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    Elevator pitch: Imagine a generic JRPG where an Evil Overlord has taken over a kingdom and the hero's Beloved Peasant Village has been raised to the ground, and so he and his Childhood Friend with healing powers go on an Adventure and meet other allies and have to confront the Evil Overlord and his three Generals.

    Except after the first major boss fight, the Overlord shows up to kidnap the Childhood Friend and brings her back to his base of operations, leaves her with his Generals and goes off to work on mysterious projects on his own.

    The game is about her, and how she manages to turn the situation in her favour.
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    There are three Generals who are all interested in the Heroine, but if she wants to learn more about them and maybe talk one of them into letting her escape, she's going to have to risk her Purity.

    The Purity stat is a big and obvious indicator, affected by the player's choices. Act like a proper Maiden in Distress, sternly deny any advances, and don't ever admit to being the slightest bit attracted, and you will keep your Purity. Listen to the Generals, give their views an honest thought, assert yourself, maybe even agree to a small kiss or something more... and your Purity will be lost.

    In return, you will build up Sympathy, and also make Observations about the three Generals. With enough Observations you can make a Deduction to get them to open up to you more... and eventually, reach a Revelation about their motives. Then, you can try to persuade them to let you go... and maybe even escape with you.
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    [The Vamp] reached out with her fork and speared a juicy sausage from the spread in the centre of the table. She brought one end to her lips and slowly pushed it deeper, flicking her tongue out to lap the fatty drippings. After a while she withdrew the sausage from her mouth, still untouched, and smacked her lips. Across the table, [the Tactician] did not react, and with his head bowed and his eyes hidden behind his spectacles, it could be assumed he hadn't noticed.

    As usual, [the Prince] lost his patience. "Could you have *some* decorum, woman?" he snapped, turning to glare at her. "Eat the food or don't, stop making a display or yourself."

    "Ooh, are you having trouble controlling yourself, Your Highness?" [The Vamp] grinned at him, waving the sausage tauntingly. "You must be so lonely, without maids to handle or court ladies to peer at you from behind their fans..."

    [The Prince] snotred dismissively. "Did [Lord Evil] not task you with a mission? If you are so starved for entertainment, why don't you go and see to that?"

    [The Vamp] waved her free hand dismissively. "I summoned a creature to take care of those pests hours ago. They aren't worth my personal attention."

    [The Tactician] made another careful cut in the small portion of lean meat on his plate. "Your summon was dispersed. You wasted a lot of energy and you almost certainly did not kill all of them."

    "Oh shut up, you wilted leek", [the Vamp] hissed, and bit off half of the sausage in one savage chomp. She glared at him while chewing, but before she could say anything else, the room was filled with the purplish mist of transporting magic, and an imposing figure in black robes appeared.

    "[Lord Evil]!" [The Vamp] jumped to her feet, and [the Tactician] looked up from his plate, his keen blue eyes alert.

    "Emperor. I expect you're about as tired of your loose cannon bungling the simplest missions as I am." [The Prince] took another bite of a piece of meat.

    [Lord Evil] pulled back his cloak, and a smaller figure stumbled out from inside it. Dark magic bindings dissipated from around her limbs, leaving a young blonde woman dressed in a healer's robe, much tattered and worse for wear. [Lord Evil] glanced around at the three of them. "You. Watch her", was all he said before activating the teleport spell again, and vanishing.

    [The Prince] bounded to support the newcomer with a gentle touch at her elbow. "Please, have a seat." He sat her down, then turned her chin towards him to observe her face.

    "She's one of them", [the Vamp] said, leaning closer to examine what she could see of the body beneath the robes. "I saw her helping that boy with the red hair." She brightened up. "Oh! she must be for me, then!" She dragged the heavy chair and its occupant closer to herself with very little trouble. "Does she know something...? Either way, I'm going to have lots of fun playing with her!" The girl shrank back with a look of alarm, and [the Vamp] grinned wider. "Come on then, there's-"

    "-there's nothing to worry about, because I won't let her lay a finger on you!" [The Prince] stepped between them, pushing [the Vamp] back and glaring at her. He turned a reassuring smile to the girl and smoothed her hair lightly. "You're obviously meant to be my bride. It's somewhat- unconventional, but I trust in the Emperor's wisdom." He turned to [the Tactician] next. "Have her escorted to my chambers."

    "What? No, she's a traitor and a rebel!" [The Vamp] protested. "Put her in *my* chambers!"

    [The Tactician] was busy talking to one of the castle's servitor constructs. "Yes, the empty one on the second floor. Make sure it only locks from outside, and get me the key." He returned to his food as the construct wheeled off, taking a slow bite and ignoring the two voices raised in anger.
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