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  1. dky

    dky burnt toast

    @Handsome Goddamn Jack - TFTBL hologram H. Jack, doesn't know most events of borderlands 2, a roaring asshole, down for whatever
    @Totally Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2 Timothy Lawrence, H. Jacks literal body double, really sweet, legally obligated not to mention his real name, NS, NR
    @terminallyFridged - Homestuck post game fridge dwelling Gamzee, acts like pre!sober gamzee except he's less happy and more quiet, NS, NR (hes stuck in a fridge)
    @John Egbert - Homestuck post game John, sad egg boy : (, NS, NR
    @Anakin - Star Wars Clone Wars era Anakin, basically Anakin in Revenge of the Sith without the edge, NR, crushing on Obi-Wan
    @Morty - Rick and Morty Morty, not C-137's original morty but he doesn't know that, NS, NR
    @Rick C-137 - Rick and Morty C-137, roaring alcoholic asshole and narcissist, NR
    @Vampire Morty - Rick and Morty morty but he's a vampire ooooo~~, literally just morty but with the added fear of eating ppl, NS, NR
    @Robin - 16 y/o comic themed boy wonder, NS, NR
    @Hivebite - Transformer OC, decepticon/insecticon, only a decepticon bc his 'queen' shockcollar is, is literally an ant, NS, NR, he's in love with Shockcollar
    @Stallout - Transformer OC, ex-autobot defector, physical description here, he's an airhead who loves everything, NS, NR, dating Fleetwing
    @Fleetwing - Transformer OC, ex-decepticon defector, physical description here, he's got a stick in his ass, NS, NR, dating Stallout
    @Link - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link, mute, ready to fight calamity ganon rn, NS, NR
    @Pouncival - CATs musical boy, hyper boy who tends to get into accidents, NS
    @Cisco Ramon - CW's The Flash Cisco, science nerd who's here for a party and is tired of super heroes
    @Lawrence - my priest OC who's also possessed by a demon. NS, NR​
    @Five - an amalgamation of comic/tv five from TUA, more closely resembling the tv show. dating dolores. NS, NR
    @Dolores - just a mannequin. dating five. NS, NR

    will be updated if/when i get new rp accounts​
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  2. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors I'm sorry, I wasn't listening

    oh boy i never actually posted in here.

    @Jetski of Lake Depolito: cinnamon roll who's been a tour guide for literally a million years. Has two forms according to where he is in his timeline: this, for past, present and a decent stretch of the future Jetski, and this, for far-future Jetski. Best way to work out which he is if I'm not being clear is Does He Have A Tail Or Not. Smooches on @Life Support of Iacon and @Unicron, pale-fusspots at @Congessi, is bioparent to @Lord Polemarch and @Voidborn.

    @Twisty the Devil-Swan: Jetski's beloved pet, a ten-foot-tall juvenile water monster that resembles a swan built entirely out of tentacles, teeth and hatred.

    @Skydrop: an MTO Decepticon who deserted along with @Throttle, Sunshower and @Half Life. Turns into a predator drone. Usually dating or married to Sensorsweep, who is not subaccounted (or mine).

    @Throttle: MTO Decepticon who deserted along with @Skydrop, no-nonsense, clinical, vaguely terrifying. Dating at least one version of @Scanner. Turns into a motorcycle; is completely identical except for paintjob and optic colour to Sunshower, who doesn't have an account.

    @Primus: a from-no-particular-continuity version of the Transformer creator deity. Has difficulties with common decency and not being an immature little shit, but he's trying! Smooches on @Life Support of Iacon and @Unicron, bioparent to @Phaedrus Prime and @Hippolyta Prime, parent in the 'I created thee as a god' sort of way to @Vector Prime, @Megatronus Prime, @Quintus Prime, @Amalgamous Prime, @Alchemist Prime and the rest of the Thirteen.

    @Aerobolt of Vos: TF OC based on a Concorde, every time I put him in here he seems to find a way to trigger himself. Is, in an alternate universe to DT, trined with @Refractor of Vos and @Officer Whiz and has at least three kids, none of whom are (yet) subaccounted.

    @Fidelis: a TF OC again, used to be the sword of Adaptus, now bonded to Ivy's @Armory of Alyon, speaks in wingdings to represent Old Cybertronian/Primal Vernacular, a massive brat.

    @Rage of Tribe Megatronus: also bonded to Armory, is the giant fuckoff cannon Galvatron used to kill Nexus Prime way back when (definitely noncanon). Speaks in weird curly font to indicate an older language than Neocybex but less old than Old Cybertronian, which I believe @Loq named Ultimal. Sulky. A little bitter.

    @Ghost!Pocket: from Divisiun. Dead. Haunting Ivy's @Sunburner of Devisiun, whom he used to date. Looks like someone sliced a magpie in half sort of diagonally and stuck it to a robot; one arm has feather kibble, his feet are birdy and he has a birdy tail. His dead and non-subaccounted twin Pick had the other half of the bird going. Morbid as fuck.

    @Hippolyta Prime: the robopreg daughter of @Life Support of Iacon and @Primus and the new Matrix. Definitely noncanon. She's the oldest of her siblings but I only ever put her in as a small child because she's more fun that way. Everyone's favourite Brat Princess.

    @Phaedrus Prime: the robopreg son of @Life Support of Iacon and @Primus and the new Well of All Sparks, also very noncanon. Is Busy, since he's a medic on top of managing the dead due to be reincarnated; tends towards either flustered or grumpy. Sorta-secretly dating @Voidborn, is flustered about it all the time forever.

    @Quintus Prime: my very non-canon version of the Transformers demigod. Responsible for my also noncanon Transformers colony of Obrizon. As @Loq once put it, 'hyperfocused himself into Science Jail' so he was a very absent god, albeit not entirely of his own doing. REALLY bad ADHD, does not think before he does, and in possession of an artifact that comes the closest to Primus in being able to create life. You can see how this is occasionally a problem. Loves all life unconditionally. Kind of erratic spades with @Amalgamous Prime.

    @Retort: 80ft Spinosaurus dinobot, absurdly huge even by Transformers standards. Poorly socialised and uninclined to do anything that doesn't align with her own desires, but also endlessly curious, very intelligent and intensely motherly. Robodiamonds with one version of @Scanner.

    @Canopy of Lake Depolito: From the same fleet of pedalboats as Jetski, and as such looks and sounds completely and utterly identical to him in his pedalboat shape- the literal only difference is that Jetski's had his paint spruced up a bit, and that she uses female pronouns instead of male. Is not taking the transfer to a new life aboard the DT TEAM very well at all. Brews robot alcohol so disgusting it'll turn you temporarily blind, and quietly wishes to be so unremarkable and unimportant that she fades into the background and has no impact on anyone or anything.

    @Mortuary of Op: CPR: Transformer OC; as built during the war for the one and only purpose of recycling dead Transformer frames in order to build new Transformer frames. Is incredibly poorly socialised, morbid as hell though not as deliberately as Pocket, and rather co-dependent on his non-subaccounted friend FF (Fuel Filtration, for long). Turns into something with a lot of grindy blades. Is mostly summoned by people talking about corpses. 'Op: CPR' stands for 'Operation: Crystal Pools Retrieval'.

    @Pillage: Cockroach transformer. A quiet thing with a wicked streak. Eats anything and everything and largely unkillable, as befits his altmode. Utterly devoted to @Beacon of Praxus, if remembering Beacon's old temple with considerably less fondness (it fucked him up).

    @Shadeswitch of Altihex: Dead. Used to be a Decepticon medic; turns into an ambulance, British style and garish paintjob. Incredibly guilty for his prewar work on coldcon technology. Never hooked up with @Switchboard of Iacon but really wishes he had. Should not be permitted interaction with @Updraft unless everyone finds mutual mental breakdowns and possible one-sided murder attempts to be fun times.

    @The Jaeger Mirrors: a Girl Genius jaeger who likes cooking and sex. Part of a little minipack with @Cosmina Kastellan. Boisterous, intensely friendly.

    @Stela Heterodyne: a member of the House Heterodyne, speciality mad medicine. @Cosmina Kastellan is one of her personal guard.

    @The Ket: a Girl Genius Fun-Sized Mobile Agony and Death Dispenser. Very friendly.

    @H.I.C.S.S Stardust Hunter: my fantroll Elluha in her helmstroll form. Mad as a hatter, fixated on death and @H.I.C.S.S. Gilded Chain. Laughs a lot. Will bite you. Likes stories.

    @Arvar Adaar: Post-Trespasser Inquisitor, big boy Qunari mage, gentle and scholarly and with three dozen different voices in his head thanks to Inquisitorial shenanigans. Romanced Dorian, currently running around the continent with Sera as part of the Red Jennies because he's not as harmless as he sometimes appears.

    @Kirvin Surana: Post-Archdemon Warden/Hero of Ferelden, twinky little elf mage, the sort of person who went to congratulate Sten in person in Par Vollen when he became Arishok and constantly looking for new things to investigate. Romanced Zev, wreaking havoc with him wherever they go.

    @Maitiu Theirin: An OC, the son of my Warden Rioghnach who married Alistair and became Queen; result of a somewhat self-indulgent headcanon that it wasn't Morrigan's baby the soul of Urthemiel ended up in. Still currently the crown prince of Ferelden but he's both a mage and, well, an Old God, and now dating @Athim Da'Fen Sabrae to boot.

    @Not-A-Ser Lin: My PC for an ongoing campaign of Dragon Age Tabletop. Affectionately known as Drunky the Elf in my head. Ex-Templar deserter, permanently pissy, friends(?) with @Atish'an and @Maraas, NOT SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO @Caelus Domitius AT ALL.

    @Vigdis Cadash: Mid-game Inquisitor. Dwarf warrior, has strong opinions about things. Is secretly a history nerd, don't let her say otherwise. Romancing Iron Bull, her Ideal Man.

    @Mistress Theresa Schuyler: very alive wife of the very dead @Mister Simon Schuyler and not very impressed with him. Victorian, human version of @Throttle, who knows how to behave better. Or at least kill you quieter.

    @Billy the Butcher's Boy: a butcher's boy. PseudoVictorian. Totally harmless. Pals around with demons for... some... reason... mostly @Grimm and @Lindi.

    @Pollux: my oldest still-active OC, cat demon and asshole, currently dating @Integritas and a wolf demon named Paul. Thief, sneaky bastard, general pain in the arse.

    @Dr. Paddy Murphy: My PC for a finished sci-fi tabletop campaign. A medical doctor with something of an apple obsession and a fondness for the party lifestyle despite being middle-aged and the Dad Friend. Crossdresser and permanently on the lookout for people to have fun with. Got mutated into half a silver-furred deerlike alien once, currently shagging his way through a space station full of aliens. Friends with @Nikephoros Alexis Sanna.
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  3. Aondeug

    Aondeug 宗教の学生

  4. Petra

    Petra space case

    ...man, I don't think I ever did this and now I probably should. Okay. The most likely to show up in the rave are...

    (Also slowly adding in subaccounts I've used rarely but might use again)

    DT Giant Robots
    @Iridium - Giant even for a giant robot. Quiet robo-autistic biologist. Not very social so mostly doesn't show up much anymore. Dating Silverweave.
    @Lacuna of Devisiun - Relatively small for a giant robot, twin of Stentato, mute. 'Speaks' in the rave by projecting words in the air people can read regardless of language. Speaks in the more serious rp either through comms texting or sign language. Totally killed some people, ex-gangster, morals = few. Eventually trined with Cloudcrusher and Triage. In doki doki friendlove with Burlesque.
    @Stentato of Devisiun - Relatively small for a giant robot, twin of Lacuna, makes sounds louder. Likes: engineering, solving puzzles, music, having enough food. Dislikes: violence, Lacuna's old friends, sudden movements. Totally robbed some people, not a murderer, personality = nervous. Eventually trined with Cloudcrusher and Triage.
    @Archive of Caminus - Heretic robot historian priestess. Married to Index of Caminus. Claims to be a pacifist, but it probably doesn't count if she lets Index hit people instead.

    @Alchemist Prime - Drunken robot demigod. Makes bad decisions and an even worse parental figure.

    Not a robot OC
    @Jasmine Elliot - Superhero OC from the setting of the web-serial Ward. World ended 2 years ago. Teleporter, clairvoyant, tired.
    @Clover - Fighty teenaged disaster from the Weirdmagedden Tango rp.
    @Naft - Member of a biomagically created species of walking bombs. Potently toxic fumes to humans. Semi-unique ability to create illusions. 5 years old, but also an adult.

    Not an OC
    @Star Butterfly - hyperactive dimensional alien magical princess. Getting a handle on this 'discrimination' thing and does not like it one bit. Once set a stone castle on fire accidentally. Best friends with @Marco Diaz.
    @Garfield - Deals Warlock. Sells you stuff, aggressively.
    @Pree Aesma - Fighty goddess too stupid to be malicious. Mostly just yells at stuff.
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  5. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    @A Mi Mis.
    @Abomination Lorge rusty robit, wandering around dead battle fields in search of food or company.
    @Alice Herself Alice from Alice in wonderland, not in wonderland.

    @Chell The one from Portal. Gremlin.
    @Connor Kent From Young Justice. Short tempered clone boy.
    @Cosmina Kastellan Jägermonster medic, 75%spikes by volume
    @Dr Herbert West From Our Fair City, mad scientist and reanimator extraordinaire.

    @Hector Necromancer disney princess from Castlevania Anime

    @Jeanelle SaDiablo From The Black Jewels Trilogy. Part Time Deity
    .@Kation Robots cat, vent gremlin.
    @Khandano Jägermonster, not a general by virtue of being really good at promotion dodging
    @Khandano Vashtoth Same dude in Dragon Age flavour. Vashtoth mercenary leader.
    @Klaire Azazel Pissy troll makeup artist
    @Libre of Iacon Pissy librarian datapad.
    @Lucifer From The Devils Carnival, the aforementioned Devil
    @Lysander From The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls, a sapient talking rat. v polite.
    @Megatronus Prime Homebrew canon transformer god, made of Regret and emo.
    @Mettaton EX From Undertale, robot.
    @Mi'nan Dragon Age Mina. Mostly elf, part Kossith, fun.
    @Misty Queen of the mis.
    @Moldsmall Moldsmall, from Undertale.

    @Queen Sitara BJT Au of Sitara from Watch Dogs 2
    @Queen Of Castles Sachiko. Angry gay Magical Girl
    @Rose Lαlonde Alpha Rose
    @Sawbones of Kaon Transformer Mina from DT, medicatte.
    @Sealock Insecticon, Strongly headcanoned, sparkseeker
    @Sitara from Watch Dogs 2
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