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  1. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    And coworker I sit next to officially has Covid.

    she’s been masking and keeping everyone else safe for unrelated disease she had (mono, since august) and I’ve been masking next to her. I haven’t seen her since Thursday and I don’t personally have symptoms, but she knew her husband was positive and was tested negative when she found out he got it. She said it was a matter of when, not if, and we all were like “yeah….yeah.”

    fingers crossed I don’t get the bad news bears problems though. Working in medical is a roller coaster!!
  2. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    There are not enough synonyms to describe how mad I am over petty bullshit at work at another location. All I can do is describe it with this:

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  3. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Slow going, but I’ve been losing the weight I gained from switching careers from something active to a more sedentary one. Part of it is I stopped feeding into my depression and taking better care of myself by eating less processed foods, but mostly it’s because I cut out caffeine and sugary drinks for water.

    I so far I’ve lost 7lbs overall from when I last updated my health app. Factoring in water weight +/-2lbs or so, that’s a net positive.

  4. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    My job involves a lot of insurance verification and my god if you think it’s hard i promise it’s not, but it is very, very boring.

    I am, at this moment, copy/pasting the same phrase over and over again, clicking a button, and waiting for it to ping green before I move on to the next person.

    If it’s not green I have slightly more effort I have to put into it, but usually it’s green.

    I’m paid like $25/hr to do this
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  5. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Spent some time at a local Faire, had a blast but my goodness it was busy and social! The entire time, during the portion of “country vs country” jousting/stage fighting, I watched this hot-blood horse absolutely lose its mind internally at its rider. I’m talking ears pinned, chewing its bit, legs bowed out kind of spooked. Shocked it didn’t bite someone by the end of it.

    Then, they let a child no older than 1.5yrs come up to pet it and I had to leave before I saw something terrible go down. Boyfriend equally horrified.
  6. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    I work 4/10s and while normally that would be great, my 4/10s is split so I have Saturday/Sunday/Tuesday off. Terrible set up. Hate it. Wont go back to working Saturday to get Sunday/Monday/Tuesday off but I WILL complain regardless

  7. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    I’ve been in the crying stage of anxiety since yesterday, and I can’t figure out the source of my distress.

    It makes me more distressed, and I’m losing sleep over it now too. This isn’t fun, i don’t recommend it quite honestly.
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  8. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s officially the other day. I took my first levothyroxine this morning.

    In two weeks if I don’t have a bad reaction to the levothyroxine I’ll be put on metformin. Six weeks I’ll get my labs done and I’ll see what the levothyroxine is doing to my system. The meds will be adjusted for every six weeks of lab work, until I’m stable and can do 6mo of labs.

    It’s a process.

    For those uninformed: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is when your immune system attacks your thyroid for the crime of existing, basically. It can lead to hypothyroidism, heart disease, anxiety, weight gain, diabetes 2, and other nasty things if left diagnosed.

    I insisted upon my medical provider to check my A1C. It came back perfect. I asked for an insulin test, fasting labs came back insulin resistant. I ask for a thyroid test and it came back off the charts.

    Despite it being a relief to know I’m still kind of sad to get the official diagnosis and to know I could have tackled this problem years before I became insulin resistant (if I could at all).
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  9. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Boyfriend is of course more upset preemptively for me than I am for myself, but I think he’s sweet for trying to fix a problem that doesn’t necessarily exist.

    He took me out to dinner two days in a row and we binged Star Wars. I felt very loved.
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  10. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Well work just randomly gave everyone a $750 bonus.

    This is not the Christmas bonus.

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  11. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    Woo! Free money is the best money :D

    I had a similar experience this month, almost 500 euros for me :)
  12. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    That’s great! I wonder what kickstarted it for you.

    For us, it’s because our fiscal year ended on such a great note so we’re going to get amazing funding from the government for our services (working for a federally-funded job has amazing benefits).
  13. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    It's a long, complicated story, but it boils down to: there was a budget overage that our collective bargaining agreement said should be divided between the employees if it wasn't spent
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  14. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Am I child free or did I not want children before I met my boyfriend?

    I don’t understand myself right now, but that’s okay. I’ll figure it out eventually.

    This line of self questioning is from weeks of coworkers coming to their due dates, or have had their babies (three pregnant coworkers, or their spouses. One left end of October for paternity leave, one due this Friday, one due mid November, one only a few months along). I see newborns at my job, days old. I picked up a book I bought but never could read more than the first chapter into due to my lack of motivation to live despite my love of the writing, and one of the beginning blurbs is of a mother nursing her child and the fear from that, but also the comfort.

    Anyway, unrelated, I plan on baking again. I’m going to make a rosemary apple pie. I need to find the ingredients for it soon, maybe pick up some new utensils to help me along. I need Granny Smiths and Macintosh, they might do best. Lemon juice and zest means I should just buy a lemon. Fresh Rosemary might be hard, so I’ll just shock the leaves from packaged rosemary and brighten those instead.
  15. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Boyfriend’s brother wants to make a D&D campaign and he explicitly invited me, and I’ve never done that before. I always wanted to, but I felt like I was never taken seriously with the group I was friends with before I moved to my new city. His basically-fiancé is also new, so it would be an experienced DM, experienced player, and two newbies.

    I have dice and a tower and preferred races and characters and none of the knowledge to make anything with those ingredients. I’m excited to learn!
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  16. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Dice gods saw I never played before and threw me a bone and my boyfriend just had to laugh at the absurdity of this when compared to his shit rolls. He got a 13 in one stat and everything else was single digits. EAAE8D3B-7626-4CB6-B5C8-B947E7AD764A.png
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  17. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Tonight’s session zero(?) with the DND thing with boyfriend and his brother/his fiancé

    hyped to actually finally learn to play!!
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  18. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Was not session zero was just DM asking what we as players wanted to get out of the game. Next Monday will be sesh 0

    unrelated but I got a cost of living pay raise, will go into affect Dec. 8th it looks like? Unless my boss meant it’ll go into affect for the pay week, which means it’ll actually be two weeks after that….IDK.

    it does mean I’ve been at my job for a year now! I get a $500 bonus and that’s not considered the holiday bonus, that’s just because I’ve been here a year. Next year it’ll be $1000.
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  19. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Littlesofts is having their preorder sale for the pride plush critters soon. The pansexual rep is a possum and I am frothing at the mouth.

    I plan on getting boyfriend Biyena too.
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  20. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Made filling and pie dough yesterday, and tonight when I go over to boyfriend’s for dnd we’ll be baking those two things together.

    I hope it doesn’t turn out stupid
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