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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Meagen Image, May 10, 2015.

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    Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne was a Big Name in online anime fandom back in the 90's. He wrote some anime fanfic, and also some anime-inspired original works like Unreal Estate and Sailor Nothing. He tended to use humor and real-world references to spin some surprisingly poignant tales, not unlike the author of the books from which Gagne took his online nickname.

    Many people are surprised to hear that he's still writing things today, but he is! And his ability to make you have feels right after you've seen what he did there is sharper than ever! You can find all his webnovels at:

    His Latest Fiasco is floating point, which takes place in a world of Programs who live on Servers and use Apps, but deal with problems we all find familiar: debates on the origins of their existence, anons in masks protesting against a restrictive religion, a bad breakup spiralling into a community-wide flamewar, leaked nudes, and making a living from livestreaming games.

    He even has a Patreon in case you want to support him in return for getting to see chapters early!
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    I was just thinking about Sailor Nothing the other day! Only literally all I could remember about it was "depressed magical girl, something horrible involving People as Art" so I didn't even get to the point of Googling it. Just finished re-reading the whole thing and now I want to fanart. Thanks for the link!
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