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SPR After Party 4 - A Rave In Wine

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    I do like a man who holds true to a deal.
    [With a similar casual air, he breaks two more of Maikel’s fingers, then taps the knuckle of his pinky finger before dropping the hand.]

    Was it worth it?
  2. Edelgard

    Edelgard Heir Hresvelg

    Fair point. Dorothea there mines life for opera in a similar fashion. Not being an artist myself I sometimes forget the impulse. So you are from another world as well... -She looks again at his ears. They are so fluffy...Do cat people also like them scratched??? That is a strange and untoward thought to have about a person...Still though. Cat ears- Though that much is obvious from the outset. On my side at least.

    And, well. It's difficult to try again, but when you made mention of it being sweet...that is a bit of a hard bargain to pass up, no? For myself. Even in dreams it's something of a comfort, as well as a social exercise. Sharing food with others builds bonds, so the reasoning goes.

    -Ah. He noticed then. She continues smiling regardless and keeps her tone measured.- Be that as it may I do have a name, sir. I'm sure you do as well?

    What? -What has she stepped in this time. Her face reddens somewhat as she looks on at Dorothea. Will her teasing ever cease?-
  3. Dorothea Arnault

    Dorothea Arnault A rose with thorns

    Artificially manufactured? You can make them? That...hmm. -She pauses and looks up as she thinks about how that would even work...- It runs in the bloodline though you said?

    And there you go again with those very interesting descriptions. Seems like a fun thing for play, but I'm not sure it would be for...work? I'm not sure what it is you consider what you do, come to think of it. Never really thought about what the fights would even be for. Hmm. Still a total loss of will seems, well, just a bit extreme. Whatever the stakes may be.

    Huuuuuh. So there are a lot of...these. Worlds and in-between places.

    And if this is what magic is like for you then it seems a bit unpleasant to just fall into it. Doesn't sound like there's much choice there.

    Oh you...I'll explain later maybe.
  4. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Samahl. You?

    Eh, mostly magic's fire an' curses an' shit, I just got bad luck.
  5. Sylvia Hawke

    Sylvia Hawke Going Places | 18+

    Oh ick, Heard about Loghain. All fuckin' wound like a rope 'bout Orlesians and war and independence. Blech.
    [She sticks her tongue out dramatically]
    Behead him again for me. And you know, keep your own head, would be a shame if anything happened to it.

    [Asaaranda and wolf have apparently disappeared but resident anemic goblin looks interested as hell]
    Oh you're a writer, I have it on good authority that writers make the best friends. What's it for you, biographies? Crime Serials? Smut? I have to admit I do so adore Varric's damned romances, he's much better at 'em than he wants to admit. Well I say his romances, he seems to be able to fit unlikely sex scenes in just about everything he does. His romances juts have more of it and more feelings and dramatic declarations I can do voices for.
    You write so it's fun to read it with the voices, right?

    I don't even know for sure and I'm pretty sure there's no fire in the world that could burn that out. How're you still so cute if that's what you do with all your cuts? Or do they usually tie you up to administer healing?
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  6. Pretty Lavinia

    Pretty Lavinia RP, 18+!

    Well that sounds a little drastic.
    -a gremlin for the gremlin horde. Not quite as overdressed this time, the semi body armour leather pieces are still there, but it looks beat up and well used, as do her combat boots)
  7. Sylvia Hawke

    Sylvia Hawke Going Places | 18+

    I don't know drastic from my dirty toes, but I get all knife and staff privileges revoked when I faint these days, because Anders doesn't know what fun is, and is also a massive fucking hypocrit.
    [She is leered at a little. Because of course she is.]
  8. Pretty Lavinia

    Pretty Lavinia RP, 18+!

    -snrk- Ok I think I´m with whoever Anders is there. Fainting is bad.
    -the leer gets her a warning glare- Touch, and I break your hands.
  9. Sylvia Hawke

    Sylvia Hawke Going Places | 18+

    I'm married, honey, but looking doesn't cost you anything but an eye, and I mentioned earlier my eyes aren't what they once were.
    Anyways I only fainted a little. And he is a workaholic and that's almost as bad.
  10. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    I am indeed. While there do appear to be a few overlapping ones, yourself and Dorothea for one, the elves another, there's been several discrete worlds that I've observed so far. It's very interesting. The shared dreams I've had up until this moment have all been hostile in nature.

    Food does have that effect, doesn't it? I'm glad I could indulge that bondbuilding at least somewhat. Even if sweet things aren't to my taste, I know enough about them.
    There's been two teams made thus far, both sharing the same true name: Zero. Both, as I'm given to understand via the gossip grapevine, are adept enough but otherwise considered failures. Their creator designed them to feel no pain, but the knock on effects have been... odd. The true name is one of them. Apparently they're somewhat ineffective against an appropriately forewarned and trained team as well. I have no idea the science involved in their creation, but it seems to go a bit odd alongside the magic.

    [He smiles, still fond, and the image of his Fighter disappears.] I suppose it is, but I enjoy the control. And he takes a great deal of relief in shucking the guilt for his actions. Blameless, remember? All things come back to the name, eventually.
    [Already, Sylvia is a Lot. He considers her with a sideways look.] I write romances, standalones. I don't have the patience for serials, nor do I have the desire to try and make something coherent of the events from one book to another. I can't say I often write smut though--though should you like to add it in yourself, you may feel free.

    You may also feel free to dub in whatever voices you so choose. I'm not entirely certain I write 'fun' enough things for it to sound good, but you may do so.
  11. Sylvia Hawke

    Sylvia Hawke Going Places | 18+

    [He grins, whiskey golden eyes glinting with glee]
    I can work with a lot of things, and I'm great at doing voices. And is that a free pass for me to write fanfiction because honestly you shouldn't give me that power I'm a terrible writer, just truly, truly awful and I'm far too easily entertained.
    [She props her chin on her palm giving him a long look from sloppily kohl lined eyes]
    Never had the desire to see where something goes beyond the constraint of a single adventure? Or do you like killing characters off too much to have enough of a cast left by the end of the book? I mean I can't blame you, people have that annoying habit of dying, and frankly I'd probably be a lot better off if my story had ended oh, about 7 years ago?
  12. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    By all means, write as much fanfiction as you like. If you make enough of it, you can change the names and publish it yourself. Or so I'm told.

    [He looks amused.] I have an interest in what drive people, together or apart. I have absolutely no interest in the trappings of 'adventure', or what comes after the 'happily ever after'. Frankly, I know myself--I would bore my readers if I kept tearing their darlings apart only to push them back together again. At some point, it stops being a star-crossed romances and starts becoming an exercise in stupidity.
  13. This Treacherous Son

    This Treacherous Son Call me the Hunter | 18+

    -the Shittiest Couch appears first, somehow even shittier. Nico appears next, sprawled on it with his ever present cigarette- Interesting group we got this time.

    -he's shirtless under his jacket this time, his torso almost entirely scar tissue, the same long jagged ones visible before on his arms. There are a few fresh marks along his side, going out of view-
  14. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    I wanted t'just knife him, but the shemlen keep sayin' we can't. Fuckin' politics. I don't see why, he paid Crows for us, 'sonly fair.
  15. Pretty Lavinia

    Pretty Lavinia RP, 18+!

    Just so long as we understand each other. And I'm still with Anders, whoever he is. I wouldnt be allowed out of bed either if I kept eating shit.
    -she looks thoughtful-
    Guess I can see the appeal. Even if I made nearly the opposite choice, giving my collar to a bloody minded idealist.
    -unsuble curious look, only just this side of blatant sniff at the new guy-
    Politics'll give you a headache if you try to sort them out. So not worth it.
  16. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    ...The person who deals with that isn't around anymore. It doesn't matter, I'll be fine.

    Really, you only have the one? Every Grey Warden corpse or old camp I find has at least two bottles around.

    [Maikel holds his hand against his chest, a small expression of pain on his face.] I think- I think you could say that.
  17. Hiroshi Saitou

    Hiroshi Saitou [BLAMELESS]|18+

    Ah, well. I suspect it’s not a choice many would make—there are plenty of opinionated Fighters who have no intention of bowing and scraping for their Sacrifices, and plenty of Sacrifices appalled by that level of submission. But it works well for us.
    It’s a lovely expression on your face. We should do it again sometime. [He... literally slow blinks like a cat. That’s probably just a him thing.]
  18. Sylvia Hawke

    Sylvia Hawke Going Places | 18+

    You'd be surprised how many people are into stupidity. Why I'm a dashing fountain of it, and I can't leave the house without people fawning over me.
    [She grins]
    That's fun though. The playing with what makes people tick. Not entirely easy to figure out either, Elgar'nan knows I'm just terrible at being predictable.
    [She gestures vaguely with her bottle of wine, then belatedly holds it out to him]
    Drink? Feels fair given I'm asking holes in you.

    [Soft impressed whistle]
    You look like shit.

    Ughhhh politics. Just knife him anyways and to hell with everything else.

    You, lady, are no fun whatsoever.
    [It is said mock accusingly]
    There shall be a trial for your crimes of unfunnyness on the morrow.

    [She raises an eyebrow]
    No offense but y'don't look particularly fine. Wanna talk about it? Not like you can do much worse than muddy blood mage harrassing templars for attention.
  19. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    Yeah, I know, but here we fuckin' are anyway. 'Swhat I get for tellin' Alistair he's in charge now, fucker liked Orzammar.

    I've only got one. Ali's got his, an' if Oghren wants to lug a bag full'a glass around when were gettin' attacked every other night that's his lookout.

    Yeah, that's my plan. Just gotta find the right ambush, an' I doubt he'll walk right up to us again.
  20. Pretty Lavinia

    Pretty Lavinia RP, 18+!

    And people think I´m kept on a short leash. How´d you make that picture?

    Yeah no offense but if you put him in charge that´s your own damn fault. -grins- Should told him he´s only in charge of politics!

    Pff, S´in my job description, you can´t try me for doing my job! -consulting an imaginary piece of paper- Says right here, fancy ass showbitch, no fun, actually follows orders, better than you. -nods- Looks right to me!
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