SPR After Party 3 - To Be Named When Less Drunk

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. Issala Surana

    Issala Surana Resting Binch Face

    Oh, nobody worships the Old Gods anymore. Especially not with the Blights, although it's unclear if they somehow caused them or are as much victims of them as everyone else. There's only 3 left, anyway, and if I'm lucky that will soon be 2.
  2. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Sure thing. I'd be happy to trade more if you can think of something else.
  3. Curiosity

    Curiosity New Member

    [Look, this spirit has no time for panic attacks. Only Knowledge Here. They nod.] If you have more questions, we can try to answer!

    Oh, we can usually think of more questions, but we're even now. Unless you have more, it just wouldn't be fair.
  4. Àedàn Cadash

    Àedàn Cadash Stone, Silver and Soul | 18+

    True that. Hopefully not too quick, would make the world poorer if y'died too soon.

    Ehh, not really. For one the Chantry is trying to disavow any association with me. Tough luck, that, what with the end of the world being on and the Inquisition being the only organization capable to stop it.
    I'll figure out how to get out of it once the big threat is over. Probably. I have to do paperwork now, it's painful. I'm too beautiful for desk work.
    [He suffers so. Dramatically aggrieved is a perfectly reasonable light conversational tone.]

    Yeah, place's like that. Makes it a very safe space for sparring too.

    Right? It's great. And no need to thank me, pup, you look like you need a bit of calm and quiet and juice.

    [The gesture is enthusiastically returned with very inappropriate flourishes added on.]
  5. A Saarebas

    A Saarebas Protector. Companion. Danger. | 18+

    You are people. Being kind to people means you have to be kind to yourself too.
    [He repeats it very slowly, like he is explaining something to a child.]
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  6. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    [Maikel laughs and makes a different rude gesture. This ishow you make friends, right?]

    ...Maybe I don't want to be kind to myself. What then?

    I still shouldn't have shouted. Sorry.

    Even their own high priests don't!
  7. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    -It's not a scolding or a pitying. It's not really anything she can pin a name on beyond 'objective observation'. That is much of the professor's talk.-

    Thank you for your concern, my teacher. However I must insist that I am indeed fine.

    So you are hunting them then it sounds like. At least if my guess is to prove correct. Is it?

    Another matter is that 'the Blights' are not something I am familiar with. Is that the name of an epidemic in your world?

    ...you want to answer my questions?

    -Edelgard is not used to people being so...forward in their wanting to answer questions. Nor as enthusiastic.-

    'Pup' seems a tad... -No. No. He is being kind right now and she really does not need to start another scene. It is best to simply ensure the calm first. One can return to being an emperor later.-

    Calm and quiet would be greatly appreciated for the time being, yes. For that matter I am asleep as well, and sleep is supposed to be a time of rest. It would do me no good to run myself ragged in my sleep and lack energy for the next day. As heir to the Empire and leader of the Black Eagle House there is a great deal resting upon my shoulders and my example.

    -Talk of her duties soothes her nerves further. Duty is easy to fall back into. It is the foundation of the mask.-

    Nor should have I. We seem to be running in circles of apologies at this point, however. Perhaps we could set them aside with introductions and a proper start? -Emperor apparent or not she bows to Maikel- I am Edelgard von Hresvelg, heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire and student of the Officer's Academy at Garreg Mach.
  8. Uallach Eisner

    Uallach Eisner Just a teacher

    Huh. So the world is ending. -Very flat tone at that. She does seem shocked though. Just a slight widening of the eyes-

    But the Chantry is concerned with disavowing you? Those seem damn fool priorities. -Her tone is still very flat, but her father's speech patterns rub off in certain areas. She also shakes her head seemingly in disbelief- It is the end of the world.

    -Now this. This does get something of a reaction from her as well. A very slight perking of the brow.-

    You could spar with live steel? Without harm?

    If you insist.

    -She didn't seem terribly fine earlier but she seems to be calming down at the moment. And as her father has told her before it is best to let the panicked calm themselves down and move at their own pace. Best to get things under control.-
  9. Issala Surana

    Issala Surana Resting Binch Face

    Epidemic is... too light a word. It's an infectious magical phenomena that first appeared 1,224 years ago, when the creatures known as darkspawn first appeared from underground, located the sleeping Old God Dumat, and corrupted him with their touch. He rose in a blighted, twisted form and led an army of darkspawn in a rampage that lasted approximately 300 years. To make matters worse, the blight, the taint that the darkspawn carry, is, well... toxic and poisonous as well as infectous. Many people who contract it die painfully in a relatively short time, but it lingers in some, allowing it to unfortunately spread. Furthermore, it's effects aren't limited to just humans, elves, and dwarves. It poisons land and taints animals as well. My own dog nearly died of it, but he pulled through and I'm... if he was infectous I don't imagine they'd have suggested giving him to me.

    Anyway. The darkspawn have been around since then, but normally they stick underground and try to reach the Old Gods. The underground roads and cities of the dwarven empire were quite extensive, and almost all of it is darkspawn territory now. If they can successfully locate and touch an Old God, an archdemon rises, and things get even worse. There's been 3 Blights since the first, and I suspect I'm in the beginning of the Fifth.

    -She sighs.-

    So, no, I want buried gods to stay buried, since apparently the ones left are isolated or in tricky enough positions the darkspawn haven't reached them in a thousand years, but if there's an archdemon I want it dead as quickly as possible.
  10. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    Thank you, professor.

    Given what you have described to me wanting it to stay asleep is most sensible. As is wanting it dead as soon as possible were it to be disturbed. I would hazard to guess that assaulting one in its sleep wouldn't be a sound plan? Eliminating the beasts before they were capable of waking seems like a fairly permanent solution to the 'archdemon' problem. Killing one seems no easy feat, however.

    -She thinks on this. Oh how she does love plotting things out.-

    No...With what you've described letting them 'stay buried' is likely the most sound option.

    These archdemons are why some suspect the dragons to be the source of the Blights, I presume?
  11. Issala Surana

    Issala Surana Resting Binch Face

    -She wiggles her hand.-
    There's also- mmm. A religious story, but it predates the actual prophetess of the religion? Hard to explain without the full context.

    If the remaining Old Gods are sealed away so securely the darkspawn can't breach their location, then I don't think we should disturb that containment. It'd be smarter to set a defensive perimeter and monitor the situation, wouldn't it? I'm not an expert, but...
  12. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    Religion has a habit of being difficult to explain the origins of its 'histories'. -Her tone is ever so slightly dismissive with that last word- I will respect this difficulty, however. It sounds like a matter that would take a great deal of time describing to me. There is very little that I know of your world and a church of a sufficiently large size has very expansive roots.

    As for the Old Gods and their containment...You do raise a point. I suppose I merely worry of sleeping threats awakening. If they live then there always remains the threat of them being discovered by these darkspawn or some other such foe. Were they exterminated then that problem could not possibly arise as there would be no high dragons to turn into archdemons. Worries or no one mustn't act with undue haste, which I believe my suggestion may well be given how little I know of your situation.

    Again, this is entirely contingent on their being able to be safely secured and killed. Were one to escape the likelihood of their being found would raise a great deal. To say nothing of the havoc such a creature might wreck regardless of any taint.
  13. Issala Surana

    Issala Surana Resting Binch Face

    ...you know, I'm not actually sure if they were sealed away by an outside force or if it's like, a weird dragon thing.
    -She shrugs.-
    Either way, I'd rather they just stay down there, but if someone found where they were, surely it'd be good to keep an eye on them to make sure they stay asleep.
  14. Curiosity

    Curiosity New Member

    It's what we do! Answer questions, ask questions. We don't know everything yet, but we do know quite a bit!
  15. Àedàn Cadash

    Àedàn Cadash Stone, Silver and Soul | 18+

    [... now whatever Aedan is gesturing just seems increasingly anatomically improbable]

    Can I just say you are much too pretty and smart to be heir of anything. Being an heir is troubling work. They'll make you frown, and we just can't have that.

    Well, my world's ending, dunno about yours. And yeah, it's a bit dumb, but it's the chantry, who's surprised really? Cloudgazers get the weirdest conniptions sometimes. [His voice goes into an exaggerated french accented falsetto, clearly mocking] "Oh but he's a dwarf he can't be our blessed Lady's herald!" "I heard he ripped a guy's throat out with his teeth once! A barbarian!" "His pants are much too tight to be proper! I will swoon momentarily, just you see!"
    [He rolls his eyes, dropping the affect]
    's all a mess. At least my Lover's not doing any of that kind of worshipping, if you get my meaning.
    [Eyebrow waggles]

    I'd assume so, yeah, but I've never tried. I like a good spar as much as the next man, but without my cousin here to admit defeat simperingly, is it really fun at all?
  16. A Saarebas

    A Saarebas Protector. Companion. Danger. | 18+

    [blankly] Then I will sit on you until you cease being a fool. Fools who say mean things go in the brig. Even if they only say the mean things to themselves.
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  17. Issala Surana

    Issala Surana Resting Binch Face

    What if the brig doesn't help?
  18. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    I'm Lord Inquisitor Maikel Lavellan. Not the Herald of Andraste, no matter what some people say.

    You're going to have to teach me that one, because I'm running out of rude signs for when I'm fighting Venatori.

    ...I'm not being a fool. Maybe this is how I'm kind to myself.
  19. A Saarebas

    A Saarebas Protector. Companion. Danger. | 18+

    Then he will at least be unable to do worse to himself.

    Asit tal-eb. Poisoning yourself is rarely kind. You need your body in working order to fulfil your purpose.
  20. Àedàn Cadash

    Àedàn Cadash Stone, Silver and Soul | 18+

    That's always a risk, eh? I ran out of the good ones maybe a week in, now I have Bull teach me more really really gross and naughty ones. Varric's also got a few good things up his sleeves, not just caltrops.
    [He repeats the gesture, somewhat slower, but with more flourishes, somehow]
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