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SPR After Party 4 - A Rave In Wine

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    Oh, Edie! I thought that voice was familiar. I see you've met my new friend here. Hideaki? -She looks to him to confirm she said it properly.-

    They're fairly rare where I'm from too, so that's another similarity to jot down. Rare, carried in bloodlines, for life, have some sort of effect on magic...Crests aren't a thing that connects you to another person, though. They're just funny little quirks people are born with. Or if you want to take the Church's stance on matters 'Gifts of the Goddess'. Rewards for your ancestors defeating evil gods in the past. -She waves a hand while saying that, indicating that she thinks that's all rather silly. And she does. Gifts of the Goddess. If they're gifts then maybe the Goddess would have done better to gift the nobility with some humility!-

    Returning to the other bit...That's definitely not the same kind of moon! A very different sort. Can't really say off the top of my head what that would correlate to where I'm from, if anything. I don't know enough about the topic. The Church of Seiros does run the Officer's Academy from it's headquarters at Garreg Mach, though, and most people get into the academy by way of noble birth. Commoners can sneak their way in via other means. Patronage from a noble family or even being adopted, like I said. Most are left to the mercy of the entrance exams though and chances are if you're a commoner you aren't learned enough to pass those. I mean, a lot of people can't even read! Only reason I can is I was picked up by an opera company. -She shrugs about that like it's no big deal.- Bit easier to learn performances if your singers can read scripts.
  2. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    -!!!!!!! The ear flick. She hides the mounting excite as best she can.-

    Oh? I've got something of a sweet tooth. -She says before taking a sip of her tea. Hmm. Not sweet enough. She frowns about that and adds Even More Sugar and stirring it in. The irony of this hits her.- ...more than a bit of one, admittedly. Though now that you've mentioned it, I have not tried sweetening coffee. I simply frowned at the taste and told Hubert that I don't think I would be up to finishing the cup. Nor am I certain what a 'latte' is?

    As for names, apologies I should have shared earlier. Edelgard von Hresvelg, heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire.

    Dorothea! It's a surprise seeing you here. Though not an unwelcome one. -It is kind of unwelcome. But at least Dorothea is...She's nice.-
  3. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    Hideaki, yes. It's fascinating the number of similarities there are, especially when they differ so strongly otherwise. I'm not surprised the structure of the academy is different though, and your training besides, given the other cultural difference. You joined the officers academy out of the opera--was there a reason why, or was it simply because the life of the starlet didn't appeal anymore?
    A latte, of cafe au lait, is a drink that is equal parts coffee and cream, and one can add sweetener to it as well. I typically get mine with an espresso base rather than a simple drip-brew coffee base, but the latter is typically less strong. If you like, I could make one for you--my Fighter has something of a sweet tooth as well, so I've gotten very familiar with the process.

    That's a rather impressive title. As your friend said, I'm Hideaki. Only an author, I'm afraid.
  4. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    [Maikel immediately sticks his right hand out for Hiroshi to grab.]
  5. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    [With the same delicacy that he might handle a fragile art piece, he takes Maikel's hand. Then, with sudden and vicious brutality, he grabs the forefinger and yanks it, snapping the joint out of place and then a little bit further.] That's one. How many more would you like?
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  6. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    A surprise on my end too! Which begs the question...Are you the real Edie or just a dream Edie I've made up? I guess you'd say you were real either way, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Good, I remembered then. Wouldn't do to forget now when you've been so nice. Also...strawberry? -She holds out the bowl for him to grab from.- Life is strange like that sometimes. Similarities can be found even when things seem entirely different on the outset. Happens with cultures in my world, so makes sense it would with ones across realities.

    As for that other question... -She grins and looks up at the ceiling for a short moment as she thinks on how to word things.- I'm very pretty now wouldn't you say? My voice too? -For demonstration she begins singing another verse from the song she had been when she walked into the rave.-
  7. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    -She nods listening to this description.-

    Ah, yes. Honestly, that sounds like it would handle the issues I have with the taste. Potentially. Hmm. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try, so I'll take you up on your offer. Thank you. Sincerely. -She nods her head.- I do think the favor needs to be repaid, however. Would you care for something? A muffin perhaps?

    -She holds up a hand and nods no. She does so detest being treated above the rest of the world. And yet she mentions it every time...-

    It is but a title. Please. Authors provide their own services, after all. Without writers where would the books an emperor reads be?

    ...that is a bit of a strange question to be asking. But, yes, I can say that I am the real Edelgard. As far as I'm aware.
  8. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    No, thank you. I do appreciate the offer though.

    [He tips his head, considering her question.] Your voice is absolutely lovely, and aesthetically speaking, you're a beautiful woman, yes. I'm afraid I have little interest in you otherwise. You wanted to be more than a beautiful bauble?
    Still trapped in the heads of those who would otherwise write them, I suppose. Are you a magical adept as well? Dorothea has been telling me some things of your world, but I've no idea what the governance of it is.

    [As he speaks, a small pot of coffee appears on the table, along with pitcher of warmed milk. He makes a cup for her, mixing in several spoons of sugar in with the coffee before blending it with the milk. Just for looks, he adds a little milk foam and a swirl of caramel before handing it over to Edelgard.] Try that. I'm not terribly hungry right now, but I may request a muffin later.
  9. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    Well, I guess that solves the grand mystery of whether or not any of this is real. For the time being, at least.

    Sure thing! Just wanted to ask. Seemed right.

    It's less that and more, well, think of a rose. A rose is only beautiful so long. They wilt over time. My voice and my looks are superb now, but they won't be forever and I'm not a noble. So... -She trails off impishly for a moment. In part because the whole thing is just a tiny bit shameful to discuss, really.- It's best I find someone to marry now. Before I wilt.
  10. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    Ah. I understand now. Given the circumstances of my comfortable living situation, I can hardly blame you. It's quite impressive that you managed to enroll, from what you've told me. I can only hope your ambitions succeed.
  11. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    Precisely. And that wouldn't do for anyone, emperor or no. We need authors. -She smiles his way.- As far as magic is concerned, I have an aptitude for it. At least where the destructive side of matters is concerned. -She frowns a bit.- I'm afraid I am lacking in terms of healing. Always seems much more sensible to solve the problem before it gets to the point of needing healing.

    And she has, has she? -She looks Dorothea's way briefly before turning her gaze back to Hideaki.- The governance of our world is a complicated matter. Fódlan alone consists of three nations, after all. To say nothing of our island neighbors. I am a bit curious as to why this is being connected to magic, however?

    -She nods her head in thanks as she takes the cup- Thank you, again. -She holds it up and takes in the smell of the drink. That is certainly coffee. Oh but there is cream now and caramel! She takes a testing sip of the drink and...Oh! Oh my! The bitterness is mostly dead but there's still a distinctly not tea taste to things that is pleasant! She smiles at the flavor.- It's certainly not my favored bergamot, but this is a delight. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    And you are sure you are not hungry? If not then that is fine. Still, everything here is free for the taking if you so desire. -And there are many things. Sweets and pastries in abundance.-

    Ah. You were trying to figure out the nature of this place then. Not such a strange question in retrospect then.
  12. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    It's real an' not real both, 's fuckin' bullshit is what it is. Fade bullshit. [Drunken elf... attempts to help? Possibly?]
  13. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    I sure hope they do! Not sure what's left for me if they don't! That's a bit depressing though, so let's talk about something else. You have a Fighter?

    And that there has just made this all more confusing. Though in a way I accept this answer more than just 'It's real.' Easier to just have it exist in the realm of wobbly indecision. Fits better with the romance of a dream.
  14. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg


    -That is...very crude. She will not say as much but. Hrmph.-

    A...fair assessment. It's certainly frustrating at times.

    I suppose that's one way of describing it. Not one I'd agree with. I prefer things be a bit more solid.
  15. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    Merely a passing consideration of it, given certain similarities in bits of pieces of the magic in our world. As I said, I'm an author. I have an insatiable desire to learn things and then break them into pieces for the novels I work on. It was just a subject we happened on.

    I'm glad you enjoy it more like this. I suspected you might, given how much sweetness you added to your tea, but I know it's also not always easy to try something again when the first experience was so poor. But no, I'm not hungry. I'm never hungry in dreams, curiously enough.
    I do. He's a few years older than I am, but age differences in teams are not uncommon. He works with money, so we have plenty of it, and he's gentle as a lamb. Won't even touch meat, because he feels terribly about the idea of hurting an animal, even from a distance.

    Let me show you. [A second later, a moving image of a man appears at his shoulder. He's tall and lean, with lavender eyes and messy black hair, round glasses perched on his nose. It's clear that he dresses with an eye to elegance, not unlike Hideaki and his sweaters, but there's a faint air of dishevelment to him anyways, and he's missing the cat ears and tail.]
  16. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    It don't, like, it don't follow you out, see? Stays here when you wake, mostly. But forgettin' somethin' don't mean it didn't happen. An' you can just walk right in awake if you know how. I sure fuckin' don't, but it's possible.

    [Squint. He knows human disapproval when he sees it, and gestures derisively with the ex-wine bottle.] Call it like I see it, lady. Bullshit dressed up all pretty's still bullshit.
  17. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    Oh, Edie. Wording things like that is going to get you in trouble one of these days.

    You are a bit particular about things like that though, aren't you? Huh.

    Ah. Hmm. I guess I had assumed you'd be the same age. Like twins? Maybe. He's certainly got a charm to him...Looking like he just got out of bed. -She says that with sincerity, not mockery. It's nice being reminded that people are human and messy hair can add to that at times.- Though if he's as gentle as you say that sounds a bit unfortunate for him given that he's a Fighter...

    What's his name? Or is that too personal to ask.

    Huuuuuuh. So I won't remember any of this when I wake up. That sounds a bit awkward. Nice in a way though? Dangerous too though! Imagine what sort of mischief one can get up to with the knowledge that they won't remember it when they wake.

    Walking in here while awake sounds a bit odd though. Are you sure they aren't sleep walking? Sleep talking?
  18. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    It's common enough for teams to be close in age, but the only instances of Sacrifices and Fighters that are exactly the same age are the artificially manufactured ones. There's no rhyme or reason to which partner is older, though.

    [He smiles, a little wistfully.] It is terrible for him, yes. That's why he's not responsible for anything he does. I am the one in control. He's merely an extension of my will. That makes him no longer culpable. It helps.
  19. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    ...No chance you have more stashed somewhere, right?

    As- ow- many as you said was fair.
  20. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    Eh... [He gestures again, more aimlessly while he tries to string words together.] Pretty damn sure, yeah. Ain't done it here yet, but all the other thin places, yeah. Oblivion, Beyond, Rave, whatever, 'sall interdimensional magic bullshit. I don't do magic, I just fall in it.

    Anybody who got space to carry eighty fuckin' bottles don't make ritewine, mate, sorry.
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