic sweet smile in return. Are his teeth pointier than normal?] I'd say 'better to ask forgiveness than permission' but you don't seem the type for either. [Yeah, yeah he does but he's sitting on the urge. It's so uncivilized. Plus anyone that unconcerned with it is either suicidal - unlikely - or so powerful they don't gotta bother]
  10. Mikel Popescu

    Mikel Popescu The Cursehag | 18+ | Dead Dove Only

    yeah whatevs

    [Does Mikel realize it's blood? Not until he takes the first step. Has he ever backed down over anything in his life? Nope. He fucking downs the whole bottle of blood, because he's a dipshit, then smears the last of it over his lipstick. REGRET IS FOR WEAKER MEN.]
    LMAO nah only btiches say sorry
    and i'm only a bitch on tuesdays or weekends by appointment
  11. Integritas

    Integritas Broken Dove, Dead Bird | 18+

    Is there not-fun ways to get eaten? I strive to make everything I do or get done to me fun somehow.
    [Teggy winks]

    [Hmmmmm bowing would take too much effort, he doesn't want to get up off the floor he isn't feeling having any kind of dignity right now. So instead he just vaguely and sloppily salutes the eldritch terror of the Deep. That's reasonable.]

    Oooo, fangs, I don't get those much at work. Haven't hit up any of the cluty hardcore goth clubs in a while. Tell me, darling, do you paint? Sculpt? Make mood boards on pinterest and pretend that justified your massive art school debt?

    [..... he may be idly wondering if he is underdressed given that a fucking bottle outshines him but he's also not gonna admit defeat and change. He does eye the bottle and the way it exchanges hands with a little bit of idle greedy hunger in his eyes though. Shiny.]
  12. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Well I've heard terrible things about people being eaten alive, they always scream so much, and try to push away, it's terrible annoying. [pout. Why must people be so contrary]

    [He summons himself a chalice of something that's certainly be blood at some point, at least partially, and another crystal glass of it for Teggy] Would inviting you be too forward? [He doesn't quite flutter his lashes, but it's a close call]

    Are those appointments sought after much? [Insult? Maybe]
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  13. Integritas

    Integritas Broken Dove, Dead Bird | 18+

    [Teggy's eyes scrunge up a little with amusement, something that's a uniquely feline expression for an avian demon. Awwww he's picking up habits]
    Well this isn't really my own parlour and that means I'm on the clock and no offense, you're not my usual prey. I go for the artist, not the work of art.
    [Mixed Messages Much]
  14. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Oh why thank you [He laughs and waves the glass back to himself] I shan't impede you, then. Though I hope being the audience is acceptable? I've been told that both art and artists need those and you do qualify as both.
  15. Mikel Popescu

    Mikel Popescu The Cursehag | 18+ | Dead Dove Only

    did u think that was serious or sommat

    i mean yeah i'm in HIGH FUCKIN DEMAND coz everyone needs a cursehag and i'm the fuckign best but liiiiiiiike that aint exatly the same thing as Being That Subby Bitch By Commission Only (Charging Hourly Based On Expected Services) you feel

    [He leans back on a barstool that's appeared at perfect height for him to thump back on, a bottle of tequila in his hand.]

    still get plenty of pussy tho so who even gives a shit amiright
  16. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    [It earns him another poison-sweet smile] Oh you never know, some people's tastes run very strange indeed. [curse hag, huh? he files that away for laterand well, it's not like necromancers can't curse. They're very good at it in fact. it just makes the Hungry little thing in the back of his mind growl louder]
  17. Mikel Popescu

    Mikel Popescu The Cursehag | 18+ | Dead Dove Only

    bro i just told u exactly what i kno, just cuz u can't get laid without payin for it doesn't mean the rest of us gotta suffer that sad lil life [Mikel drags his tongue over his lips, licking the blood off his (still sealed!) black lipstick.]
  18. Integritas

    Integritas Broken Dove, Dead Bird | 18+

    Aw. Flatterer.
    [He laughs, flirtily waggling his wings a bit.]
    And of course you may watch. I do so love performing.
  19. Morsus

    Morsus vicious twinky vamp | 18+

    Well, yes, of course, but I play a little rough for some people. I think that's what got me sent down here in the first place. It is such fun when I find someone who can keep up, though...
    -He reaches out two fingers and brushes the lightest touch over Matt's wrist, to see if the hairs will stand up. He's awfully warm for a vampire and smells vaguely of lavender up close. He very much would like to bite, but he's not sure if this is a trap in addition to a flirt.-

    -He takes the offered eye and puts it directly into his mouth, because he's absolutely sure he's licked worse things. And he has... but not with a weird watermelon vodka taste on top. Morsus has never had watermelon vodka, and he twists his lips as he tries to make out how he feels about it. This one is definitely a powerful necromancer, then. How wonderful for him.-

    -Not usually the kind of question demons ask him, but he can go with it, he supposes.-
    I'm very good at makeup, I suppose - I've had a long time to practice without using a mirror. Lafayette called my feeding quite artistic once, but that was, oh, a hundred and fifty years ago, probably.
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  20. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Aw sweetheart if anything people pay for my time [coy little headtilt. Insults like that slide right off him at this time. He's heard it all before]

    It's not flattery if it's true. I'm certainly looking forward to the show. [alas he can only flutter his lashes in return, no wings on him]

    Oh but rough play is so much fun, people are just no fun at all. [He can most certainly keep up, and right now it's sliding more towards flirt than trap, no reason to snap the trap shut when this starts looking like something he could actually have more fun doing instead.] What's pleasure without a little pain? Or a lot.
    [The hairs on his arm stay down but pupils dilating a little and he takes a small inhale. His own skin is a touch cooler than a live human usually is, but his pulse is very much there, as is the smell of freshly dug, wet earth and dried blood]
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