Comments on Profile Post by Re Allyssa

  1. Soul
    WAIT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT A KNIGHT'S TALE That film was a beautiful fantastic piece of work, okay. The juxtaposition of modern and historic elements, the story, the characters, the actors, the soundtrack... I just really really really am passionate about this movie.
    Mar 1, 2015
  2. Re Allyssa
    Re Allyssa
    Oh man one of my favorite things about the movie is the anachronisms.
    Mar 1, 2015
  3. kmoss
    the soundtrack ALONE
    Mar 1, 2015
  4. Re Allyssa
    Re Allyssa
    So I just got home, and I own the DVD, so I totally watched it again last night.
    Mar 7, 2015
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