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  1. cosmofex

    cosmofex trans lesbian extraordinaire

    This is an exercise in creativity for me, and a bunch of ideas for you!

    I am Cosmofex, Builder Of Ordered Worlds. You tell me what you want from a world, and I will flesh it out. This is for funsies, so please don't get upset if you don't like part of it. If you do something cool with it, shoot me a link so I can say nice things to you!

    these are the things you must provide me:
    1. identify a technology level; can be
      1. most common weapon, most common transport, and most common calculation/research devices
      2. a setting (Victorian, Late Medieval, Atomic Age, et cetera)
    2. identify genre
    3. identify tech-to-magic ratio (is there any magic, and if so how much and how easy/common is it)
    4. identify logic-to-whim ratio (if there is magic, are there rules and how strict are they. if there is tech, are there rules for tech and how closely do they follow to ours)
    5. identify physics-to-fantasy ratio (how closely does the planet in your world and its rules compare to our Earth)
    6. identify anything else you already know about the world
    these are the things I will provide you:
    1. the common disciplines of technology
      1. weaponry
      2. transportation for land, sea, air, and more if applicable
      3. measurement
      4. medicine
      5. knowledge retrieval and storage
      6. power
    2. 6 major civilizations
      1. clothing
      2. currency
      3. political boundaries (national, state, or natural)
      4. economic focuses
      5. governments
      6. notable government characters
      7. notable non-government characters
      8. capital
      9. population
      10. stereotypes
      11. social issues
      12. religion
    3. the common disciplines of magic
      1. combat
      2. industry
      3. convenience
      4. luxury
      5. medicine
      6. fields of study
    4. simple biology of major lifeforms not native to our Earth
      1. external body plan
      2. internal body plan
      3. habitat
      4. diet
      5. reproduction
      6. culture
    5. quest ideas, plot point ideas, my thoughts on cool stories that could stem from this world, and answers to questions about it
    6. wikipedia article links to topics to give further ideas, add flavor, add visuals, or otherwise make life easier
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  2. cosmofex

    cosmofex trans lesbian extraordinaire

    im mostly marketing this for people that have a story, but nowhere to put it
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