NSFW Summoning Abominations for Fun and Profit

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  1. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily smiled. This magic shit was fun for her at least, and she was sure the ability to look past glamours and see magic she wasn’t expecting would come in extremely useful. Harder to sneak up on someone when they could look right through your disguise, after all. Asher was...willing to participate, but significantly less eager about the whole endeavor.

    “That sounds great, I’m down to learn whatever.” Lily tossed her corndog stick in a nearby trash can and dusted crumbs off her hands. “Speaking of magic lessons...Did we want to stick around the zoo any longer, or are we good? We could maybe go to the...uh, book shop.”

    She wasn’t sure if Matt wanted her to take Glowfish to the shop she bought the book from or not, so vagueness was key. There’s no way Asher would want to go to a boring-ass bookshop, and Lily would bet that meant Glowfish would stay home with him.
  2. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "oh it's just fine, but if someone's trying, they can look past it." Hmmm. He didn't really want to make fae-trades, but this was a necessary one. His own skill at glamour was limited.
    He tilted his head at Glowfish. "What would you consider an adequate trade for your participation in this training exercise?"

    Right, the bookshop. Matt nodded and pushed himself back from the railing. "I think the plan was to get something to eat, but we can get that outside of the zoo for cheaper, I think. So bookshop can be next." If Asher didn't want to go...well, he could always put word out to the local ghosts to track them, never mind the ones he'd left as sentries around Asher and Lily's place to begin with. Better safe than sorry. If they went missing in transit, he wanted to know where the hell they were going.
  3. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    “Hmm.” Aodhan leaned forward, stretching out like a cat or a lizard on the rock as he mulled over. “Buy me a plant? And take care of it as long as I’m supposed to help with lessons, you can leave it with me after. No desert plants.”

    “I mostly wanted ice cream, but you guus can do whatever vis a vis sustenance. What bookstore?” Asher wasn’t particularly invested in going to huff dust and look at books, but also, attention. Getting abandoned so they could go fondle some stacks of paper would blow.
  4. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "...sure why not. Do you need your Name written on it or will the intent be enough?" he'd meant to get a nice hawthorn Bush anyways, might as well extend to something nice and potted. An orchid maybe? He was pretty sure he'd seen one with blossoms kinda like Glowfish's fins.

    "Oh one Lily found that might have some interesting stuff" not a lie, that. He was very interested in finding possible additional copies and destroying them.
  5. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    “Ugh, sounds lame. I’m gonna go home.” Asher could handle being abandoned for, what, an hour? Two? He was dying for a drink anyway.

    “I mean, I’m gonna get ice cream. And then I’m going home. Don’t die, have fun, take your time, all that good stuff.” He waved a hand and started walking. There had to be a dippin’ dots stand somewhere around here. That shit was synonymous with zoos, aquariums, basically anywhere with lots of kids susceptible to gimmicky ice cream.
  6. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    “I’m not giving you my name,” Aodhan said, resting his chin in his hands. “So think of me when you take care of it, and it’ll work. Like a dedication or something.”

    He glanced at Asher, then back to Lily and Matt. Fuck. It felt like everything interesting happened when he wasn’t around, but—he didn’t want to let his person go wandering off unsupervised. He might do something to the infection somehow, or-more likely-do something stupid and impulsive and end up hurt. Aodhan wanted him as undamaged as possible, and that wasn’t going to happen if Asher was left to his own devices.

    With a loooong sigh, Aodhan got to his feet and started to follow Asher. “I’m going to go with him.”
  7. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Dedication shouldn't be a problem." Yeah time to buy a new orchid on the way home. It'd be ok.

    Yeah, that was about what he'd expected. "Try not to get lost on the tube system, I don't feel like asking the dwarfs down there to retrieve you. Last time I went they started a fight with my cat" And lost. Mod was currently somehow both Felis Non Grata and Awesome Wrestle Champion at the same time.

    He turned back to Lily. "Let's go, hmm? The less time we leave them alone, the less time they have to do stupid shit"
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  8. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “Fuck you, I’m getting an uber,” Asher called as he walked away. Several parents glared at him for the cursing, but he either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Likely both.

    Lily watched him go with a weary expression. “Yeah, I don’t know how he manages to survive here on his own.”

    She started walking towards the exit. “The shop I got the book from is pretty cheesy. Not, like, Spencer’s level of cheese—do they have those here?—but pretty fucking cheesy. I think the book might have been the only real thing there.”
  9. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "I think the answer is 'luck of the stupid'. Or at least 'luck of the terminally annoying."

    He followed Lily, thinking. "Maybe, but i'd rather make sure. If they have more, i wanna get hold of it and neutralize it before it turns into the squidocalypse. Where's the shop, even? I know most of the legit ones"
    But then most of those wouldn't be selling knockoff necronomicons either. They knew better.
  10. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily gave him the address, after pulling it up on her phone to double check. “Uh, it’s this little hipster type place. It’s near like, a record store, a gastropub, and I think a tattoo place. It’s very ...Asher? I was trying to get something to freak him out, so, when in Rome and all.”
  11. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Having seen asher's room... "Oh yeah i can imagine. Let's check anyways" not via uber though,he was not putting himself through London traffic, no way. "I'd rather be safe than sorry, and i can't handle a second case right now"

    No, if someone else popped up, they'd get the terminal solution.
  12. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily nodded. She was a little unused to taking public transit everywhere, but she wasn’t going to complain.

    “Maybe we could find whoever they bought it from, if they don’t have more? Someone’s got to be distributing this shit.”
  13. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Yeah that's the plan. These things don't just appear. Normally. So we'll check if we can find the source"
  14. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily eventually led them to a small, cramped store. The sign on the window was printed in swirling letters and read “The Rite Direction” below that, it said in smaller letters “Curiosities, Antiques, and Oddities.”

    “This is it,” she said, pushing open the door. It chimed merrily, leading into a cluttered interior. Fairy lights in jars illuminated shelves crammed full of various books on astrology, the occult, witchcraft, and similar subjects. There were stacks of various tarot decks, star charts, shelves of crystals, and corked jars of herbs.
  15. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Hrm. Matt looked around. Tarot cards and crystals were legit enough, though he did spot some fakes - that was heat-treated Amethyst, not citrine - but no more than in more legit shops.

    The books though... "Oh god, those are bad. If Asher has any of those, we're gonna have to burn them before he picks up bad habits and stars praying to randomized gods. That'll end badly no matter what"

    He started wandering the shelfs in search of More suspicious stuff. "Go look around, tell me if something has 'pull' on you"
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  16. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “I’m not sure he can read, yknow? Might just buy them for decoration.”

    Lily nodded and started walking the opposite direction, looking around the shelves. There were some framed illustrations of various plants, animals, and insects. Nothing terribly interesting.

    There was a weird doll missing most of its hair and cheerfully labelled “Marie! :)” The exclamation point even had a little heart. Creepy, but...probably not worth alerting Matt about.
  17. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Probably not. Hopefully. Matt picked up a little wooden Statue that felt like...something. He wasn't sure what yet, but it made his fingers tingle. "Lily? A Moment please?" he was curious to see what she might pick up of it.
  18. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily poked her head around the corner, walking over to where Matt was. She looked at the statue, reaching out to hold it.

    “What is it?”
  19. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    He handed it over. "How's it feel to you?" the Statue itself was pretty abstract, but there was a suggestion of waves, water perhaps...
  20. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily took the statue, running her fingers along the wave-like grooves and whorls. There was some sort of pattern there, she was sure, but every time she thought she had it figured out, she found a new shape carved into it. It never seemed to quite warm up under the heat of her hands.

    “Uh.” She tore her eyes off of the statue and looked back at Matt. “It’s weird?”
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