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SPR After Party 4 - A Rave In Wine

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Sylvia Hawke

    Sylvia Hawke Going Places | 18+

    Weeeeeeeell, I wouldn't say no to wrestling with you, but I'd wager I could take you on. I mean I've killed a bigger dragon'n you before.
    [She winks]
    Either way, doubt you'd murder me, even if you were to try.
    Alistair as in His Majesty, High Teyrn Alistair Theirin?
    [She whistles]
    Heard he's a bit of a dumbass, didn't know he's enough of a dumbass to drag a dalish who doesn't want to go to denerim.

    Stop poking it, honey, you'll get it infected, you don't know where your hands've been.
  2. Asaaranda Adaar

    Asaaranda Adaar Girl Shaped Thunderstorm | 18+

    Mh. I suppose. How does a mage end up a writer, though?
  3. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    Anytime, long'sit comes back. [Samahl does finish it off-- for now, at least, dream logic being what it is.]

    Alistair as in Grey Warden, royal bastard in every sense but no title to speak of Alistair apparently-Theirin, yeah. He's prob'ly my best friend left alive, but he can be such a fuckin' shem sometimes. 'Two elves, an apostate, an'a fuckin Qunari walk into Denerim's the start of a massacre, not a joke, but here we fuckin' are. Was bad enough last time, but now we gotta tell Loghain we're here? [Ah look, there's more ritewine! Miracles. Disgusting, mind-numbing miracles.] This Eamon fuck wants us dead, I'm tellin' ya.
  4. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    Nobody thinks magic exists in my time, and I find writing lets me keep the hours I like. Money isn’t an issue for the moment, so that frees me up to write as much as I like without regard for the expenses of life piling up.
  5. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    Rules around the rules! How rebellious of you all. Does seem like it's more of a danger to skirt them, though. Nails in kneecaps? I'm not sure if it'd be better for that to be literal or not...

    ...so you did not know you were a Sacrifice until recently then? If I am understanding right.
  6. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    -The Gautier mission is done. Many things are done. Many. But the archbishop may get scent of her track this month if they are all not careful. The whole monastery, her class included, are hunting down one of her men after all. Bother it all. Still the work needs doing...And sleeps need having. Unfortunately. She is honestly uncertain whether or not she prefers these excursions to her nightmares. Given the run in with Hel she may honestly be hedging her bets towards the nightmares. Funny that. At least the Professor shows as little sign of remembering the dreams as she does...Still...And there is the manner of the man who channeled the divinity. Oh, what could he have remembered from that whole affair. She really must be more careful.-

    -These thoughts heavy on her mind Edelgard steps through the rave.-
  7. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    I know exactly where my hands have been. If there's infection, I'll burn it out.

    You're a writer? What do you write? Are you part cat? [EXCITE.]
  8. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    About a decade now, give or take. My name appeared when I was ten, but I didn't attend the Academy until I was fourteen. Most Fighters have their names appear by five or six, unless they're blanks, but there's other ways to spot them then.

    Whether the nails are literal or not has a great deal more to do with the Fighter casting them than their target. But no, it's not a terribly pleasant experience.
    [His tail sways lazily.] I am not part cat, but I am a writer, yes. I write romance novels, mostly within contemporary settings though I'm beginning to think that a fantasy book wouldn't go awry.
  9. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    Do you have any of your books with you? If you're not part cat, why do you have ears and a tail? And can I touch your ears?
  10. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    It's in sore need of editing, but I have a draft for one here. The tail, like the ears, is an innate trait of all of us are born with where I'm from, and are lost upon engaging in sexual intercourse. If you touch my ears, I will break your fingers, one for each; if this is an equivocal deal in your eyes, you may feel perfectly free to do so. [He smiles charmingly.]

    Any other questions?
  11. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    So not understanding right then. It's a matter of them just not noticing you until later then. Like the occasional commoner who is discovered to have a Crest later in life and picked up by a noble family. Sort of? Maybe. You can certainly get sent off to an academy if you're discovered that way. -There is a touch of resentment in her voice at that. But only a hint.-

    ...and that sounds. Let's just agree to not bother with ranking those in terms of horribleness. They both sound atrocious.
  12. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    Can I touch your tail instead?
  13. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    -Edelgard draws a hand to her chin as she ponders these matters. If the Professor only remembers things in here then that is...Well, it's not fine but it is workable. At the very least she will not know anything while awake. That is a huge if still, though the experiments (or rather, the failure of them) do seem to be pointing in the direction of this being the case. The unfortunate thing is that the Professor can still...Talk to her. Here. And then there is Matt who isn't involved at all. He's a stranger really. More so than the Professor who is scampering about asking about Seteth's younger sister. Urgh...-

    -As she walks up to the group she thinks of a table. A nice table, perfect for tea, with a dainty cloth and everything. She takes a seat and the pot of bergamot appears before her, already prepared just right. It's the pot the Professor owns. Not the fanciest thing in the world. Honestly, she'd probably pick something else herself. But it is the pot that comes to mind. As she pours herself a cup she looks about the crowd and sees...An elf...Some sort of person with horns...Dorothea? AND A CAT. Person? Boy? He certainly has cat ears. And a tail. But he is otherwise A Person. oh my. Edelgard sets the pot down carefully as she examines this, worries temporarily thrown off kilter by the sight of CAT BOY. Who knew people could be cats. What does this mean. Why is she not in a world where she too can be a cat person? These are important inquiries she asks herself as she dumps entirely too much sugar into her tea. Milk too of course. She stirs and she stares.-
  14. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    Something like, if I'm grasping the gist of what a Crest is. Would I be wrong to assume that is in some way connected to magic? It does run in families, to one degree or another, and there's seven family lines that make up Septimal Moon who have also thrown either Fighters or Sacrifices, even if it's not in every generation.
    There are three phalanges for each finger and twenty caudal vertebrae in my tail. It would be a more direct bone-to-bone transaction then. [He props his chin on one fist, still perfectly lazy and content.]
    [Ah, finally someone with taste, if not manners. He gives her a nod of acknowledgement, his own table still a clutter of objects for editing. There's a pack of cigarettes next to his cup of coffee that wasn't there a moment ago.]
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  15. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    They're not the same as magic, per se, though they can have an effect on it. Some Crests boost the destructive force of black magic and so on. But they can also enhance other qualities too and they're not really bound by the same rules as magic. If they were I couldn't practice magic; I don't have a Crest. I can though so I can do things like...this! -A small red circle coalesces above her hand in the air, ringed with letters and symbols. And from that circle sprouts a red flame.- It takes a bit of focus, especially early on as you're learning. After a point it gets to be second nature.

    Also I'm going to guess Septimal Moon isn't the name of a month. Sorry, it's what we call them where I'm from. We're in Horsebow Moon right now.
  16. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    -Oh! He noticed. That was not intended. Oh dear. Her face retains the same enigmatic smile it had before but she does turn a bit red from embarrassment. She's been staring and that's just a bit rude. She notes the sudden aroma of coffee though. It makes her think of Hubert. Now to make this not awkward.-

    Good evening, there. I see you're a fan of coffee. -She nods towards the cup- A unique taste. A friend of mine might call it 'refined', but the nobility hasn't yet taken to it where I am from.

    -She is still rather focused on the ears. Oh they move and everything!-
  17. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    You're not really dissuading me, here.
  18. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    Ah, so even closer to true names than I first thought. That's very interesting indeed. Septimal Moon is the leadership of the organization by the same name--they run the Seven Voices Academy and in practice, have the major say in regards to rules by which Named teams operate.

    How long have you studied magic?
    [One ear flicks.] Yes. I'm not overfond of sweet things, so coffee's absolutely perfect for my tastes, and it's often stronger than tea. I know it's not to most people's taste, especially black, but it works for me. An unsweetened latte is one of my favorite things.

    What's your name?
    As I said, if you find the exchange to be profitable, than please, feel free to touch. [He smiles wider.] I would certainly enjoy that very much.
  19. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    [Maikel shrugs and goes for it. He's gonna pet the catboy tail.]
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  20. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    [It's downy soft, light rabbit fur or kitten fluff, and just long enough to slide between Maikel's fingers. He makes no move to pull his tail away, but after a moment, he holds one hand out in clear command.]
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