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    raydelblau the giant rat who makes all of the rules

    I haven't had a lucid dream in a while, so hopefully this'll help.

    These dreams get personal, but if this thread belongs in the blogette zone, the powers that be should feel free to move it
    Snippets of last night's dream, though it's mostly gone by now:

    * I was hiking some portion of the MA Appalachian Trial. It had just rained, and the weather was cool and humid.

    * There were two paths. The first was out in the open, with bits of man-made industrial material strewn along the side. One of them went through a cave – more of a tunnel, really – angular and irregular, full of broad, criss-crossing beams of light.

    * I walked down the second path. On the other side I suddenly found myself on the verge of falling into a muddy brown river – the bank was steep, overgrown, and only walled off by a low makeshift fence made of wooden posts and wire.

    * There was something about the old country fellow who oversaw the trail... he was sinister, there was definitely something up with him, but I don't remember what the issue was. We (me and the other person I was with, though I don't remember who) definitely tried to avoid him on the way back.
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  2. raydelblau

    raydelblau the giant rat who makes all of the rules

    * Law school dream! It was orientation, which took place on a woodsy conference center campus.

    * Everyone was a rich normie, as I fear they will be. One studly Asian man brought his own robotic, self-folding Keurig coffeemaker.

    * When it was time for the main event, we were to line up in sections — small groups of 80 or so, maybe fewer — and enter some kind of obstacle course. I forgot my bathing suit and had to race back to my cabin, but for some reason I didn’t put it on, and returned in my pajamas, embarrassed and late.

    * The activities themselves were cool: swimming against a blast of current, climbing arrangements of tree trunks suspended above forest and water while on belay. All of them required a bathing suit, so I opted out.

    * Some kind of meal happened after. I tried to convince my table-mates I wasn’t a complete idiot, and managed to look like one while insisting I was extremely good at chess, and won some championship — which I’m not, and didn’t.

    * At some point, in a different dream, my childhood dog Zoe was there with me! Zoe!!! We cuddled in bed, and I was so delighted she was there, my good girl, my poodle, awww, I miss you <3
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  3. raydelblau

    raydelblau the giant rat who makes all of the rules

    * I owned two birds (budgies? at least one of them was a blue budgie), after many prior attempts at owning two birds. I kept acquiring them at the bird store and hurting them somehow – grasping them too tightly when they tried to fly away, crushing them in too small a cage, not feeding them correctly, etc. They kept dying in my hands.

    It was distressing and I woke up unhappy about it, but also in-character as Capt. Jack Sparrow, which made the dream more bearable.
  4. raydelblau

    raydelblau the giant rat who makes all of the rules

    * My partner and I climbed up an incredibly tall and steep rock slope. Some folks were climbing along with us, and others ran, biked, or hiked down from above (this was alarming, as collisions were happening around us, and a fall to the bottom would be fatal.)

    * Once at the top (which we reached after clambering over a classical bust embedded in the rock), I spent a few minutes searching for a toilet. Most were squat-only, and I’m not about that life.
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