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Discussion in 'This Will End Well' started by seebs, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    So, this is a little approximate still, and I'm still figuring out who we have, but.

    It looks like our approximate player base is 5 people, give or take. Variety of backgrounds and such, but it looks like things are going to start out revolving somewhat around a Tree of the Fruit of Life on an obscure planet no one was paying much attention to.
  2. littlepinkbeast

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    Foxglove the fairy is a total party girl. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll, baby! She likes to sit on peoples' shoulders and pretend she's their shoulder angel or shoulder devil. She's always on the lookout for new ways to have fun and party even harder. There's also that little errand the Faerie Queen sent her up here to run, but if that were important she'd remember what the errand was, right?
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  3. sptrashcan

    sptrashcan The Opinion Haver

    Pam Mahan was once a very unremarkable human, until a much cooler person who happened to be a vampire decided they didn't want to have to seek out a new competent and reliable assistant every thirty years or so. Sadly, there are some levels of dorkiness even the sweet kiss of undeath can't cure. Pam managed her master's interests until the master died doing a cool thing, and thus inherited their space castle and modest fortune. Her reputation as an efficient and ruthless supernatural killer precedes her, but her round face, chunky spectacles, shabby clothing, and snorting giggle often lead those she meets to great disappointment at the reality behind the myth. For this reason a group of optimistic vampire hunters captured and staked her under the tree of life, since surely the great healing power of the tree could overcome whatever tiny spark of evil smoldered in her unbeating heart...

    Pam's aesthetic in a nutshell: a genuine pile of humanoid skulls, decorated with fake Halloween cobwebs.
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