Feb 23, 2015
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Resident Queer Feminist Theologian


70% abuse and 30% ramen, Female

@raydelblau your toe is allergic to you. Aug 15, 2019

    1. Beldaran
      phonequest failed, will regroup and make second attempt tomorrow
    2. Beldaran
      Time to take care of this cellphone situation and hope it's not too confusing or expensive.
    3. Beldaran
      That sandwich was a grave mistake. I immediately regret this decision.
    4. Beldaran
      (pt 2) a tentative psych diagnosis and therapist recommendation, new perspective on your home life, and half a dozen new lovely friends.
      1. Chiomi, Elaienar, Wiwaxia and 3 others like this.
    5. Beldaran
      RE: Kintsugi Gothic: You come ready for a fight, ready to troll the forums like it's 2004 all over again, yet somehow you end up with (pt 1)
    6. Beldaran
      The whole apartment is filled with chicken pot pie smell. :d
      1. kmoss likes this.
    7. Beldaran
      I am also Weeping Eggcup (Pearl) though I wasn't sure that was going to be the answer what with how the questions were worded!
      1. unknownanonymous likes this.
    8. Beldaran
      I am so entertained. Why don't I ALWAYS blow bubbles in chocolate milk? Why doesn't everyone?!
      1. Key likes this.
    9. Beldaran
      @Parsley :c Maybe try to assess when would be safe to leave your room? Depending on how much danger you're in you might want to call someone
    10. Beldaran
      I'm cleaning my home and cooking dinner while wearing a Companion Cube apron. This is what being an adult means for me. I love my nerd life.
    11. Beldaran
      I just applied for a position as a university’s Assistant Director of LBGT Services. It would be so cool, pleeease let them call me back.
      1. Morven, budgie and Wiwaxia like this.
    12. Beldaran
      My goal to apply to one job every day is hideously stressful. Someone hire me now, please and thank.
    13. Beldaran
      I would like to take a moment to appreciate this site's mobile accessibility. Didn't even have to find my computer to post.
      1. Morven and ADigitalMagician like this.
    14. Beldaran
      I want to make stew. Internet, bring me stew things.
    15. Beldaran
      @Lazarae >;p (but, no, when this happens I wake up with my head trying to explode from dehydration, and my eyes burning like motherfuck.)
    16. Beldaran
      Don't you hate it when naps betray you and you end up sleeping 5 hours?
    17. Beldaran
      Oh hey, look, there are two robots. Quick, lets talk to them.
      1. Acey, unknownanonymous and Wiwaxia like this.
    18. Beldaran
      Waiting for the internet guy to come fix my internet. I hate strangers in my home, but love internet. :T
    19. Beldaran
      What is this thing? Also hello friends, I am here.
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    Resident Queer Feminist Theologian
    Question: Should you fight me?

    "why. why would you even. you monster.
    (I mean even if you tried, you'd probably get served, but really. why. Beldaran is literally the sweetest)" ~Wiwaxia

    "if you fight beldaran you had better at least be wearing a tuxedo cause that motherfucker will outclass you in a thong bikini" ~Vast Derp

    Pastrysona: Anman (bread filled with red bean paste)

    Collection of really nice things people have said about me so that I can look back on them and smile:

    "whenever you post in a messy thread my immediate reaction is always 'oh thank god, Beldaran's here.' :) " ~Wiwaxia

    Seebs: I still tend to think of you as "one of the sane people who didn't go through all that much", which is ludicrous.

    Beldaran: I'm rather happy to be thought of as "one of the sane people" considering. I mean, I really ought to have more wrong with me it seems.

    Seebs: I have about one available explanation, which is "miraculous healing". I am vaguely superstitious about saying so after reading a story once where it stopped working if you told people, but I am pretty sure it is in fact safe: You are one of the more obvious paths through which love enters our world, and I think that tends to be a healing thing.

    "Beldaran is a badass, txt it" ~Lissiel


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