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NSFW Summoning Abominations for Fun and Profit

Discussion in 'Fade To Black [18+]' started by Asher Lachance, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan struggled somewhat to follow the moves without getting stepped on. It was, very likely, much less risky than the dancing in the club had been, but being aware of where his feet were supposed to go made him take greater notice of all the other people stomping around the dancefloor. And how many of them were in stilletos or boots or had hooves or other things that could easily damage the thin membranes and delicate bones in his frog-feet. It made him overly cautious, and his movements were a little stilted with the extra time he took to make sure Matt's heel wouldn't land on him.

    Lily rested her chin in her palm, watching Geme-Enlila talked. She looked a little bit like a living statue, honestly, in this lighting; more like an exhibit in the museum than a visitor. Lily could listen to her talk about the things she'd seen and done for hours. "Where is he now? If you want to tell me, I mean."

    She could listen for hours, sure, but that didn't mean she was going to be a complete tool and make Geme relive painful memories, if she'd rather not.
  2. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    Matt was probably the smallest danger to his feet here. He clearly had practice dancing like this and avoided the possible frogfeet. "Relax a little, it's not a competition." at least not currently. Maybe later, after more Drinks and blood it would be.

    "It's been a long time. My memories are fond, most of all. He died some 400 years ago, said he'd grown tired of the world and asked Erishkigal to release him. It happens sometimes, when vampires are very old. It was peaceful, at least. Our blessing is quite merciful, there." she took a deep breath. "Apologies, that was dark"
  3. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    "Well I don't want to embarrass you," Aodhan huffed, making a face. "People are watching and you have a reputation."

    The vampires hadn't been dissuaded by the fact that Matt had obviously chosen him above them, and were watching just as closely as they had been earlier. It made him antsy and hyper-aware of where he was and what he was doing.

    Lily shrugged. "Dark isn't bad." She'd be more upset if Geme had insisted on only talking about light and cheerful things, honestly. "You haven't? Grown tired, I mean."
  4. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    "it takes a lot to embarrass me," And Asher was busy elsewhere, so if he decided to get naked safe for a tactically placed banana peel and dance on the buffet table, Matt could pretend not to know him.
    Of course the vamps were watching him. Here at the revel and with the mood relaxing further more alcohol was flowing, he could let up on his grip on his powers and let the tips of his braids frost over.

    "No, but some people do find it jarring when I speak about death so...calmly. But to answer your question...no, i haven't, not by a long shot. Things are changing so fast now, I admit I'm quite curious as to how it all will develop. Perhaps one day my skills might be of use to the public at large again." She grinned, eyes sparkling. "Perhaps I'll be the first vampire on Mars, who knows? So much can change in a hundred years, never mind a thousand."
  5. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    "Well, maybe I don't want to embarrass me, then," Aodhan said, but he did make an effort to loosen up. Matt letting loose and his magic frosting over his hair was a sight to be sure, and seeing him relax a little did, in some small way, help Aodhan ease up a little. He took a slow breath and focused on the music, trying to ignore the feeling of the vampires' eyes on him.

    "I think speaking about it calmly is better than trying to mince around it, you know? I like it when people don't try so hard to spare my feelings." She smiled back, pausing to wave a server over and ask for a glass of sparkling juice. "I think that's a good perspective to have about all that shit. There's so much I want to see that's just happening now, let alone the things that might happen a lifetime from now."
  6. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    "Then I suppose we'll just have to have lessons more regularly." This would be a lot easier of Matt could have been leading, but with the size difference between them that wasn't gonna happen any time soon. At least not without looking supremely awkward. Still, they were making their way across the dancefloor in the same slow circle at the rest of the couples. At least a waltz wasn't a horrible hast dance. If this has been a charleston or some such he wouldn't have tried it.

    "A very sensible mindset." Geme-Enlila got her own goblet refilled while the server was already there, gesturing with it as she talked. "I have always been very fond of the stars. The idea of maybe one day getting to see them up close for myself is... incredibly tempting. There must be so many other worlds out there and knowing that if I want to and am a little bit lucky, I could easily be around to see humanity reach them does make me a little giddy. There are too many mysteries still out there to want to leave already." It was clear from her tone that the idea was genuinely exciting to her. She'd been around long enough to see most corners of the world and now other spaces were starting to come into reach.
  7. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    "Are you offering to be my teacher?" The corners of Aodhan's mouth quirked upwards in a smile, until he remembered how upset Giselle already was that he was out and about. She'd be furious if he found more excuses to mess around and neglect his duties back home. "I'll think about it. When are we going to have time to dance, anyway, with everything going on?"

    Lily grinned; seeing Geme-Enlila so enthusiastic about something was infectious. It made her look youthful and vibrant, alive even though Lily guessed that wasn't exactly accurate. "If anyone deserves to see the stars up close like that, it's you. You've been studying how they work for...how long, now?"

    She paused, giving the Dame a wry look. "I hope you don't mind that I want you to stick around on-planet for a while, though."
  8. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    Well, perhaps. Matt shrugged. "We'll se about that. Are you even willing to learn?"
    "You just make time for it of course. That' s how hobbies generally work."

    "Some for thousand years, give or take a few. but fear not, i have no plans to go into a galactic cruise ship just yet" it was lovely to talk about this without the other Party just indulging her. A lot of vamps didn't See the point of such things. Lily clearly did
  9. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “Of course I’m willing to learn.” Aodhan was silent for a moment, thinking back on all of the beautifully-choreographed ballroom dance scenes in some of his favorite films, with the decadent dresses, the way the dancers all seemed to move as a unit, and the passion between whoever the central characters were. “I mean, it seems very...interesting. But I already have hobbies, and I’m busy besides. And so are you, Necromancer.”

    “That kind of focus must take a lot of dedication,” Lily said, “You must know more than almost any other physicist out there...I mean, that’s incredible. I have no idea how anyone manages to study that kind of thing without their brain melting out of their ears.”

    Shit. She’d meant to be flattering, not to veer into gross metaphor territory. “I mean, your students are really lucky. You could be doing anything you wanted, and instead you’re here.” The ‘with me’ part of that sentence was implied; the idea that the Dame would want to spend her time teaching someone like Lily was mind-boggling.
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  10. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    "A considering part of my current time is taken up by babysitting Asher. No reason I couldn't bring, say music and teach you the steps while he fucks around with his violin."
    Speaking of which, where was Asher even? Of course, being five feet nothing meant that Matt had a terrible vantage for finding people in a crowd. He'd find him later. "Also you could just let me lead, that might be easier."

    "It isn't that much focus, really. But if you have a lot of time you also have time to pick up a lot of details. Imagine if you spent just five minutes a day learning a language. That doesn't sound much, does it? But if you do that for four thousand years, it'd have spent about 14 years doing nothing else but that language. In 14 years you can become pretty decent at most languages.
    It is... easier to follow a topic as complicated as quantum and particle physic if you were around for its invention, really. I was there when the foundations were established, moreover I realized that I had been working those some basic principles for all my life in way or the other, instead of having to pick up a brick sized textbook now. Being able to warp space around me was nothing I learn when space-time was invented as a term. I could already do it. But knowing why reality was bending to my will like that, and how exactly it did that allowed me to be more precise. It even allowed me to predict which theories would live and which would die. I knew when things wouldn't work because I knew that if I tried to do this as a spell it wouldn't work. These things do not exist in isolation, they are interconnected and they do not become less so just because only part of the web is easily visible or even conceivable. If I tug on one string I can make other ones sing but I cannot strum all of them at once."

    Geme-Enlila took a sip from her goblet again. "Apologies, that was likely not what you wanted to hear. What I meant to say was that you shouldn't sell yourself short. You have the gift for it and trust someone with the experience of it: I think you will be truly magnificent if you out the work in it. That's why I am here, why I offered to teach you. Because I want to see that talent bloom into what it can truly be. I want to help you reach that point." Her mouth quirked up at the corners. "Though let it be said that you being very pretty doesn't hurt, either." But she could get 'pretty' a dime a dozen if she wanted to. Finding someone like Lily, with all that fire and talent? That was so much rarer.
  11. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    “Hm, maybe that could work.” Aodhan briefly paused, changing up his grip to mimic what Matt had been doing. “So go ahead and lead, then.”

    Lily felt her face heat up and she spluttered for a moment, at a loss for words. It was easier to dish out praise than to receive it, most times. Especially when the Dame was calling her pretty, of all things. That wasn’t an adjective she felt applied to her at the best of times, let alone compared to someone decked out in Geme-Enlila’s finery.

    “I—god, wow, I wish I had something to say that wasn’t so, I don’t know, awkward? God.” She took a steadying drink. Flirting with girls was easy; say something nice, smile, ask questions about their life. She wasn’t often in a position where she was caught on the back foot like this, and it was taking some getting used to. Not that she was opposed to getting used to it.

    “Thanks, I mean. People don’t tell me I’m talented at, uh, anything often. Except maybe vandalism.”

    She’d been pretty fucking exceptionally talented at slashing tires for a brief period in high school, if she said so herself.
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  12. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    Joke was on him, Matt knew how to lead, and how to lead someone bigger than himself, too. Moving Glowfish wasn't easy at all, simply due to how big he was, but hey it wasn't a dance competition, who cared if he kept proper frame or not? "Better?"

    Geme-Enlila hid her own smirk behind her own drink. Seeing Lily flustered like that was just delightful and she was enjoying the view immensely. A cute girl all sputtering like that just because she'd rightfully called her pretty... "Then people are far too shortsighted. Or perhaps they don't value a good act of vandalism, which is also quite the pity."
  13. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Aodhan shrugged. It was easier to let Matt take the lead and direct where they were going, yes, but... “Doing it backwards is, hmm, weird. How do you deal with not being able to see where you’re going?”

    Although, of course, he might well have been blocking Matt’s view either way.

    Lily snorted, reaching up to push a loose curl of hair out of her face. “I think mostly they didn’t appreciate being late to work or having to replace all their tires, honestly.”

    She was lucky she’d merely been suspended for that, she guessed. Or lucky her mother had paid for the repairs. “Thanks, though. I...this feels right, you know? Like I’ve been waiting for something like this all my life.”

    Back in LA, she’d been putting exactly enough effort into school to keep her mother from cutting her off financially, and had mostly just been...existing. She liked the sun and the heat and the people well enough, but it had felt like going through the motions. Circumstances aside, she finally felt awake, here.
  14. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    "You're a two feet taller than me and building like a brick house. I'm flying blind either way." At least now he was calling the shots. "Also I can feel where we're going because I can sense the people around us." The dead, the living, the inbetween. He usually only used this particular part of his senses to navigate in the city, but he could just as well use them to navigate a crowded room in pitch dark. Or while leading a ridiculously tall fae.

    She snorted. "What an excellent excuse to be late though. An expensive one, but still highly effective."

    "That's something a lot of mages experience before they realize what they are. It was the same for me, back when I was as green as you are now. My life before being a priestess wasn't bad. But- it had lacked something. I kept wishing for change without even knowing what sort of change I wanted, right until a member of the priesthood came by, saw me and recognized my talent for what it was."
  15. Lily Lachance

    Lily Lachance New Member

    Aodhan flattened his fins against his face to help with the visibility, but it was a lost cause.

    “What do they feel like?” He asked, suddenly deeply curious. He couldn’t navigate with what his own abilities allowed him to pick up on; people and things were either faint blobs of Alive and therefore Good, Not Alive, or the strangest and most uncomfortable of all, In Between. “What do I feel like, to you?”

    Lily hummed, shifting her free hand so that it was ever-so casually resting on top of Geme-Enlila’s. “Well, hey, if you ever need a reason to skip some stuffy event, give me a call and I can fix you up.”

    She nodded enthusiastically. “Exactly! It was okay, you know, but that’s all it ever was. Just okay. And now...I mean, god, I wish I’d found out some other way, but this is so much better.”

    Benefiting from Asher’s suffering ate at her, but it was undeniable. She’d just have to throw herself that much harder into curing him, if they hadn’t managed to excise it completely.

    “What was it like for you, before?”
  16. Matthias

    Matthias Death, dust, party, repeat

    Honestly the fins were the smallest problem here.
    "Like a topographical map. I can count the 'spikes' of where people are alive and the in-between and the drops where they are irrevocably dead. It's like a magnet with three poles and I can pick whatever I need to orient myself. It's vivid in a way 'Im not sure I could explain, not really sight but it adds...depth to what I'm seeing. I could tell you who of the present people is going to die soon, who is ill, who is pregnant." A mage on the other side of the room, looking fine yet but with a brain tumor growing near their spine. A were who was still on the mend from an injury to the chest, the fae couple dancing a few meters away who was due to a clutch of young soon.

    "You feel like pure Life, or almost. I can basically taste it." And it was oh so tempting to try and take a bite. "I could probably find you from the other end of the city, if I wanted to, now that I got your scent."

    Geme-Enlila turned her hand to lace their fingers together gently. "I'll make sure to come back to it the next time the council of mages feel like they can summon me like an errand maid."

    "Before I became a vampire, or before I came a priestess and trained mage? I've seen a lot of 'befores' in my life so far, I fear."
  17. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan glanced around, eyes wide, and very nearly misstepped. Probably best to keep his attention on Matt. That was hardly difficult anyway; the lights reflected off the frost in his hair, framing his face in away one might describe as angelic, if they didn’t know better.

    “That’s incredible,” he murmured. He could detect illness and injury, or a pregnancy, but not from such a distance, not without focusing. Telling when someone would die soon was limited more strictly to the necromantic side of things, but even then, Aodhan doubted many others could claim that.

    “Do you? Want to?” Aodhan’s tone carried a hint of wariness in it. Had he led Matt to his people? Had he been there already, without Aodhan’s knowing? How long until he got curious and decided asking questions wasn’t getting him far enough?

    “Good point.” Lily hummed thoughtfully, leaning in close. “Let’s go with before you became a priestess? Chronological order or whatever. It must have been so different back then, I don’t think I can imagine it.”
  18. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    Perhaps more of a fallen Angel, in his case, or just one of those who guided souls too heaven after death.

    It was always a little strange for Matt if people were taken aback by his talents. Surely word had gotten out, and beings like fae often had senses humans lacked. But obviously enough, Glowfish hadn't known at all.
    "No. I'm busy enough with any fae-trailing in my freetime. Should I?" he had assumed that there's be no point, that Glowfish had hidden is tracks, but going by his reaction.... Maybe he hadn't. Perhaps he'd have to go hunting after all.

    "Ah yes" Geme-Enlila settled down more comfortably, swirling the blood in her goblet as if the light playing on the surface showed her things. Maybe it did.
    "A long time ago, that. I grew up a merchant's daughter. My family traded in metals: silver, gold, Copper, bronze. I fully expected to one day inherit it with whatever husband my parent might have chosen for me. It wasn't a bad life at all. My Parents lived in some comfort in Ur, and i likely would have done the same. Instead, one day a highranking priest came to use to buy gold, to turn bracelts for the temple dancers. He saw me sitting in a corner, copying contracts and saw potential."
    "My Parents weren't Too thrilled, really. He was going to take their only surviving child away. In the end, they agreed. The temple compensated them, and kept them just as comfortable when they'd grown old. It wasn't uncommon back then, you see. Mage children were rare, especially unclaimed ones. We were worth a lot of gold and grain. Certainly more than any bride price my parent could have gotten. Of course, the temple didn't get the priestess of Inanna they wanted. I felt drawn to other things, and when my dedication day rolled around, Erishkigal intervened against her sister. They fight, like siblings do, you see? I was made her priestess instead."
  19. Aodhán

    Aodhán saltwater and spite

    Aodhan had known, vaguely, that Matt was powerful, and that he was a necromancer, but specifics had eluded him. Which was part of the fuel behind his concern; he always made an effort to move secretly, but if Matt could pick up his scent across the city, how much good would his wards and shields do against him? Although, of course, if Matt was considering something like that, it was only fair to repay the favor...

    "No." He flicked his fins. "You shouldn't. I'm pretty boring most of the time, really. If you wanted to sit in bed and watch movies with me, you just need to ask, not try and hunt me down."

    Lily nodded, thinking about the fights she and Asher could get into. Those were intense enough as it was; godly sibling rivalry had to be deadly. "It doesn't sound like you had a lot of...choice, in things? Before Erishkigal chose you, I mean. That would have made me so angry, I wouldn't have handled it well at all."
  20. Geme-Enlila

    Geme-Enlila New Member

    "Well now that's usually not the activity that people invite me to bed for." not that he was complaining or anything. He quite liked it like that.

    Geme-Enlila nodded with a slight frown. I see how it must look like that to you. But times were quite different, you see. Being picked for the priesthood was a great honor, and i lept at the chance. My parents would hardly have agreed to it at all if i had been entirely opposed. As it was, they just bargained for the best price. It was a necessity in no small part. There were no retirement funds back then. If you got old, your children cared for you. If they didn't, or if you had none, you'd have to beg, or keep working. I was their only child, and about to be taken from them. They did the right thing. And i was.... Grateful to have a purpose at last. No doubt i would have served Inanna well, if perhaps not as well or long as i serve Erishkigal now. I became headpriestess, a scholar, immortal. None of those things would have been possible to a merchant's daughter"
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