NSFW Summoning Abominations for Fun and Profit

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  1. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Yes. So i wanna buy it and then we'll nip by my place and poke at it a little bit. I don't really wanna bring it back to Asher" no additional exposure, thank you very much. Better safe than sorry and his own wards were very good.
  2. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “That makes sense.” And, logically, it did! But she was a little offended, maybe, in some small part of herself, that it apparently wasn’t safe to bring home. She should be allowed to investigate it more thoroughly, too.

    But that was a stupid idea. She put it out of her head.

    “Did we want to ask them about the book still?”
  3. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Well she could always go home with Matt. He had said 'we' after all, and he rarely said things he didn't mean.

    "Yeah. Describe it to the Seller, see if they got any more, i'll have your back" and the Statue, which was still prickling against his fingers. Urgh.
  4. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily resisted the irrational urge to ask to carry the statue some more, and headed towards the counter. It was wedged between two more tall, narrow bookshelves, and behind the counter sat a girl with a fading purple bob. When Lily approached, she scrambled to put her phone down and look attentive, smiling wide at them both.

    “Hi,” Lily said, smiling back at her. “I was wondering about a book I bought here recently? My friend here is really interested in grabbing a copy of his own, and I can’t find it anywhere else. I was hoping you could tell me who sold it to you, maybe see where they got it, you know?”

    “What book was it? A lot of these are out of print or self-published, so there might not be any more available, but we can check.”

    “It was a book for summoning things. All black cover, I think made out of leather? With a clasp. It had silver writing and some sigils on the cover.”

    “Oh, I know the one. Gives me the willies.” The cashier grimaced, leaning over to look at Matt. “You sure you want that one? We’ve got lots of books on the occult.”
  5. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Someone gifted then. Good for her. "That one, or simar ones. You know, same author and such." and the Statue that he was trying to touch as little as possible.
    "Though i understand if it was the only one, danger of this Kind of shop"

    And hey he didn't want to be rude to the customer service end of things. But he really wanted to be rid of the Statue, he could feel it pushing at him, and pushing back would freeze the damn thing over soon.
  6. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “Yeah, it’s a little group of people. Real true believers, yknow? I think it’s all made by them, they stop by every now and then to drop stuff off for consignment. Or they did. Haven’t been back in a while.” She opened a drawer and pulled out a little booklet, leafing through it. “Here we go! This is their number.”

    She scribbled it on a scrap of paper and held it out for Matt. “Can I ring that up for you?”

    Lily raised her eyebrows, stepping aside to let Matt check out. She really hadn’t expected that to work. What kind of spooky eldritch people have their numbers written down in a consignment shop? Certainly not behavior she’d expect from anyone really serious, let alone actually dangerous.
  7. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Thank you so much, and yes please" he was happy to be rid of the thing for a moment. "Could we get a bag for that?"
    Ideally lead-lined, but frankly plastic was pretty good as well and at least he wouldn't need to touch it anymore.

    "I'll call them and see if maybe they got other stuff" and if they all needed liberal applucation of his talents, too. He was strongly sispecting it. Leaving their number didn't look terribly secretive, but everyone had to do business somehow, and they had evidently not expected to be found.
  8. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “Sure thing.” The cashier wrapped the statue up in tissue paper and double-bagged it, taking care to ensure it wasn’t damaged on its trip home from the shop. She gave Matt the price and printed off his receipt, tucking it into the bag before handing it over to him.

    “Now what?” Lily had not been expecting it to...just be that easy. Shouldn’t there have been traps, or clues to uncover, or, or something? It was awfully fucking mundane for a potential cult, was all she was saying.
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  9. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Considering that it was likely magical fuckery with worldending option, it was pretty cheap. Though he supposed that if you wanted to spread your artifacts with antique shops, you'd have to work like that.

    "Now we had back to my place and...examine this" He felt so much better now that he wasn't touching it anymore. "And do me a favour? Try to ground and shield?" He had a suspicion there. "And maybe stop looking so disappointed. If magic was flashy and adventurous, it'd be common knowledge. Plus, they want this to look harmless. Just a trinket, but i'd bet a lot of blood and money that it'll start whispering sooner or later."
  10. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “I’m not disappointed,” Lily lied, “Just a little surprised, is all. Not what I expected, you know? Not that I really even know what I should be expecting at this point.”

    She was curious about what Matt’s place was like, though. Was it some kind of secret lair? Was it completely bland and normal? The people needed answers.

    It took a little concentration, but she did manage to ground and shield with some effort. Like training a muscle or something.

    “Better? Let’s go.”
  11. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "yes, thank you." He headed back towards the tube station. "It's hmmm. A lot of it is not as showy as you'd think it to be, but part of that is because you're not paying attention yet. It'll change. You'll learn and be able to pick it out clearer. And maybe see that it can be pretty showy after all."

    His place was a small house with an absolutely lush front yard but there was something about the house that seemed off. The sidewalk was cleaner, the entire place seemed oddly untouched. stepping through the door felt like passing through a veil, and Matt visible relaxed. his own wards were really the best. From inside, you could pick out designs worked into the fence and the wall it sat on. The door unlocked and swung open for him before he even got the keys out. A wisp of fog curled around the handle for a second before vanishing deeper into the buildings.

    "seems I've been missed" Aww, really. He whispered another word under his breath. There were things indoors that Lily didn't need to see, and the trusted that they'd be gone by the time it became relevant.
  12. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily craned her neck, looking around. She hadn’t expected the plants. Maybe like, a spooky dead tree or something.

    Maybe she needed to rethink what exactly “necromancer” meant.

    It was kind of fucking incredible to see some casual magic in action. Could she make her house do something like that, eventually? Well—maybe not. The fog seemed pretty necromancer-exclusive.

    “Do you keep ghosts in here?” She asked, looking around like one might pop out from behind a corner at any moment.
  13. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "sort of. They're like tenants, really, two already came with the house when I inherited it, extended family you see? Three more I brought in. It's a place where they can stay and interact with someone actually alive, and in return they pay rent by-" There was a sound of doors closing softly in the upper floor, and then foodsteps coming down the stairs, went past them and into the kitchen to start clinking around with cup. "Stuff like that. We'll be getting some tea in a moment, no doubt. Any preferences?"

    The furniture looked fairly normal, but was plush and mostly old, carrying the sort of patina and marks of use that said 'been around the block a few times already'. The glass in the backdoor lead out into another yard, somehow even lusher than what was up front. Only one door was open on the ground level, revealing a round table and a bowl on it, circles inlaid on both, and on closer inspection even on the floor. Magic hung thick around it, and Matt headed straight for in there. "Welcome to my office. People who hire necromancers have a certain....expectancy for things." He gestured at the skulls and dead animals that filled one shelf, candle sticks thick with wax, books, and apothecary cabinet filled with all sorts of glasses and pots. "The proper witch kitchen is upstairs, but hopefully we won't need that today"
  14. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    "I don't really drink a lot of tea?" Lily rubbed the back of her neck and glanced apologetically towards the kitchen, not that she could see anyone in there. "So I guess I'll take whatever."

    She spun around in a circle, taking in the...uh, ambiance of his office. Had this been how she was introduced to him, she almost certainly would have bought it hook, line, and sinker. Asher had a lot of similar things in his house--candles and dead things and books--but nothing that really seemed serious. This had been designed for maximum gravitas, as opposed to Asher's eclectic hoarding.

    "You get a lot of customers? I expected most of the people who'd hire you to already be in the know, at least enough not to fall for this." She paused. Manners were a thing. "Not that it's not believable."
  15. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Then we'll both get surprise tea, I'm afraid." He went to a counter to get a simple white bone porcelain pitcher and pour some water into the bowl. The iron of it covered with frost immediately.

    "Oh, a fair lot, yes. People have wanted to talk to the dead since way before the Victorians made it fancy, so I get a good amount of people who want a last word - or argument - or those with too much money to burn who want to play pretend. They tend to get a lot more than they've bargained for. But I also get other mages. Necromancy is a niche talent, they can have me, or nothing. Makes it a seller's market" He grinned.

    "Alright, time for the show. Have a seat, depending on how this goes we can be here for a bit." He lifted the statue into the bowl, and watched the water crawl up the worls of the pattern, following some that were not even visible with the naked eye. "Right. That's contained now. Can you see anything that looks like writing on it? And ah, please don't touch it?"
  16. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Lily guessed she could relate to wanting to get into fights with someone who died. Be pretty fucking inconvenient if you knew you were going to win an argument and then the asshole bit it. She could also see Asher coming here, in some hypothetical other life, and paying way too much money to get the shit scared out of him.

    She took a seat and started reaching for the statue to turn it around, yanking her hand back at Matt's warning. Right. Do not touch the spooky evil statue. Good plan, probably for the best. Instead, she leaned forward, squinting at the abstract shapes in the pattern. It seemed almost organic, like a living thing. The way it seemed to move out of the corner of her eye was unsettling, but--probably just because of the water on it, reflecting the light and all.

    "Uhh...." She leaned a little closer, tilting her head sideways. "There's some stuff over here that maybe looks like writing? But it sure isn't English."
  17. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    He came around to her side of the table. "hmm, yes. Not English at all. You can touch the bowl, it's probably just trying to be cold as fuck. Try...not to touch the water either. Just to make sure."

    Matt went back to a cabinet and got out some more mundane items: a sketch pad, pencils, and a magnifying glass. "Let's see.... This thing is giving me a headache to look at, urgh." He jotted quick sigils down in the corner of the paper, bit his lip and dabbed the blood over them. The magic snapped into place easily, but still, the symbols would shift and move when he tried to sketch them. "Fucking damn."
  18. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Her eyes widened at the sight of blood, but--okay then. Matt could bleed on his paper if he wanted. Gingerly, Lily spun the bowl around to bring the symbols a little better into view, although it didn't help make them any more comprehensible. Probably to be expected with this kind of shit, right? Eldritch nonsense was all about being spooky and hard to parse, wasn't it.

    "Are we going to be able to translate it? Or decode it or whatever, I don't know what the exact terminology here is." She leaned over, trying to look at the paper if he'd let her.
  19. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    He angled the paper to let her see it. The edges where he'd bled onto it looked aged, spreading out from the blood very, very slowly. Not enough to watch it move, but if Lily looked away for five minutes, she might have noticed a slight creep.
    "Hopefully not. I'm looking for the hmm, overall shape of it. It's Outside magic. But I'm hoping that one of us will recognize symbols from the circle you drew for the initial summoning. It's unlikely that two mad cults are at this at the same time, but possible. So, we see if we recognize anything, then poke the statue to see if it tells us where it's from... and then I destroy it."
  20. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    "Oh, hmm." She looked closely at the paper, then back to the statue, then back to the paper again. She couldn't actually remember the specifics of any of the symbols she'd drawn. There had been so many, and they'd all been so complex and weird that it had just started to blur together...


    "I can't tell. I think maybe I hit my head or something when I passed out, I don't remember any of the details at all. I mean, I know I drew a circle, and we sacrificed the lobster and the composition, and there were a shitload of candles and symbols and nonsense incantations, but I can't remember what the symbols or nonsense incantations were." Lily dragged her hands down her face and sighed explosively. She fucking hated being useless, and here she was, completelyfailing to help fix something that was entirely her fault. Great. Fantastic.
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