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Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by seebs, Feb 9, 2017.

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    So, I get sick of being yelled at and insulted, and I get annoyed, and I start wanting to Fix Everything by drastic measures, which is unrewarding to the board.

    General observations:
    1. I am actually a person. If you're being an asshole to me, I'm gonna take it personally. No, that's not changing. No, this doesn't mean "don't be critical"; it means "don't be an asshole about it". Beating up on the autistic for reading things literally is not a good example of "speaking truth to power".
    2. The vent thread thing has been a complete fucking nightmare. We've lost a ridiculous number of users to it. I am at this point very strongly inclined to reject the concept of "special threads which get special rules", because every single such rule or social practice has resulted in users being badly hurt. Repeatedly.
    3. People keep making up new social protocols and rules and things to work around the idea of a forum without solid rules. Yes, I know that it's inevitable that this will tend to happen. But it's not inevitable that you demand that people respect these protocols and patterns as though they were rules, or expect other people to follow them. And it's actually really fucking harmful to do that. The point of not having definite rules is that any rule can and will be exploited. Every time you say "okay, there's no rules, but people should always X, and anyone who doesn't X should be shamed or attacked for not doing X", a kitten goes in a wood chipper. THINK OF THE KITTENS.
    4. The whole forum is an experiment. So's everything in it. Part of that means being able to talk about when experiments aren't working out, and what could be done to fix them. The second part isn't optional, though. I don't expect everyone to be able to fix problems, and some of them may be unfixable, but actually trying to help fix them is sort of the inherent price of admission of the conversation about what's wrong. If you're unwilling to do that, the net effect of the "contribution" is purely negative, and that's very unlikely to help.
    Anyway, I'm out. I will likely be back.
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