Undertale - Pet dogs and date a skeleton!

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Piratical, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    So, who else has been hit by the undertale train? I just finished my first playthrough and have been completely blindsided by how much I love the game.

    For those not aware, Undertale is a game from Toby Fox, also known as FwugRadiation of homestuck music fame. It's a story-based rpg influenced heavily by classic games like earthbound, and is based on the premise that there is never a situation in which you as the player have to kill someone - there are nonviolent solutions to pretty much everything. The art and writing are both super charming and the characters are brilliantly loveable. I would 100% recommend you check out the game, it's only $10 and is available on steam! (Late game has a pretty intense trigger warning for unreality, though, so perhaps try a lets play instead if you have problems with that.)

    Who the heck out there wants to smooch a skeleton? Papyrus, why did you break my heart? </3
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  2. Lambda

    Lambda everything happens so much

    I really want to buy it! But I can't really spend money these days, so it'll have to wait. It's rare for me to want a game enough to hold off on LPs, so I'm pretty excited, even though I already stumbled into a bunch of spoilers. Maybe by the time I actually get it, I'll have forgotten?

    (Really hope my computer can handle playing it too, agh.)
  3. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    I'd encountered some spoilers by the time I started playing and still had a great time! I expect you will too. :)
  4. Mercury

    Mercury 17 Quicksilver Scribe Tramples The Unrepentant

    I backed it when the Kickstarter was running and have played a bit! I really like it, but my reflexes are not great so I'm also pretty bad at the bullet hell bits of the combat. Alas.
  5. Aniseed

    Aniseed Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit of the way into it, but also struggle with the bullet hell bits. I'm trying to do an entirely pacifist run my first way through and it's pretty difficult at parts. But worth it.
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  6. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    That's what I did as well - problem is, I'm having trouble getting myself to do a non-pacifist playthrough now. ;^;
  7. Aniseed

    Aniseed Well-Known Member

    yeah that's the problem.. but it seems like the other way around would be equally as, idk, less rewarding.. the full experience of the game really is the pacifist run. Though doing genocide followed by pacifist gets you some uhh.. guilt trippy dialogue, lol.
  8. Aniseed

    Aniseed Well-Known Member

    Well, for those who have trouble with the bullet hell, the good news is you can get a really nice piece of armor that will help out a lot. It has 20 defense and increases the amount of time that you are Invincible between getting hit.

    The bad news is it's kind of a grind. But so far, seems worth it. Most things only take off about 1 Hp of damage.

    You'll have to progress the game pass Snowdin town, and into the Waterfall area. Proceed through that linearly until you get to the point where you fight a dummy and a ghost dude shows up. You'll probably encounter a vendor along the way, don't bother buying the armor he sells since we're just going to be getting something better from this.

    After you follow him you'll be in an area with a few paths. You can do all the other content here, but once you're ready, go right. Follow that path until you get to a point where a statue is being rained on...

    There will be a barrel of umbrellas past the statue. Grab one, put it on the statue.

    Once you figured that out, go back the way you came, and then north, to another related puzzle.

    You need to replicate the first 8 notes of the song that started playing in the statue area. You can do this by ear if you want to, or the answer is in the subspoiler..

    O ^ > O V V > . "O" is just hitting enter without having an arrow key pressed. And "V" is the best way I can signify the down arrow. :P

    Once you have that all solved, a door will open. Go in, and try to grab your reward.. only to get a message that you can't take it. Open your inventory, and use the item "Annoying Dog". A small scene will play, and afterwards you should have the item 'Dog Residue' in your inventory. Don't use it or do anything with it right now.

    Go back and continue along the path past the statue from earlier. This part is fairly linear. Keep following it and doing whatever you want, talking to whoever and such, participating in story events, until you reach a point where you enter a room that is all black except for some glowing trees and a path that glows and leads between mushrooms that unlock more of the path.

    This room has a secret exit that you are going to want to take to a secret area. You can try to find it yourself, otherwise..

    It's in the bottom right corner. The path will linearly guide you to the area, but you will be able to walk off the glowing grass and exit off the bottom of the screen.

    This area has a vendor that is the only one in the game (iirc) that will buy items from you. If you have any old armor or items you don't want, go ahead and sell them, but do not sell the dog residue! Also I'd probably check out whether an item is worth holding on to until certain points in the game, some random ones have effects on bosses later.

    After you sell whatever with the vendor, go through the talk menus, then look at the Buy list. All of the items are basically weird and worthless, except the last one for 1000g... this is what we are after. If you already have the 1000g somehow, go ahead and buy it. If you don't this is where some grinding comes in.

    Exit the vendor, go outside, and use the box nearby to empty everything you have into it -except- for the Dog Residue. Exit the box, go to your inventory, and use it. It will fill your inventory with more Dog Residues, and occasionally Dog Salads. As long as you have one Dog Residue in your inventory it can be used to fill up your inventory with more Dog Residues and Dog Salads, effectively resulting in infinite money.. if you have the patience to sit around and go through selling things for a long time.

    So now, go back in, sell all of the Dog Salads and Dog Residues except for 1 Dog Residue. The prices on residue will all differ, it's generally best to sell all of the high value ones and just hold on to one with the lowest value to use to generate more. Occasionally the vendor will do an extra dialogue saying that they really want the item, and offer to pay 1g more. Refuse this offer, and their second offer will generally be for about double the price! Take this offer, any further refusal just makes them miffed and refuse to offer more. Continue selling and generating more residue and selling until you have the 1000g, then buy that last item..

    .. When the NPC comes back after a brief exit, check out the Buy menu. A new item will be in the last slot, and it will likely have a -very- expensive price tag, depending on how your game has been going. The good thing is this price can be reduced to 1000g. Go into the Talk menu, and ask the vendor about the item. They'll give you a bit of dialogue, and they'll say that they'll lower the price if you -Lose- more battles. A few people have reported the vendor saying they'll lower the price if they -Flee- more battles. Either way take note of what the vendor says.. and prepare to do it!

    Go outside, save, and then go back to the glowing path screen. Walk around a bit to get monsters to attack you, and then either Lose or Flee, depending on what you need to do to lower the price. The higher the price, the faster it drops.. when I got there, the price the vendor wanted was 6000, and it seemed to drop by about 500 each time I died until around 3000, when it started dropping by 250, then 150. You don't need to save each time you respawn, though check in with the vendor every once in a while until you see that the price is 1000. This is the lowest the price can go.

    Once the price is 1000g.. it's time to spawn and sell Dog Residues and Salads over and over again.. again. Get 1000g this way, buy the armor, and congrats! The best armor in the game!

    I'd recommend sticking around a bit if you have the patience to grind out another 1000g if you want to because it is a good way to mindlessly get money. But if you don't want to, just plop the last Dog Residue in the box, take whatever you want back out, and continue on your way.
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  9. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    Good to know! I used the dog residue when I only had one space in my inventory, so it just turned into a dog salad. I'd been wondering what that was all about.
    And, uh.
    I caved and looked up a video of the sorts of things that happen in a genocide run. Don't do it, dudes. Watch a video if you have to find out but... don't do the run.

    ...Sans, buddy... ;-;
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  10. Lambda

    Lambda everything happens so much

    Ahhh, I was actually planning on starting with a violent run, then doing the pacifist route. I'm not sure which way would be best, really, because I'd like to see whatever unique content there is for doing things in a specific order. Pacifist -> violent is probably the intended way, though?
  11. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    There's been some discussion about intended order and a lot of people seem to think it's pacifist->neutral->genocide, though my personal guess is neutral->pacifist->genocide? Of course, that's assuming it's actually intended that you take the gen route at all. Still, there's a big difference between just playing violent violent and genocide, because
    if you just kill everything you come across you'll still get the neutral ending. In genocide you have to specifically seek out and kill enemies in every area, until there's no one left and the game just says 'but no one came' when you get a random encounter. You've gotta kill literally everything the game allows you to encounter/fight.
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  12. Pumpkageist

    Pumpkageist Warning: I Shitpost

    I'm following a playthrough of this game at the moment, and it is so frickin adorable! (I'm watching a pacifist playthrough, obviously). The numerous references to Homestuck and Homestuck characters are a lot of fun to spot, too (I nearly died the first time the player encountered the Aaron enemy).
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  13. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    I'm mostly glad that the references are done in a way that isn't really othering to people who aren't familiar with homestuck. I mean, they're baffling to be sure but not in a way that feels like a joke one isn't in on.
  14. Pumpkageist

    Pumpkageist Warning: I Shitpost

    Yeah, they fit the absurd and irreverent tone of the game pretty well.
  15. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    Do you have a favourite character so far? :o
  16. Pumpkageist

    Pumpkageist Warning: I Shitpost

    I love them all, but Papyrus absolutely slays me.
  17. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    I'm partial to papyrus, sans, and napstablook myself, but I definitely agree that they're all just wonderful.
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  18. Aniseed

    Aniseed Well-Known Member

    I imagine the realistic intended order would be neutral - pacifist - genocide. Somebody going in blind would likely kill some enemies and mercy others, or at least not have the know how to kill everything for the true genocide ending. Then after beating the game people might try for pacifist since that ones easier than true genocide.

    Though one thing to note is that if you do genocide followed by pacifist you get some special dialogue at points. I'm not sure if this is true in the reverse.
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  19. Aniseed

    Aniseed Well-Known Member

    Well I beat my pacifist play through.. and now I have 0 interest in doing a genocide run. I think I'd just rather watch one.
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  20. Piratical

    Piratical Dis-member

    That final boss fight, tho. ;-; The dialogue you get when you 'save' folks hit me super hard.
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