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    Idea stuck in my head:

    An RPG campaign where the overarching goal is to deal with a huge and completely disorganized magical library. The owner has died, and the PCs have inherited it, either literally or because they answered some misleading job-offer letter sent out by the lord of the city or something. It turns out that a lot of the books are books of magic with power of their own instead of just books about magic, others are recorded accounts of some truly disturbing supernatural encounters with things that would rather not be remembered, the density of recorded knowledge in the library twists space and makes the building much larger and weirder on the inside than the outside, and being in charge of the library makes the PCs a semi-official authority on spooky bullshit and they are expected to Deal With things. Also, just getting the books organized and catalogued is a huge job, and not always a safe one.
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    Today's cooking project:


    This is one of those meals I change every time I make it. This time I started with dried beans, a pound each of black and kidney, and set them to soak overnight. First discovery: that's a lot of frigging beans.

    Soldiering on, I put the de-dried beans in the crock pot with four cans of diced tomatoes. Then I browned a pound each of ground beef and ground pork, put that in, and then used the remaining liquid to sautee the garlic (a heaping spoonful plus a little more) and peppers (a tiny can of green roasted ones, plus two small cans of peppers in adobo sauce, cut up, and a few dried arbol chiles I mushed up by hand). The resulting spice mush went in the pot. (I also swirled a little water into the adobo cans and poured that in the pot, to save the sauce.) The onions, three smallish - I should have done that before the spices but I forgot. I deglazed the pan and put that juice in.

    For other seasonings, I just used a lot of salt, maybe two or three Tbsp since it's a huge pot and I didn't have the salt I was used to getting from canned beans, and a generous dusting of cinnamon. Stir, cover, and wait.

    The pot is set to six hours, so I'll find out how it tastes later or tomorrow. At least it all fit, which I wasn't sure it would. I'm used to more of my spice being dried and powdered, so it's my first time activating-spices-by-sauteeing-in-oil with this much capsaicin. I wasn't ready. Another time, I should remember to wash my hands before using the bathroom.
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    Chili good! Tasting as it cooked, I was afraid the beans were going to stay crunchy, but in the end they turned out great. Next time I think I'll make it a little less spicy.
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    Boss: It's so dark and gloomy this time of year, let's have special days where we play music about the sun while the students are working to cheer everyone up.
    Me: Good idea!
    Boss: I'll make a playlist.
    Playlist: "Here Comes The Sun"
    Me: Cool
    Playlist: "Pocket Full Of Sunshine"
    Me: *nods*
    Playlist: "House of the Rising Sun"
    Me: um. Wait a sec.
    Playlist: "No Sunlight" by Death Cab For Cutie
    Me: ... that's actually the opposite of correct.
    Playlist: "You Are My Sunshine," performed at 20 beats per minute in the key of H Minor by George the Very Sad Cowboy
    Me: okay, now you're just fucking with us
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    I've been trying out a new Minecraft modpack, SevTech. The concept is you progress through different "ages" of technology (and magic, though I haven't gotten to any of that yet.) So far I've discovered stone tools, masonry, carpentry, animal husbandry, kilns, tanning, thatching, and rafts. Oh, and fire. Not only can I start a fire with two sticks, I can set myself on fire with two sticks. (Yay?)

    Navigation is... challenging. The modpack includes JourneyMaps, but it doesn't activate until I've progressed to a certain point, and my unaided sense of direction is fairly poor. Using a written map when my character hasn't discovered paper or writing feels like cheating. I've got a lake to my immediate south, hills and then cliffs to the east, a silver forest to the north, a quarry and then a grassland to the west. Beyond the grassland and the northern forest there is an ocean. All this I know, but this is not enough information to efficiently find my way home. And there are technologies you have to trade for, so I'm going to have to go looking for a village. I'm going to try looking by sea, following the coastline, which would make navigation a more or less one-dimensional problem. If I leave a beacon on the shore I'll hopefully know where to land to get home again...
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