NSFW Summoning Abominations for Fun and Profit

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  1. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    “It’s on backwards.” Asher shook his arms for emphasis. “I’m not smearing anything. And dude, no, neon is so not my palette.”

    After a moment, he seemed to process the rest of the statement, and glanced at the bags of clothes next to the door.

    “No.” He looked towards Lily, who glanced up to grin smugly back at him. “You actually got fancy shit?”

    “Turns out, I am capable of dressing up, yeah. Don’t have a heart attack.”

    “I assumed you’d like, wash your jacket and call it a day, is all.” Now he’d really have to dress up, if there was going to be competition.

    Lily flipped him off and looked back down at her phone.

    Aodhan considered what he’d wear, petting Mod with a little more enthusiasm. Most of his clothes were pastels or light neutrals, and he dressed for comfort over all else. He didn’t have a spidersilk gown or whatever the hell Matt had suggested. Hm. He’d have to
    figure something out.
  2. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "You say that now but stop wiggling anyways."

    Matt had seen enough of the Dame's taste to be sure that whatever was hiding in those bags, Lily would look amazing in it. And Asher would have pretty stiff competition aside from her, too. Any opportunity to dress your best if you were undead and bored. He already had some look in mind for himself too.

    Mod was slowly starting to purr again, her loaf turning more and more into a puddle.
  3. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    Asher pouted at hin, but limited his wiggling to bouncing one leg up and down instead. Compromise and all that. He was a real fucking diplomat.

    Glowfish was smiling, just barely, as he continued to pet the puddle of cat with increased enthusiasm. And...yeah, Asher was man enough to admit it was cute. Cute as hell, honestly, with his big dark eyes framed by thick lashes and the way his nose scrunched up in concentration. Cute, uh, cute like Mod was cute, though, cute like a cat. A big, morally grey cat with too many teeth.

    “When do I get my wiggle permissions reinstated?” He shot Matt a look, nodding at Glowfish and the cat. “I think Mod is converting him.”
  4. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Good. If he stopped wiggling, Matt wouldn't have to sit on him to make him hold still.

    He too was paying some attention to Mod and Glowfish, the cat clearly very relaxed around him. Cute, the both of them.
    "She's git a way for that. Comes with looking like a real life soot sprite, really. She wants people to either pet her or fight her. Glowfish got lucky, it seems"
  5. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Not that Asher would strictly mind being sat on.

    “She was going to fight me,” Aodhan huffed, glaring at the twins when they snickered. “I just happened to win her over before she did.”

    He gently combed his nails through her fur. She was incredibly soft. Landbound though she was, she wasn’t completely intolerable, at least. He could handle her claiming his lap every now and then, as long as she wasn’t looking for a fighr while she did it.
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  6. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Asher would have to ask for that, then.

    "I think you overestimate your ability to dissuade my cat from anything much that she's made up her mind about. If she wanted to fight you, you'd be having her dangling off a fin now, by way of all her pointy ends."

    Mod somehow managed to look even smugger now than she had before, purr kicking up a notch, though if that was because Matt had been flattering her, or because Glowfish was good at the pets was up for debate.
  7. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan sniffed, earrings jingling faintly as he flicked his fins back.

    “Maybe you underestimate my charm.” The last thing he wanted to do was start a fight with a tiny little ball of hate and fluff, though, honestly. He had a sneaking suspicion Mod and Matt were more alike in that regard than one might suspect. Tiny, sure, and cute, but she had claws and Aodhan didn’t need a firsthand demonstration of her skills with them.
  8. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "you keep telling yourself that." Matt snorted and leaned around to see how Asher's back was looking. He peeled back a corner of the clingfilm and considered. Hrm. No, another half hour wouldn't hurt.

    On Glowfish, Mod was slooowly drifting to the side, which was either an invitation for a belly rub aka 'softest part of an already soft cat' or a beartrap about to be sprung on his webbing. "But be careful anyways. Like I said, cats obey no rules but their own. Bit like fae, really"
  9. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Asher pouted at him again. "Dude, you're clingfilm edging me, that is rude as hell. It itches."

    Aodhan considered this new petting position, squinting suspiciously at Mod. Cats liked to eat fish, right, that was the trope? He wasn't sure she realized that he was much more a shark than a delicious tin of sardines. And, again, she had knives in her feet, and as tough as he was, he didn't enjoy holes being torn in his fins or his webbing.

    "Well, that's because they have common sense." Honestly, cats did have a lot of similarities to fae, and he could respect that. Cautiously, he reached out to pet Mod's belly, watching her fuzzy little face for a sign of betrayal.
  10. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "If you think that's edging, you got another think coming. Listen, half an hour and then I think we can peel you."

    Mod would eat a shark if given the chance. To her, sharks were likely just fish that needed more time invested before you could start chewing. She kept her eyes on Glowfish' hand, flexing a front paw enough to unsheathe a paw full of claws. The claws lightly dug into his pants but didn't do anything else yet. Her face stayed entirely pleasant.

    "Lover, she's fought cars. I love her dearly, but she does have a bit of an anger problem and not a lot of common sense at all."
  11. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    Glowfish considered the paw. Slowly, he pulled his hand away from her belly and petted her head instead. “I try to say something nice about your cat and this is the thanks I get.”

    “I mean,” Asher said breezily, ignoring the cat back and forth. “If I’m harshing your vibes with my tragic lack of edging knowledge, you could go ahead and educate me. Wink.”

    Coming on to someone while covered in clingfilm and wearing a backwards purple robe patterned with cartoon cats wasn’t his lowest moment, but it was close.
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  12. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    The handful of tiny knives vanished again, replaced by the softest of beans.

    "You know how the saying goes: 'beauty is pain'. In her case, it just happens to be other people's pain. And really, she's not chewed on you yet, it's fine."

    Matt looked over at Asher, considering, and then decided that fuck it, if Asher wanted to be like that... they could be like that. He leaned over to him, then against him, pressing against his side, one arm slipping under the cover of the bathrobe to run a fingertip across his stomach, just above the underwear. "I'm sorry" He was all but whispering against the shell of Asher's ear. Then he leaned back again, the fingertip retreated its path into the opposite direction. "It's an advanced class and you're not qualified. yet."
  13. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Thankfully for all of them, Lily had chosen this moment to have a smoke out back.

    Aodhan froze, ignoring the cat in favor of laser-focusing on the much more interesting humans in front of him. On the one hand, he wasn’t sure how he felt about Matt doing that with someone who wasn’t him. On the other...they were both awfully pretty, and Asher was his person, right? At the very least, he could appreciate the view.

    Asher laughed breathlessly, cheeks heating up. “Why don’t you go ahead and school me, then?”
  14. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    It made Mod go and noof his hands because how dare he stop petting her?!

    "Because you can't afford the tutoring." Really Asher was waaayy too easy to rile, but then again, Glowfish had been barely any better. Then again, Glowfish had those teeth going for him and was much less annoying than Asher any time of the day.
  15. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    "I can get financial aid--okay, no, the bit's dead, I'm just whipping its corpse now." Asher batted his eyelashes at him anyway, mostly for comedic effect. Listen, if he was formally banned from any of his usual hookups, then he was stuck with Matt, Glowfish, and Lily as people he could interact with without possessing them or whatever. Which meant that Matt was the only available human. Asher was going to at least try to work his magic on him.

    Glowfish absently patted Mod's head, looking a little put out himself. Voyeur fish? It would fit with the rest of his staring-based proclivities.
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  16. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Some corpses like that, you know." Asher might even get to see some of them at the revel. It was a Revel, after all.

    For now, Matt didn't seem particularly bespelled by him yet, but maybe he just needed to apply more magic. Or hope that Matt hadn't seen it all yet and was immune. He leaned back on the touch, flicking a rather complicated looking strand away from his face as he went. Damn it Glowfish had really braided them all over the place, but damn if he was going to cave and undo them now.

    Mod was noofing Glowfish's hand again, then seemingly got tired of not having his full attention and wandered over to loaf on Matt, immediately occupying his entire attention.
  17. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    "I don't think I wanted to know that," Asher said, wrinkling his nose, "but thanks anyway I guess."

    He snickered at Matt flicking the braid out of his face. "He really got you good, dude. You look like the end result of a basket weaving competition."
  18. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "Sucks to be you, then. You're aware that this is gonna be a revel made up of like half vampires, yes?" After all, if someone like Dame Geme-Enlila invited you, you made sure to show up and show everyone else up, too.

    He picked up the nearest braid, some fishtail thing. "Maybe, but gotta admit i like it when people know what to do with their hands."
  19. Asher Lachance

    Asher Lachance nice going dude you deactivated my charcoal

    "Vampires are not corpses. This is my hill and I will die on it." Corpses were icky by definition, okay. Vampires had entirely too much sexy factor for that, even if he wasn't as into them as Lily was. He could admit hot when he saw it.

    Glowfish smirked, resting his chin in his palms now that he didn't have a cat to pet. "I can do a lot of other things with my hands, too." The wink was, really, unnecessary. Even for Asher.
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  20. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "they are undead." He snorted. Look he yanking Asher's chain was just too much fun. Aside, it was true. They were undead, and corpses by a generous number of definitions.

    He kept petting Mod, and when she rolled over for him, he actually got to card his fingers through the extremely soft fluff on her belly. "Oh I'm sure you do. The evidence speaks for itself." He tugged two braids behind his ear, glad that even braided his hair was long enough to stay there.
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