NSFW Summoning Abominations for Fun and Profit

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  1. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    This is a closed RP for @artistformerlyknownasdave and @TheOwlet ! Per the tag, RP will be NSFW and have 18+ themes. CWs include but are not limited to: Death, Blood, Vomit, Dubcon, Alcoholism. More may be added later.

    They were really doing this.

    Well. For a certain value of “real,” anyway. This was fake as shit, the kind of thing fourteen year olds do during sleepovers when they have too much time and too little supervision. Asher and Lily hadn’t been fourteen for a long time, but he figured the creeping late-night boredom felt pretty similar.

    He glanced over at Lily, kneeling on the floor squinting at diagrams marked on yellowed pages. The circle they were supposed to be drawing was ridiculously complex. It probably required some kind of fancy-ass graphmaking degree to understand. As it was, they’d been at it for hours, drawing and erasing chalk marks on the wooden floor of Asher’s apartment.

    “Hand me the protractor,” Lily said, holding her hand out. “And start setting out those candles.”

    Asher stood up, passing her the protractor. “Does the exact angle really matter that much?”

    “What?” Lily snorted. “Scared something might actually happen if we do it right? Don’t be a bitch.”

    “I’m not scared,” Asher snapped, grabbing a grocery bag full of black candles. They had like seven hundred of the things, it was absurd. He rolled his eyes and started setting them out around the circle. “Actually, that’s a lie. Your anal rententiveness is terrifying. You should see someone.”

    Lily flipped him off, marking off the last section of the circle.

    While Asher tried his best to match the placement of the candles to the frankly insane diagrams in the book, Lily stood and went to rummage around in his kitchen. She returned a few moments later with a hot plate and a small pot, plugging it in and setting it in the center of the circle.

    “That is so fucking stupid,” Asher muttered, pretending not to notice the sharp look Lily gave him. She’d wanted to sacrifice a whole ass live chicken in his apartment. With feathers and shit! And now she was being all bitter and sulky about having to sacrifice a lobster instead. Oh fucking well. Next time they could summon Baphomet or whatever at her place.

    Once the water started to boil, Lily went into the kitchen to grab their delicious virgin sacrifice and instructed Asher to start lighting the candles.

    He glanced at the clock as he went around the circle. New moon, high tide. Obnoxious as she was, he had to admit Lily’s sense of timing was spot on. And in the flickering light of the candles, it was starting to feel less like a ridiculous farce. Some part of him was nervous, excited. Not scared—fuck you, Lily—but eager.

    He flicked off the lights in the living room when Lily came back with the lobster. They both sat down on opposite sides of the circle and looked at each other.

    “Do you have your sacrifice?” Lily asked, arching an eyebrow. The planes of her face seemed to shift oddly in the candlelight.

    “Yup.” Asher reached into his jeans pocket and fished out a crumpled piece of paper. It was a composition of his. Not one he’d miss; it was tryhard garbage without anything to say.

    Lily grinned at him and started reciting the...incantation or whatever, as she lowered the lobster into the boiling pot of water. She’d memorized this bit so she wouldn’t have to glance at the book while committing shellfish murder. It was stupid bullshit, something about dedicating this to those who lurk in the deep beyond or some shit. Asher mostly tuned it out. He wiped his hands on his pant legs. His palms must be super sweaty or something; they were clammy and wet. Gross.

    Once her lobster was thoroughly sacrificed, Lily turned to Asher and nodded at him. He leaned forward, holding the paper over one of the larger candles. The ink on the paper was starting to smudge and smear; were his palms really that wet?

    It burnt all the same, and Lily picked up the book to read the rest of the incantation. It was longer than any spooky spell had a right to be, and Asher had to fight the urge to say something stupid while she read. It had started raining during some point, even though the forecast had called for clear skies. Oh well. Weather was imprecise, and Asher had gotten used to the constant fucking rain here.

    It definitely added another level of ambiance to the whole affair, too. The sound seemed to insulate them from the rest of the world, as Lily read increasingly strange lines of text. He wasn’t sure how she pronounced some of the words. The candlelight didn’t seem to go as far as it had; leaving the impression that they were doing this in a black void instead of his living room. It was easy enough to brush it off as a runaway imagination, and Asher was too focused on watching Lily read to notice the wax on the candles starting to drip upwards.

    Eventually, Lily finished reading and closed the book. The air was thick with tension as they looked at each other from across the circle, waiting for something to happen. The longer they waited, the more aware Asher became that they were just some idiot kids fucking around with candles and drawing on the floor. What was he expecting to happen? Had he really let himself get caught up in all this stupid nonsense? When Lily started to snicker, he followed suit. God. So ridiculous.

    Asher was about to stand when the candles blew out. The room plunged into a darkness so complete he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face, as though all the lights in the city had gone off.

    “Lily? I—” Asher gasped. There was a sudden, wrenching pain deep inside him, like icy fingers were twisting around his organs.

    Lily fumbled her phone out of her pocket and managed to turn the flashlight on just in time to see Asher’s eyes roll up into his head as he collapsed on the floor in a heap. He—oh, god. He had to be fucking with her, right? Had to be.

    “Asher, this isn’t funny, so just...” The words died in her throat as she watched his back arch and muscles spasm at unnatural angles. Oh god. This was her fault, somehow, she’d killed her baby brother.

    Lily scrambled to her feet, rushing to Asher’s side. She reached for his shoulder—you’re supposed to roll someone onto their side when they seize, right?—and gasped when she felt a sharp pain, a frozen dagger sliding between her ribs.
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  2. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    He'd felt it building for a while already, the little trickle up the back of his neck that said 'Bad Shit about to go down' but he hadn't expected this.

    No, Matt'd thought it would be a demon, a large curse, something mundane, so he wandered the City, letting the currents of Life and Death draw him nearer in a high stakes Version of 'hot or cold'

    He hadn't expected to find himself throwing up into some fancy Front yard in the middle of the night as the world lurched sideways violently, the compass in his head - hospitals, graveyards, Parks, all if it - untethering for a sickening moment. It subsided as quickly as it had come, right after he'd lost his dinner.

    What remained was a bone deep sense of wrongness, burning in his chest. He could feel it easily now, where reality had been punctured to let something in. It wasn't far away, not at all.

    Matt took off at a run, letting himself be pulled towards that wrongness. It was easy enough to drag his palm over the decorative points of a fence to slice it open, dripping magic into the night.
    "Come, follow" the words were barely breathed, but echoing with blood as they were, it didn't take more.

    Ghosts slunk out of buildings and yards, people and animals forming a dense cloud of fog around him. It was numbingly cold and he welcomed the freezing pain in his lungs, the hungry coils of ghosts against his hand. He had to reopen the wound a few more times, but he knew he'd need the firepower.

    By the time he reached the right house, the ghosts filled the entire Street. The cold was severe enough to instantly cover the Windows in Frost. And he could hear them, whispering hungrily, begging for blood, for Life, his or anyone, anything else's. They'd be fed soon. Beneath it, another voice was sjnging soft encouragement at him and bneath that.. Was the discordant note, the abyss that had torn into reality like it was so much fresh meat.

    He stepped forward, ghosts surging with him. When Matt touched the doorknob, the metal froze and simply shattered, leaving the door open.
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  3. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan had known something was coming, had heard whispers even if no one wanted to tell him up front. His humans had been planning something, were strung tight with anticipation. It came as no surprise when he felt reality ripple, the way water does right before something massive breaks through its surface. It was equally unsurprising when they gave him an address and told him to find whoever had completed the summoning. Fine. He'd even do it without making them use his Name. At least this way they might find some other use for him. Maybe the oracle had been wrong, maybe he was supposed to usher in a new age like this, without giving himself over to something ancient and ravenous.

    Maybe they just wanted to get rid of him, since he'd proven himself so fucking useless.

    At any rate, Aodhan set off towards the address, relying on the cover of darkness and a minor glamour to avoid the notice of most humans. As he drew nearer, approaching from the back of the building, he could feel the heavy weight of the old ones' magic. It seeped down to his bones, sat like metal on his tongue. There was something else, too. Something dead and icy cold. Aodhan wiped frost off the window before prying it open and climbing inside, trying to tell himself it was just his imagination.
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  4. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    He could feel it, but in the tangle of sheer vile wrongness he was wading into, even the brush of Life against his senses didn't distract him.

    Matt let himself be pulled into the direction of the worst of the feeling, doing his best to ignore the way they walls seemed to waver around him

    It had nothing on the room the circle was in. He reached deeper into himself to let the cold numb him againsr the sight of the idiot - kid, couldn't be older than him - seizing on the floor with something inky and twisting latched onto his soul, borrowing away at it.
    "Go" the word echoed around the room, ghosts repeating it after him before they converged on the downed guy. He couldn't allow an anchor go exist. Not for this.
  5. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan bristled as he walked into the room the summoning had happened in. Every instinct he had was telling him to get out of here, run, now, before he ended up killed. There was only one person who's magic could feel like this who would be here now.

    He concentrated, the smell of thunderstorms and ozone filling the air as he shielded himself--for all the fucking good that would do--and stepped forward. He could see the human seizing on the floor, and the...other human? Next to him, slumped against the wall. Aodhan's eyes flicked from them and the ghosts converging on the first human, to the necromancer. Fuck. The necromancer.

    This was a suicide mission.

    "Hey!" He snapped, fins flaring wide and bioluminescence brightening. In warning, as a threat, as distraction, same difference. He needed something suitably intimidating, to give the necromancer reason to pause. "You're killing him, moron!"

    Or that.
  6. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    That got his attention alright, some of the ghosts diverting to the newcomer - fae, Life, he could all but taste it as he inhaled - to investigate.

    "That's the point." still, a flick of his fingers pulled the ghosts back from nibbling at that delicious barrier. Distractions were not acceptable.
    With the dead out of the way he could see the other, and clearly there was some sort of water connection.... That had unpleasant implucations. "If the courts are playing that sort of games, maybe i should visit them next"
    not that he wanted war with them... But he also wasn't going to let them break reality for a lark.
  7. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    He hissed, clenching his fists. "I don't give a fuck about what the courts are doing. Idiot. I'm not going to just let you kill him."

    Aodhan steeled his nerves and stepped between the necromancer and the humans. He didn't have much of a plan, but...he had to try something, right? "Don't you want to find out how this happened right under your nose? Prevent it from happening again? It's going to be hard to do that if you kill the only people who know what went on here."
  8. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    He tilted his head. Okay, that was fascinating. Stupid, but fascinating. Most people wouldn't try to get between him and his prey. "I can make the dead talk as easy as the living"

    Why did the fae always have to be so stupid tall? It made it rather indignified to size this one up, but he was getting an impression anyways. Aquatic, healer most likely or he wouldn't be tasting like Life as he did. Silver and gold jewelry in the fins, and wasn't that just as curious as his claim not to care about the court? What sort of stake did he have in this?

    "Why do you want him to live? And make it quick, i can feel reality rending." at the edge of his vision, three of the candles had come back on, or rather, floating mirror images of them hanging from the ceiling had. They were running out of time, and the faster the anchor died, the safer for all of London.
  9. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan narrowed his eyes. Right. Fucking necromancy. "Can't I just want him to live for the sake of preserving life? He's some fucking idiot bystander who got caught up in something he shouldn't have. Can't you just--" he waved his hand, gesturing broadly at the disaster of the living room. "Can't you close this off without killing him? At least temporarily."
  10. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    That made his brows rise. "That'd be a first, fae doing good for the sake of doing good. And" he nodded at the circle and pot of boiled lobster. The boiled lobster that was currently trying to make it out the pot again, maybe because the water had turned into boiling ink.
    "This isn't bystanding, this is driving the damn truck off a cliff. But you're right, it needs to stop" too far along that merely killing the anchor would do anything of value.
    Matt turned sharply and pulled a long knife out of a sheath strapped to his leg and hidden under his coat. It was nearly as long as his lower arm, made of bone, and the handle looked suspiciously like a human Femur. He rolled up his sleeve, took a breath, and just sliced down his arm, deep enough to show bone. The blood didn't gush as it should have, it seemed to drip in slow motion as he started around the circle, using his blood to extinguish the candles. Where it hit, the wax froze and shattered and each destroyed candle made the walls look more solid.

    The words he said to each candle before knocking it over were lost in the whispers of the ghosts, their volume rising as the summoning dimmed.

    At the end, he touched his blood covered hand to the lobster, freezing it solid and then crumbling it to dust. The light shifted suddenly, streetlamps from outside shining through the Windows again. "Now we have time" at least a little.
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  11. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    He winced and glanced away when the necromancer started slicing himself up. Eugh.

    Warily, he inched closer towards the humans, trying to clearly telegraph his movements. He had no doubt that this batshit mage would splatter him all over the walls if he thought Aodhan was a threat.

    "I am going to try and patch him up," he said slowly. "If you want to help me keep him and" he pointed to the girl still slumped against the wall "the mage alive, I'll give you some information. Deal?"

    Maybe it wasn't the best plan to smile at that, when he was supposed to be grieving and altruistic, but had been a long fucking time since he'd had the chance to make a good bargain, okay? And this necromancer seemed like he knew more fae than Aodhan himself had ever had a chance to meet. It was intriguing.
  12. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Good luck, but if i was you i'd try and avoid the soul-tumor"
    Matt went around double checking and taking sigils out of the summoning circle. The more inert the thing was, the better. Honestly he'd have the entire floor replaced if possible.

    But information would be good. The truth was, for all the care that had gone into the summoning set-up, the actual execution had been sloppy, or he'd never have felt it from across the City. Making deals with the fae was a terrible idea to get the information, but once the other had the idiots responsible in a life debt, there would be no getting to them. But if he 'owned' some of the Debt... That would give in an angle.

    "Information about the Ritual, its purpose and its Direct and indirect consequences on those two and the City at large, to the best of you knowledge, or educated guesses" he amended. Best to try and cover his bases, or the 'information' he'd get be someone's first pet or favourite color.

    "I'll take the idiot mage" he knelt down next to her and pressed his bloodied hand to her chest, trying to get a feel for her injuries before they killed her. If they would.
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  13. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    He scoffed. "That's three things you want information on. You're only giving me one thing in return. I'll give you the first one."

    Aodhan knelt down next to the human, leaning down close to his face. He'd stopped flopping around like a fish out of water, at least, but his expression was clearly pained. Hmm. He cupped the human's face in his hand, tilting his head one way and then the other. The old ones were...slippery, like trying to catch an eel with just your hands. Nothing behaved like it should when they were around. But he'd had a lot of time to get used to that--as much as someone corporeal could, anyway--and if he focused and pulled just right, he could maybe...slow it down, some. Try and keep the black mass from encroaching too far on his soul.

    He could make sure the seizure hadn't caused any damage, but...this human owed him already, and slowing down something like this took more effort than Aodhan was willing to admit. He didn't know this human, was feeling blindly around his soul. If he wanted more help, he'd have to make a fucking trade for it.
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  14. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Fine. The first, then." He grumbled as he felt around the mage's body. She didn't seem to be mortally injured, just banged her head up good and of course gotten caught in the ritual and he could feel the little tendrils trying to get at her. Well, the easiest way to fix that... He pulled one of the ghost close and pushed it through her. If he was lucky, it would shock her awake and she'd shield up automatically and fix herself that way. It didn't seem like the infection had taken proper hold just yet.

    Her shields really should be up still even when unconscious, but the ritual had probably drained her more than expected and the wavering concentration had let them fail. Some people couldn't hold two spells in their head at once.
  15. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    Lily and Asher awoke nearly simultaneously. Lily gasped, lurching away from...from whoever this dude was. A demon? He dressed like a demon. Maybe he was whatever they'd summoned. She was trapped between him and the wall either way.

    "What the fuck," she breathed. And then, with more feeling, "What the fuck?!" She glanced around the room and--oh, god. Some awful, toothy monster was hunched over Asher, looking fit to rip his throat out. Definitely a demon. Lily lurched to her feet and tried to shove past the shorter one, clenching her hand into a fist. She hoped demons weren't immune to punches.

    Asher, on the other hand, opened his eyes to some...thing just centimeters from his face, showing off all of its needle-point teeth. He wheezed out a sound that might charitably be interpreted as "whaddafuck" and scrambled backwards, only managing a few inches of movement before his stomach decided it had to be empty, now. Asher coughed and gagged on black bile, trying to ignore the wet glisten of fish eggs mixed into the slime. Maybe the thing in his face got him eggnant with xenomorph demon babies.
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  16. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Good, that had been effective, she was awake. Still not shielded though, maybe she'd hit the wall harder than it had looked.

    He stood with her, and while he wasn't tall by any measure, he knew how to stay in people's way. "Shield the fuck up, you're no use to anyone like this" he hissed at her.

    Though how much use the idiot summoner was going to be to anyone was up for debate yet. He could still feel the infection on him, just pushed to dormancy for now. But there was a solid chunk of soul missing where it sat.
    He pulled more ghosts back in again, in case there needed to be some killing anyways.
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  17. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    “Go fuck yourself.” Insulting demons on impulse was always a safe bet. Lily gave him a baffled look and slowly brought her fists up in front of her face. “What do you even mean, shield? Get that thing off my brother or you’re going to need a shield.”

    Asher, for his part, groaned. He rolled over, trying to get out of range of the slime puddle. This, unfortunately, put him back in view of the xenomorph fish. It blinked at him, with that weird sideways eyelid thing some animals had, and huffed. Like it was put out that he’d hacked up all its sludge children.
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  18. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan glanced up from his human and hissed at the ghosts, the ozone smell crackling in the air again. “We have a deal, necromancer. Don’t you fucking dare.”
  19. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Matt looked baffled right back. "How hard did you hit that head of yours? Your shields not whatever self defense class you took" he gave her a psychic shove to make his point, aura against aura.

    Of course the fae had to be distracting again. "Then fix him. I'm not losing my city because someone's seen too much hentai and wanted to try it. Contain his infection, or i will do it for you. Terminally"
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  20. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan bared his teeth, getting back up to his feet. “The deal is that we keep them alive. You agreed to that, no extra stipulations. It is as contained as I can get it right now. Can’t you feel that?” He nudged the summoner with his foot. Probably wasn’t going to puke again. “Maybe he’s just getting it out of his system, did you think of that?”
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