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Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Prince Aiden

    Prince Aiden i'm tired of all the noise | 18+

    Maybe I was just oversensitive to her being here--there was another Queen too, so I might have gotten in the middle of something. [TRAUMA RESPONSE? FROM HIM? Never. Never.]
    Alright, you'll have to explain both of those to me. "Thanks giving" sounds like a holiday, but the other one I don't recognize. The only things I've ever bothered to celebrate was Winsol, and it's been a bit since the last time I was able to.
  2. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    [he rolls his eyes] DON’T PATRONIZE ME.

    [he grumbles a few choice alternian curse words under his breath, but takes the offered hand and shakes it. self loathing buddies!] ...SORRY I OFFENDED YOUR DELICATE FUCKING SENSIBILITIES, I—NEVER MIND, JUST, SORRY, WHATEVER. [apologizing is so hard and he is so bad at it]

    [as for the fighting, he stays seated, snuggled up against davelal’s side, but the 2xscythe is resting oh so casually next to him]
  3. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    [bonus of being short: easy time ducking under things, including huge ass broadswords larger than he's tall]

    [Despite the fighting, Matt somehow finds the time to throw him a kiss between clashing blades. Not having to worry about being hit prolly helps. Ok maybe he's showing off a little too, shhhhh, Karkat is snuggled up against Dave, he's allowed to be a tiny bit competitive]
  4. Winglord

    Winglord Vasar Ketutara

    -snorts- That would do it yeah. I can´t imagine anyone is that intimidating looking for a book. -he makes another beer happen by way of apology? He considers a food but thinks better of it. Aiden doesn´t seem fond of queens, he would likely hate being fussed over-
  5. Dynas Miramar

    Dynas Miramar 30% Bad Decisions By Volume

    [Just before he dashed off to go join the fight, Dynas at least managed a little smile at him.] You'll get better at those too. Apologizin's hard, I know.
    [And then he was distracted, dashed off, and we're back to the present]
  6. It's long for Rob

    It's long for Rob secondhand designer type | 18+

    I'll say. The colors are gorgeous. So where you're from, copying designs is common too? That's neat, I wasn't sure if the "knockoff designer" concept translated.

    Oh, sorry! They're both holidays. Thanksgiving is more widely celebrated where I live, it's sort of the traditional end of fall beginning of winter deal. You cook a lot of food, have your family together, and watch a big sports thing, most of the time. Día de los Muertos is "day of the dead" in English, and it's mostly celebrated by people who're Latine like me - that's uh, an ethnicity, it's complicated. It's actually a couple of days, but you celebrate and honor the people you loved who have died, and it's respectful, but it's not sad. In some places it's kind of a big parade thing, but not my hometown, there it's more... telling stories, doing things they liked, offering them food, things like that.
  7. Winglord

    Winglord Vasar Ketutara

    Oh, yes we have those. But this is not a direct copy, more of an inspiration. -he summons an image of a similar garment, but now clearly an actual dress. The patterns are different and a bit more intricate, and the beads shine with power.- Completely copying her would a bit...much. -lets not mention that the original is definitely A Dress, while his miiight just squeak by as a coat. but only just.-
  8. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    [he is watching the fight from where he’s pressed up against karkat with an expression that is positively catlike]
    listen, i know i’m cute but projecting like that is just embarrassing. i am double taken dude, so like [he takes a moment to look him over, complete with a disdainful curled lip, before smiling sweetly] pass.
    aw, ty. [he bats his eyelashes because he is also a ridiculous human] my middle name is debonair.
    the heinousness is what makes it art, you fucking philistine.
    how dare you, black is totally a color.
    [he pauses, snickering] cultural appropriation. i won’t stand for this.
  9. Prince Aiden

    Prince Aiden i'm tired of all the noise | 18+

    Spoken like someone who's never watched a man menace someone via his book choices. [His voice is dry, but he accepts the beer easily and half-lifts it in salute.]
    Huh. Sounds like fun. Do you have a lot of holidays like that, reasons to be around family or remember people? I could see that getting old for some of the other races, but a couple days just to remember those who've died... I think that'd be nice. [There's a hint of wistfulness in his voice.]
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  10. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    [Dave also gets a kiss thrown at him, albeit very pointedly from Matt's middle finger so that he can flip him off at the same time, and cheerfully so too. Clearly he's enjoying this way too much]
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  11. Winglord

    Winglord Vasar Ketutara

    -snorts- No I can´t say I have. I´ve been menaced by any number of thing but not books.
  12. It's long for Rob

    It's long for Rob secondhand designer type | 18+

    Oh, they're both lovely, though! Are the beads, like, A Thing with formalwear for y'all, or do you just happen to like 'em?

    -They giggle a little before getting their face under control-
    I'm sorry, honey. Mama stuck me with "Manuel" as a middle name, so I feel your pain.

    Of what, goth culture? I'm not sacking Rome, so I can't wear black? Now that's just rude.
    -They're obviously trying to keep from breaking out laughing-

    I don't go for all of 'em, but yeah, we got a few. Christmas is the other big one - Mama makes me go to Mass, a religious service, and we exchange presents and do a lot of cooking. That one's close to the end of the year. Some other holidays people spend with their family if they're close enough, both distance wise and like, emotionally, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two big ones in my country. I like Día de los Muertos better than Thanksgiving, between you and me, and it's easier to get vacation time for it.
  13. Integritas

    Integritas Broken Dove, Dead Bird | 18+

    There is something of a blip and suddenly the white expanse of the room is empty save for a lone little overly made up figure with wings playing at sweeping the floor while humming.
    Near him, there's a chalkboard, that in overly froofy calligraphy reads

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