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SPR After Party 4 - A Rave In Wine

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Integritas, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    [Maikel chugs for a Good While, then hands the bottle back to Samahl.] And then he just- vanished two days later!

    [He waves at the dragon.]
  2. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    [Samahl's pupils contract to thin slits, more obviously reptilian; he looks away, ears flat.]

    Breed, 'is name's Druillen. You're a little sharper'n normal dog, can't tell if it's actual wolf or just the magic playin' weird.

    Like a dragon, yeah, an' smoke an' fire an' all that mess.

    He didn't. What a bastard!
  3. Bane Miramar

    Bane Miramar Spicy Lizard

    [The tail flicks in his best imitation of a wave. There's a lot of people here he hasn't met before, but none of them seem overly concerned so he's apparently pleased by that.]

    I suppose that makes sense, yes. [Looks like an elf, but those eyes... hmm.] No need for alarm, I'm not prone to violence.
  4. Pretty Lavinia

    Pretty Lavinia RP, 18+!

    -she nods- Gotta nose full of smoke
    Probably the magic. An, y´know, I´m not an actual dog, unless I suddenly sprouted fur. -she is pacing around and sometimes in front of him, sometimes taking a detour to inspect Bane-
  5. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    [he pops back in and immediately comes to a dead stop, staring at the dragon]
  6. Bane Miramar

    Bane Miramar Spicy Lizard

    My apologies [He holds still for her to inspect. He's set himself at about the size of a horse right now, though his wings make him look larger, as do the occasional wisps of smoke around him]

    Hello. No need to be afraid, I'm harmless.
  7. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    He did. I wish- he could have just said something! I'd have done anything to help him!

    So... hi, ser dragon.
  8. This Treacherous Son

    This Treacherous Son Call me the Hunter | 18+

    Yes, her. And it's Nicomedes. Because our mother was a tasteless bitch.

    -well that sure is a dragon. He gets a short wave, a short flick of two fingers. Incidentally, the two holding his cigarette. Intentional? Hard to tell-
  9. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    [Matt falls back in sidewys, sees Bane and immediately limpets to him. Yes hello he's cold he just did something that left him smelling of a lot of blood, even though his clothes are seemingly pristine, if clammy. When spotting @Aodhan he freezes up for a Moment and time seems to do something wonky for a Moment] ah shit.
  10. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    Great. One less valid reason to fight. Thanks.

    An' I ain't actually a dragon. No scales or nothin'.

    I know, right? But no, gotta be a fuckin'-- seer or some shit, or a mind-reader.
  11. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    I'm not afraid. [he raises an eyebrow] And you're not harmless.
    [he gives an irritable little finflick] What.
  12. Pretty Lavinia

    Pretty Lavinia RP, 18+!

    -Do not pounce on the dragon, no matter how tempting he looks to wrassle-
    Ah, -one of those situations. She seems unsure how to proceed, and eventually gestures to his injuries while she´s close- So what´s the other guy look like?
    -She sneezes, then covers her face with her sleeve- JESUS you smell like a crime scene!
    No, you´re just dragon flavored. -she gives him a shit eating grin- Hows your strength compare to a human?
  13. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Nothing lover. Just didn't expect you here, you were quite awake when I saw you last [and a little bit covered in gore, too]

    Yeah tell me about it [He does invest a moment of focus though to try and make the smell go away] I just made one go away.
  14. Maikel Lavellan

    Maikel Lavellan absolute disaster | 18+

    [Apparently 100% sincerely:] Do you think it would have helped if I was?
  15. Sylvia Hawke

    Sylvia Hawke Going Places | 18+

    Hmmm a fun boss, then, that's great, I love that. I'm really good at being convincing, though.
    [She grins back.]

    [drawled in her swamp gremlin accent:] Red Jenny. Well, full name'a the group is 'Friends of Red Jenny'. They look out for people that need help because they keep getting stepped on. My cousin's one'a them, and there's another in Skyhold who I'm pretty sure is from Denerim.

    Oh you poor sod, has no one ever told you about fashion?
    [She shakes her head all despair.]

    I mean doesn't sound fine to me, neither now nor in the immediate future. Have you tried hiding? Does wonders for your survivablity. Also it's great for your skin.

    [The glass is filled with more elegance than her sloppy looks would suggest]
    Y'know, I used to think that? Turns out despair and terror and lust and shit's all the same for almost everyone, you just need to find the right lever to lean on. Not that I'd ever do such a thing.
  16. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    [he deflates a little, his initial irritability fading somewhat at how obviously exhausted matt is. as far as aodhan looks, he's wearing a fuzzy white fur coat in pristine condition, and doesn't seem to have a hint of blood on him anywhere else, in scent or otherwise]
    Well, I have to sleep sometimes, don't I? You look like you could use a little more of it.
  17. Samahl Mahariel

    Samahl Mahariel Disaster bi extraordinaire

    [He snorts, one ear flicking.] On par with any with the same trainin', really. We don't bulk up the same way, just get denser. I take it your dedication ain't just religious.

    Dunno, mate, all I know about your man is he's a bitch.

    [Earflick.] Maybe. Dunno if 'help me murder a dude who makes me wanna bite'is face off' counts, but worth keepin' an ear out for.
  18. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    [Yeah def the wrong timeline, or he'd know why he's so damn exhausted.] Yeah I know, wasn't on purpose [flop back against warm dragon surface just do it] like i said, just surprised.
  19. This Treacherous Son

    This Treacherous Son Call me the Hunter | 18+

    -there's another one of those too-wide smiles- They're gonna have to hire professionals to get the stains outta the floor.

    -cheerily- My apologies, I didn't know 'dumpster fire' was this season's in look.
  20. Not Your Chosen One

    Not Your Chosen One Is it pain, is it love 18+

    It wouldn't.
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