SPR After Party 3 - To Be Named When Less Drunk

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. Integritas

    Integritas Broken Dove, Dead Bird | 18+

    Let's just... make sure this can keep going, shall we?

    [There's gonna be a link to the After Party OOC here once I make it]
    Here is our OOC Thread!
    Here is our Visitor's Book (A Who Is Who Subaccount Reference List Thread)
    Until further notice this will still be the case, although we can talk about whether writing appropriatly spoiler tagged smut can be permitted if people absolutely want to do that here. I sure don't! But I'm also not everyone else.

  2. A Mi

    A Mi smol, NS

    -Mis appear and make themselves at home-
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  3. Lacuna of Devisiun

    Lacuna of Devisiun the quiet one (18+)

    [Lacuna to All]: Uuuuuugh, who reset all my junk?

    -She flops across the rave.-
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  4. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    [he flips him right back off. that nail is now painted a shiny holographic silver to contrast with the matt black on the rest of his fingers. Petty Accent Nail]
    it’s actually aliester, if we’re going that route. [that is a bald-faced lie but his middle name is boring and that is unacceptable]
    [he grins at them] sorry dog, i don’t make the rules. if you wear more than one color at a time and don’t break out into hives you can’t sit with us.
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  5. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    [Matt stumbles from the sudden reset, blinking. The fuck??]
  6. Elouan Aurèle du Noix

    Elouan Aurèle du Noix The Chevalier of South Ylenn | 18+

    [Elouan maintains the sidestep, beginning to circle around Dynas while maintaining his shieldcover, still avoiding Matt's slashes mostly by sound. If he had any less training at completely ignoring injuries he would be in trouble, but as it is he walks and dodges as if there wasn't even a scratch on him despite the obvious bloodstain on his breeches.
    After a moment he finally makes his move -- against Matt, lunging towards him ready to strike with his sword.]

    It seems you are under the mistaken assumption I care at all about the opinion of a little boy attempting to marry into a noble house. Or that I am attracted to them when I could have my pick of the sweetest courtiers were I not too much of a noble man to protect their maidenly honors.

    [And then of course everything shifts and he's not quite where he's supposed to be.
    He hates mages so much sometimes.]
  7. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    [his tone is mild. well, mild for him, which is still pretty spicy:] IF YOU HAVE TIME TO SHOW OFF, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.
    [big shruggie. Who The Fuck Knows] DREAM EARTHQUAKE?
  8. A Valo-Kas

    A Valo-Kas Or occasionally several Valo-Kas

    [And lo, there is a qunari Tal-Vashoth for the new rave. Vidaat blinks a little. Shirtless blacksmith, here for... some reason. Certainly not providing an audience for the chevalier and whoever's decided to bait him.]

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  9. Winglord

    Winglord Vasar Ketutara

    It might become one if we´re lucky? Formal clothing tends to vary a lot between territories.
  10. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    [the repeated hits to his maturity do get the veneer to crack, and he narrows his eyes]
    i’ve seen shit you wouldn’t fucking believe, but okay, sure. let’s pretend i am some fresh faced baby who’s never seen anything bad. that’s fun.
    what, do you mean your noble house? [he actually laughs at that, genuine and amused] buddy, pal, friend, dude, i am one million percent serious when i say that there is virtually no way courting you wouldn’t be a massive step down as far as that goes. i mean really.
  11. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    What happens next is something Karkat will have seen in action before:
    Matt drops all cover, just taking the sword hit in favour of getting right behind Elouan's defenses, knife striking for his thigh He doesn't aim to kill, he doesn't even wanna test it here, but it IS supposed to be a disabling strike. Most people don't fight all that well anymore with a knife stuck in their femur]

    [Though the magic shifts time acts... oddly] Lover if you wanna give me a workout, I'll be all yours in a minute.
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  12. It's long for Rob

    It's long for Rob secondhand designer type | 18+

    -Robbie rolls their eyes and grins back-
    That's fine, I got my own little shiny clique right here.
    -They gesture to the shield bubble where they are quite happily staying until An Violence ends.-

    -Robbie gamely waves hello, since they're next to a Safe Person in a Safe Bubble and this big dude has not freaked out yet-

    Ah, fair enough! We have fashion trends that are more popular some places than others, so makes sense that different... territories would dress different. I hope y'all can be trendsetters.
  13. Brejan Lavellan

    Brejan Lavellan Not THE hero, just trying to save the world | 18+

    [She hardly even reacts to being relocated, spilling a tiny bit of tea but otherwise just shaking her head mildly.]

    [She... frowns at him, confused and beginning to be a little upset in equal measure.]
    ... I... do you think I order my husbands around or something? I'm--... We decided together that retirement from the more active parts of our duties to the world would probably be best. I didn't ask either of them for anything but to let me at least adjust to being down an arm. Elgar'nan enaste, if anything they are the ones ordering me around, given I am expressly forbidden from getting into fights until I'm at least not pregnant anymore!
    And them being male has nothing to do with any of this! What are you even talking about!

    [One of her ears flick and there's definitely some sort of whispering welling up around her as her eyes dart around trying to take everything in.]
    It's... so very different from the Fade. Fascinating!
    Um... if you want?
    [She holds out a glowing green ball of light that, when touched, gives a vison of a green tinged landscape that seem utterly unfathomable to the human mind. Some bits of it twist right in your sight without even pretending to move, simply flicking from one state to the other, or somehow occupying both. The architecture is utterly incomprehensible, walkways that are upside down, twist in on themselves, doors to nowhere, tunnels leading to the peak of mountains right from the bottom, waterfalls that fall sideways and up and the occassional piece of furniture that looks more transplanted than anything. the rock glistens with magic and an indefinable wetness, the sky churns in on itself and somewhere, far far off, there is the jagged relief of a black city, unreachably distant. There's the distinct notion that this city is both visible from everywhere in the Fade and impossible to reach, always at the same distant. This is the only landmark that is constant, the rest seems ever changing and lacking solidity. Just out of the corner of the eye one can catch glimpses of horrendously twisted, spindly creatures stalking along the rock formations.]
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  14. A Valo-Kas

    A Valo-Kas Or occasionally several Valo-Kas

    [Vidaat waves back. Tiny human in dramatic clothes, nothing new even if the make's nothing he recognizes. And... even if they're in a glitter bubble. Mages™.] 'Lo. What's going on this time?
  15. Elouan Aurèle du Noix

    Elouan Aurèle du Noix The Chevalier of South Ylenn | 18+

    [Why.... do shirtless men.... keep happening to him....]

    Maidenly honors to preserve, remember? Besides my older sister is quite happy to provide an heir for the house and I didn't take you for quite so stupid you think you would get anywhere with a younger sibling and incapable of producing any babes.
    Besides unlike some, I don't have delusions of grandeur. I'm quite aware our house is not particularly influential. If we were I would not be a Chevalier.

    [He makes a bitten off pained noise as the knife is driven in but not going for his arms or a vital organ was in fact a mistake. He can hold his ground without being able to move around much. Especially with Matt in grabbing range. Given the sword hit didn't do much to keep this guy down (or he would have attempted to dodge it), His next best strategy is to get the other one to stop trying to slice him to ribbons. So Elouan drops his shield to instead wrap a rather unforgiving arm around his torso in a way that will hopefully trap the guy's arms, pulling him flush against his breast plate. Elouan's sword immediately comes up to be pointed at Dynas.]
  16. A Valo-Kas

    A Valo-Kas Or occasionally several Valo-Kas

    [Shirtless men may happen at him, but Vidaat is hardly happening to him. He's not even watching the fight anymore, just has one ear ever-so-slightly tilted towards it.]
  17. Prince Aiden

    Prince Aiden i'm tired of all the noise | 18+

    Books, clothes, letters, a pan... the list goes on. It's incredible how many things can be a threat in the right hands. [He gives Vasar a crooked grin.]
    Sounds a bit like Winsol--thirteen days of celebration, with presents, but we do a tree and the blood wine for Witch. It's endings and beginnings, sort of a whole... thing. Usually there's visiting with friends and family over the thirteen days too, but we kept things quiet back when I celebrated with my--

    [He cuts off for a second and shakes his head. There's a distinct and unsettling sensation of the space around him shifting like glass, and then it's gone.]

    ...Sister. I used to celebrate it with my sister and her kids. Never had to worry about getting time off for it though, everyone gets at least some of Winsol off.
    [Oh, good, upset Healer maybe-Queen, fantastic, abort abort abort--]

    You sounded like--The way you said it was like you were the only one giving orders, is all-- [He stops hugging Robbie to shift into an immediately conciliatory posture, hands up to show that he doesn't have weapons and isn't a threat. Because he isn't one, absolutely not, not him, so there's no reason to be upset with him, right? Right???]
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  18. It's long for Rob

    It's long for Rob secondhand designer type | 18+

    -Robbie is pointed determinedly away from the fight and is clearly not interested in acknowledging it at all-
    We're havin' a little cultural exchange party over here about clothes and holidays! Good times.

    Winsol - is that short for winter solstice, by any chance? If so, yeah, they're a lot alike. Back in the day Christmas had twelve days, even, ran to Epiphany, but unless you're real religious that's not so much a thing now. Other people celebrate other winter holidays - my roommates do Yule - since Christmas is kind of religious, but where I live it's more presents. We do a tree too, but the witch thing is new. Some people do mulled wine, but it's too hot in Florida.

    -They carefully avoid asking about the sister. Doesn't seem like it would go well. As Aiden lets go of them, they take a prudent step back to give him some space. No sense crowding anyone in a freakout.-
  19. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    [That's Elouan's mistake now, because Matt is still a mage and from one second to the next he's about as warm as dry ice, which gotta be extra miserable for someone wearing that much metal.
    Asides, Dynas hopefully remembers that he /can/ go through him if prudent]

    [He is completely unaware that the temperature drop is going to read like a serious Problem to any present Blood]
  20. Elouan Aurèle du Noix

    Elouan Aurèle du Noix The Chevalier of South Ylenn | 18+

    [........ any shirtless men in a three mile radius should happen to him, but alas, them happening at him is bad enough. Honestly Elouan would probably look quite a bit put upon by the fact his amazing display of martial prowess is being ignored, if anyone could see his face.]

    [It hurts so fucking bad and he hates all of this but also he's pretty sure he's too far in to fucking back down now, SO THIS IS HOW HE DIES APPARENTLY.]
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