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Discussion in 'That's So Meta!' started by hoarmurath, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    I'll be away from the forum from the 29th of September to the 3rd of October due to a larp con!
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  2. shmeed

    shmeed plant me

    leaving kintsugi and kintsugi adjacent chats for a while
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  3. AbsenteeLandlady123

    AbsenteeLandlady123 Chronically screaming

    be safe
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  4. Tea and Rain

    Tea and Rain angry squirrel

    I am currently really busy (new opportunity) so I won't be around much until after mid October. I am using most of my social and intellectual energy on that. New opportunity may turn into a job (I refuse to believe it is concrete until I get a paycheck, because life has a habit of stealing my shoes and scattering broken glass on the sidewalk).
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  5. The Frood Abides

    The Frood Abides Doesn't Know Where His Rug Is

    Taking a short to medium leave of absence due to sudden spoon famine
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  6. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    Going on vacation over Thanksgiving, I'll be on sporadically if at all until Monday
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  7. Loq

    Loq rotating like a rotisserie chicknen

    Gonna be in Europe Dec 23-new years eve, probs gonna be checking in whenever I can find wifi but...
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  8. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    Hitting the airport to fly to my dad’s—I should be around-ish but we won’t be home til the 29th
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  9. Lissa Lysik'an

    Lissa Lysik'an Dragon-loving Faerie

    Is about to leave CA!
    Is about to go to new place - new places are bad things.
    Anyways - while on the road may or may not plop in here when is at motels what has free wifi.
    (I is really good at demanding routines and being unpredictable at the same time.)
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  10. Lissa Lysik'an

    Lissa Lysik'an Dragon-loving Faerie

    We has arrived at our new home! Was probly the worst road trip I's ever been on. And no, traveling across the north part of the US by car is NOT interesting. Is a long gray line stretching out forever in front of you as grass grows to either side. Except the places where it is piles of rocks. There's not enough piles of rocks to make the endless grass interesting.
    Anyways, is safely in the land of ice and snow and might be here sometimes.
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  11. leitstern

    leitstern 6756 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    Now I’m not a heavy poster anyway BUT I’ve got my wedding in like... less than two weeks and I’m basically turning off my internet for a week beforehand because I am my own wedding planner and I’m starting to bridezilla hard. I don’t need to watch myself start tearing up strangers on the internet, so no internet. If computer then Stardew Valley.

    After that honeymoon, which will go until midmay, so my crazy ass will be terrorizing real life instead of cyberspace for like the next........ month. We just want to LIMIT drunken catfighting out of me, ya feel
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2018
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  12. leitstern

    leitstern 6756 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    Slightly worrisome that I was the last person to use this thread, but I want a record here as one of my last posts in case anyone becomes curious in the future.

    I am going to leave Kintsugi for a semi-indefinite hiatus; semi-indefinite because I have a minimum hiatus length but not a maximum. I'm officially starting a less-internet lifestyle which I wanted to do for ages but didn't. And honestly, constantly kicking around a forum that makes me feel angry half the time I go there is the first thing that's getting the axe with cutting out the amount of internet I do.

    I'm going to stop being on Kintsugi until 2019, so approximately a midsummer-midwinter stretch, but with a delayed ending, because of the delayed start. Honestly I was planning this post for days now but didn't have to time off of work to fuck around online.

    I'm going to stay logged in until... eh, two days from now, ish, and officially log off on Tuesday night, just in case anyone wants to get into contact with me beforehand. If after the six-month period I want to kick it around here again I will, since the thing I'm doing here, and with other websites, is interneting less, first and foremost. If I cut down my willful internet intake enough I may come back. I don't want to waste long days online anymore; I know I don't like it and that I feel better when I don't even have the choice to do it, so I'm making that change now. If I have to waste the day I may as well be reading, which does make me feel good.

    Y'all're cool kids, honestly, and I'm not moving out because I just hate everyone and have always secretly hated you. That's not the case. I want less internet in my life and above all less internet drama in my life, and I existed on this forum for a long time without really doing drama, but it's exponentially harder now. So nah. Unfortunately I'm hard to contact in general but if you wanna keep in touch at all dudes let me know and we'll see what I can do.
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  13. aetherGeologist

    aetherGeologist Well-Known Member

    i hope that works well for you
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  14. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    good luck, safe travels, and thanks for letting us know. i appreciate it.
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  15. Gee

    Gee the mail never fails

    I need to go away. Am having a friend change pw so cannot keep.having refresh / checking anxoety. Have asked for ban before, but afraid to ask.now bc there was hesitance with request before.

    Am goodbye.
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  16. valenstyne

    valenstyne Went out for cigarettes, never came back

    Being told my vent thread is "public" makes me disinclined to post there, and everything else makes me disinclined to post anywhere else. PM me if you want to keep in touch, I should be Discord-enabled soon and in the meantime I'll be here but probably not posting. Peace out.
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  17. Lazarae

    Lazarae The tide pod of art

    I got into an independent living program (!!!!) and am moving in today (!!). They don't have internet, though people set up hotspots through their phone and I can do the same, but my laptop isn't ready yet so it'll be a minute. I'll also have my phone, but it's kind of a pain to navigate with.

    So I won't be completely gone, but I won't live on the site like I used to between difficulty accessing and the fact that I'm going to be. Doing stuff. Getting my shit together.
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  18. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

    I’ll be out of town from tomorrow till Sunday afternoon, and likely won’t be on much, if at all, during that period. I’ll tell you guys all about the trip when I get back! :D
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  19. kastilin

    kastilin get in the fucking crayfish shinji

    have a good trip!
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  20. Lebesgue Integreat

    Lebesgue Integreat Lesbian Intrigue

    @idiomie Is going to be gone for a while for reasons I'm Not posting publicly.
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