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    About; or, an introduction

    Hello! Welcome to my blog. I'm a queer man named Mort. My blog is mostly full of things I find on the internet that I like, and also my ramblings. I may also include some of the writing do, who knows.

    Feel free to interact with my posts here if you have something you wanna say or something, though I prefer to avoid drama. This is mostly just my personal rumpus room to fuck around in. For untitled posts I often edit them to add extra information instead of making a new post, as long as it hasn't been too long since the last post/edit.

    I'll add more to this Big Important Base Post later but right now this is all I got.
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    Grizzly Caterpillar

    To start: some nice music! This is one of my favourite songs because it sounds like home. It's the kind of song I listen to when I just want to feel good.
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    Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy
    Well, I just bought Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy because it was on sale... time to have fun being angry at a man in a pot, I suppose.

    It is now later, and maybe I should play some more of this game. It's not bad! I'm not in a bad spot compared to how much I've played it, and I don't expect to reach the top of the mountain. I bought it on sale after Errant Signal did a nice dissection of it.
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    I'd start off this post by saying 'well,' but that feels the teensy bit repetitive, so I'm starting it off like this! The boredom got to me enough that I figure I'll start posting here for historical importance and also because why not have a place to write to. It probably won't understandable to anyone but me, but eh. It's a start.

    This reminds me of a daily journal I used to keep some years ago. I wasn't too good at it, I'll admit - but I did keep up the habit for a decent time. I'm starting to consider whether or not I should change my icon, since it's been the same since I joined.
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    A Better Place, A Better Time

    Feeling this song today. It's probably the most generally popular Streetlight Manifesto song, and for very good reason. It was probably the first song by the band that I really liked, and constantly re-clicking the timestamp for this one on the album video is what led me to my favourite, so... the kind of bare-bones feel from the song itself is one of the best things about it, I think.
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    Oh hell yes, I love Streetlight and that's a great song!!
  7. CRCR

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    I know, right? I love it so much.
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    Well, I finished a piece of artwork yesterday (illustration of 'If and When We Rise Again' because I had the idea and wanted practice minimal color), so today I'm just going to relax and read. The past few days weeks have been very focused on making things, and while I like that, it's good to actually relax once in a while. Though I know soon I'll be on the writing train, because I have a lot of ideas.
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    Relaxing is going great, though the idea train has started up again so I'm on/off working on a lyric/illustration video to 'Condition 11:11' by Defiance Ohio. It's shaping up to be one of my favourite songs for the year because it resonates the feeling of grief and tragedy so well. The last lines just get me.

    Additionally: for the first time in forever... I change my icon! My former one was good and will be missed, but my new one keeps the same tone, so I'm satisfied.
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    Yesterday I went through and sliced down my Ao3 To-Read list down to slightly over half what it once was, so I'm satisfied. I'm bad at knowing when to give up on reading a thing and prioritizing how I spend my time in certain ways, but I'm getting better.

    Another Nana Grizol song from the new album got released, so I've been listening to it. Nana Grizol is my second-favourite band, it's just so good... the sound, the lyrics, pretty much everything.

    Annnnd because right now I'm a bit agitated, I think I'm just going to make a list of my favourite Nana Grizol songs.
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    A Brief Look at Nana Grizol [1/2]
    I'm going to be going through each album and selecting my two favourites, to ensure an even spread, and then I'm just going to nerd about why I like the song for a bit. Note that I'm not including Theo Zumm because it's a re-release. That also includes the never-officially-released self-titled album.

    And oh, misguided secret angel on the run

    This is quite possibly my favourite Nana Grizol song, ever. It's sweet, vaguely melancholic, and the lyrics are just beautiful. I also tie it to a dear friend of mine, but it's very much good on its own. The way the words in the lyrics sort of curve around when sung is just excellent. Also this recording of it very much reminds me of this version of 'A Better Place, A Better Time'. The same sort of quiet, fuzzy melody.

    It's just too cold to hitchhike to your door?

    This song probably encapsulates the general things of Nana Grizol's voice and style. Whimsical lyrics expressing beautiful moments, and good backing. The images that atmosphere from this song are very clear in my head.

    It starts with 'oh shit', and it ends with 'I'm sorry', and it plays in his head all the time

    I've honestly always put Ruth as Nana Grizol's weakest album, but though it doesn't quite have One Big Song that has such a strong feel of atmosphere and individuality (which is probably Nana Grizol's strongest draw for me), it's probably the album I return to the most often across the board. One of the reasons behind that is 'Blackbox'. If it (and the album) gave me the kind of atmosphere the two others do, this would be the Big Song. And it kind of is! I have no idea why I've consistently nailed Ruth as a weaker atmosphere when I pretty much love the songs and the things behind them; the sound of the music itself just doesn't quite ping my brain compared to the others. Maybe it's because they're not pinned to people or memories the way the others are. Anyway, the song itself is comprised of beautiful lyrics that ruminate on mortality coupled with a strong backing that gives a sense of urgency.

    No-one ever won a jackpot on a gentleman's bet!

    This song is catchy as fuck - it's short, sweet, the lyrics and the rhythm just work. It's hard to say much about this song - it's just Very Good.

    A man who lived through Hell, stumbled, orphaned to his home

    A departure from Nana Grizol's typical sound, and it works. The extremely minimalist style and tune just work. The lyrics are still eloquent and clever, and this song is probably the one that lets the lyrics truly show off the best.
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    A Brief Look at Nana Grizol [2/2]
    The forum says I can't have more than 5 bits of embedded media, and I'm unwilling to not embed these songs, so here's the second part. I'll probably update this when South Somewhere Else comes.

    The distance grew up like the night

    This song has a nostalgic vibe that I absolutely love. And, with the song's theme, it reminds me of a former friend. In a way, listening to it is a bit like getting a glimpse at that time. At least, how I remember it.
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    Doot de Doot Guitar Time
    (Less serious title because I do what I want.)
    Well, I just finished playing through 'A Better Place, a Better Time' on guitar. It was awkward as hell considering I know very little about guitars, but I did it! YAY FOR ME.
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    Seeing a thagomizer in a BBC dinosaur documentary had me digging up one of my Far Side books. Though it's not as iconic as Calvin and Hobbes for me, I used to read my grandparents' Far Side books relentlessly as a kid. In retrospect, that probably did something to shape my sense of humor.
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    Well, my order of Moon Cheese just came in and I am enjoying it SO MUCH. I got the little snack packs to avoid binge eating that stuff for health reasons but I HAVE MISSED MOON CHEESE.
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    642 words on what is my longest story yet! Fuck yeah! Especially after not working on it for a while. Haven’t played guitar in a couple of days so I plan to do that tomorrow and hopefully finish this story?
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    Whoops, I forgot to update that, but I did finish it. It's about 5.5k words so I'm proud. I also dug through my Work In Progress folder and have been reviving some of them.

    Also, I'm doing my annual Night Watch re-read and... I am Emotional.
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    Pokémon Metronome Battle
    So I was having a Gen 7 Pokémon battle where the only legal Pokémon/move was Pokémon that knew the move Metronome (because I didn't know where was actually an official Metronome battle format at the time I suggested it), and near the end of the battle all of my remaining Pokémon ran out of Metronome PP, so I said:

    Murder Pixie Dream Bastard | Today at 18:41
    Well... I'm out of Metronomes! You could almost say... the struggle is real.

    To which he replied:

    [Omitted] | Today at 18:42

    Anyway, it's been a good day, puns or no.
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    In suddenly-active news, Less Than Jake has a new album coming out soon.
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  20. Acey

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    OH FUCK YEAH, I'll have to check it out! Ska Good.
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