Train Surfing For Great Justice: The God Eaters

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by jacktrash, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    i feel slightly awkward making a fan thread for my own book, but some folk said i should, and i'm very suggestible when i'm sleep-deprived, so here it is.


    you can read it for free on lj or a couple other places idk google it, i can't even remember where all i put it, i am super ok with people reading it for free because the lulu paperback is stupid expensive. but if you wanna buy me pizza there's this:

    ok self-promotion done, now it's time to talk about what's important: melodramatic teenage boys with superpowers, their omg forever love, and its absurd body count. :P
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  2. peripheral

    peripheral Kinky Digamma

    *camps out in thread*

    Only have read part of it so far but A+ magic system.
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  3. eddie

    eddie ...

    Reminds me I need to reread. It's such a good thing ahhh. Your style is perfect for my attention span and I love it so much. <3
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  4. Aviari

    Aviari PartyWolf Is In The House Tonight

    My copy is sitting on my computer desk, haven't gotten a chance to read it yet.
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  5. vegacoyote

    vegacoyote dog metaphores and pedanticism

    I have been meaning to buy this in dead tree format. (It doesn't much help that my dead-tree format reading materials are still in a state of boxed disarray from the last time I moved. Bleh.) But yes. *ticks this thing back on the mental To Do list*
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  6. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    I remember scrolling through GoodReads in a fit of desperation (as one does) and running across this as number... five? On a list of books with prominent gay protags. First thought: oh sweet jesus magic cowboys is my shit, second thought: now hold on a second, this name looks familiar, third thought: holy fuck is that jumpingjacktrash.

    But! I adore the magic/gods system, and I think I'm due for a reread. (Oh hey, they have a nook version. Maybe I can get my mom to read it too!)
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  7. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    I remember being up in the middle of the night reading The God Eaters on an iPad I'd snuck downstairs and I just kept reading until it was almost morning. I read it all in one sitting, and the ending was beautiful and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days.

    I just really love The God Eaters.
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  8. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    Welp, I guess I know what I'm reading tonight.
    your writing is super good, btw.
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  9. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    reading it rn and i gotta be honest, i admire kierans ability to fall asleep anywhere basically on command
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  10. albedo

    albedo metasperg

    Yesssss, I love The God Eaters. I have the dead tree version. :D

    I would also like to shriek in glee about how wonderful "The West Canal", Kastor Chronicles, and Jack Saturday Can't Fail are. Jack Saturday in particular is ... okay, some of y'all are local, does it make sense to you when I say "hill trash"? The kind of Midwestern rural dude who's dressed in army surplus pants and battered t-shirts, with a dog and a pickup and scrap metal all over the yard, and the kind of swagger that's half bravado and half knowing exactly who you are and how hard you can hit?

    Jack Saturday's a city kid, but he's that kind of swaggering trash, and I love him for it. I don't see a lot of characters who I see myself in, and I just... I have an ongoing soft spot for the guy. Because of all his anger issues and failures of empathy and his stupid swagger and fried hair, because that's me. That's my kind of people.

    @jacktrash , your writing is so damn awesome, and I'm so glad you've been doing it.

    (ETA: I feel like I should note that yes obviously violence is bad and doing it irl is bad, do not try to Jack Saturday at home. But. Yeah.)
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2016
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  11. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    I read the online version in one breathless afternoon and evening, laid on the bed with cartoon swirly eyes of excellent-book-feelings for a while, then immediately ordered the dead tree version, because some things you love enough to need to be able to touch them?

    I immediately reread the book when it shipped. And promptly recommended it to all my friends.
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  12. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    omg i should stop liking every single post in this thread but you guyssssss *blushing my head off*

    the topic came up because i found some god eaters fanfic on ao3 and was flailing about whether i could/should kudos or bookmark it, or whether that'd make the authors feel too scrutinized. but it seriously made my whole week.
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  13. peripheral

    peripheral Kinky Digamma

    If I wrote god eaters fanfic or even fanfic of your fanfic (actually can I write fanfic of your fanfic eventually) I would be stoked
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  14. Mercury

    Mercury 17 Quicksilver Scribe Tramples The Unrepentant

    I really need to re-read this. I read it back when my brain had turned to mush and I don't think I recall more than the vaguest of details now. Which is actually good, because that means I get to experience it as if it were totally new to me and I'd just read a few spoilers once upon a time! :3

    I wrote a fic for a tiny indie game and the creator not only read it but started following me on tumblr, and it was REALLY WEIRD and unsettling at first because omg, I'm making their characters have weird, emotionally fraught sex, this is embarrassing - but when they were totally chill with it I was eventually able to calm down and be chill with it too and kind of de-escalate them in my mind from CREATOR OF COOL THING to person who made this cool thing I like and who likes the thing I made about their cool thing, in turn.

    So it might be really unsettling to them, but at the same time it could really make their days, as well. I think it's worth a try?
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  15. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    Okay I'm about to get really personal, fair warning!

    I read The God Eaters the first time when my life was a clusterfuck, one element of which was struggling with my sexuality. This was probably the first piece of literature I read that had queer protags who weren't a) sad and dying because of queerness specifically or b) smutty romance-novel-y fanfic. While that's not a bad genre, I wanted something more than just sexuality, you know? This had an awesome magic system, a fabulous plot, and characters I loved who were queer and loved each other. The first time I read it I cried when I finished, because I was so upset that the first thing that I had found that appealed to my tastes was over and I had no idea how to find anything else like it. (And then I read the Kastor books.)

    Also, as someone who was drugged and molested and abused as a kid, I related to Kieran so, so hard - I had to stop and start several times at the prologue, actually - and at sixteenish it was so relieving to get someone who had that happen to him and who was affected by it, but it wasn't his whole character and he moved past it and was happy. I think I cried the most about that. This book means so much to me and I'm sorry to gush all over you, but I'm actually tearing up again just talking about it. This book might have legitimately saved my life, sorry to get heavy on you.

    Tl;dr I love this book so much thank you for writing it, I'm sorry for gushing.
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  16. eddie

    eddie ...

    Tbh I had a sort of Homestuck / God Eaters au written out, but never came to a full fledged fic bc the magic / science in the world building had to be perfect and I didn't wanna heck it up.
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  17. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    on chapter three and oh no this is very good
    and now i'm gonna have a new obsession that no one I know irl will have read
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  18. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    omg don't be sorry, this makes me so happy to hear. *a million hugs*

    hell yes you can write fanfic of my fanfic, one of the things i love about fandom is everyone gets to play with all the toys.
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  19. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    oh gods I didn't realize they were MY AGE
    this makes everything more godsdamn feelings-y
    damnit beardad your writing gives me feelings.
    (pardon my book reading thoughts dump on this thread)
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  20. kmoss

    kmoss Under Construction

    I continue to super love this book
    (okay, everything you've ever written, lbr)

    especially because it's not stuff like "I am tragic and in high school and oh no I have the queer", it's COWBOYS and MAGIC

    ....I wish there could be a movie equal to the one I play in my head when I read it
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