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Discussion in 'Howdy there!' started by ashtraymaze, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. ashtraymaze

    ashtraymaze Member

    hey, hello, it is me. i go by a few names but for privacy reasons (guess who's getting stalked online!) it's okay to call me either Kit or Sivan. i'm legit just like, a bunch of stray bats in a trenchcoat, and most of us probably do have a little touch of rabies. actually - relevant to that joke, i also have DID and some of those weirdos who share my brain might post here at some point.

    i'm here because i like the idea of it here! i think i followed some members of the forum on tumblr way back in the day and decided to make an account because i thought it seemed nice, but then i got a little scared and backed off.

    but hey, i am here now. so - i'm 24, i'm trans, i use he/him or sie/hir pronouns and i am primarily interested in the following: medical research with a focus on anti-alternative medicine and pro-science stances, disability activism, lepidoptera aka butterflies and moths, and i also really dig the walking dead. (it's a terrible show and i like it anyway.)

    i'm engaged to a very lovely person who is disabled. i myself am also disabled - i'm autistic and a few months ago was diagnosed w young onset parkinson's, which is... like... weird. but i'm still pretty well functional, and most of my issues are movement problems + memory stuff that could either be the PD or could be the DID. i'm also taos pueblo and while i dont feel comfortable considering myself an indigenous activist 4realz i have been doing a lot of reading & work toward reconnection.

    we have 2 cats, a big ole maine coon boy and a tiny brain damaged calico with one eye. she is an angel, of course. the boy is a little less angelic and loves to wreak havoc but is the cuddliest cat on earth.

    wow that was a lot! anyway, hello, hi. good to meet you all (-:
    /edit because it nixed the last two paragraphs when i posted lmfao
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  2. Acey

    Acey time has the power to bind us too close

    Howdy! It's lovely to meet you--enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Do you have pics of the kitties that you'd be able to share, by any chance? We have a pet thread if so!
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  3. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    my stalking is mostly offline but big fucking mood on the "so what name do I give?" thing

    we happen to have a kit already, the lovely @paladinkit! (not a problem just thought they might find it interesting)

    is there anybody from your system you'd like to introduce specifically? and, are you aware that there are public-facing and members-only areas of the site, as well as private messages? mentioning that because it might be useful for an online stalking victim specifically.
  4. ashtraymaze

    ashtraymaze Member

    yes, i know those things! but i do really appreciate your saying so (-: im guessing no one will be "looking for me" here so i don't think i need to be overly worried, but will def keep current events and such in private areas when they need to be there. also, hi other kit!!

    the others who i figure might post here are nathan, he/him... he's mildly edgy but not politically so, my man just loves to look like a punk and is generally unable to take anything seriously. and then alsooo darcy, she/her, who is very into witchcraft (though not very into the online communities of witches) and would spend all her time out partying if she could. i might put the whole roster in my journal thread or smth too when i make that (-:

    nice to meet youuuuu!
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  5. ashtraymaze

    ashtraymaze Member

    omg no! i missed this reply somehow earlier! anyway i will totally share kitties in the pet thread, ill get em on my computer tomorrow so i dont have to phonepost >:}
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  6. HonestlyVan

    HonestlyVan a very funny person who never tells jokes

    I am making a big Eyes Emoji at your screen name. Is that by any chance a Control reference?
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  7. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    Hi!!! Always good to see more Kits, it's a good name :) I hope you enjoy it here!
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  8. ashtraymaze

    ashtraymaze Member

    YES! it is! my other option was “drdarling” haha. i played through it when it was on psnow and loved it, and now i’m eagerly awaiting the AWE dlc. it was so good.

    (also it reminded me a little of the longest journey series, which lent me my avatar + sig haha)

    i think we should simply gather more and start a roving gang of kits. we can like, pass out jelly beans and pretend we’re going to do mischief. seems appropriate. nice to meet you!
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  9. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    I'm Cedar
    I also have DID
    it's cool if you don't wanna talk about DID or anything but I just wanted to say hi bc it's nice to see someone else who's probs got some shared experiences with me
    that....very rarely happens for me, at least with DID
    I'm part Abenaki and I don't really like. consider myself an indigenous activist or an authority on anything or anything like that but I am also trying to work towards like. some form of reconnection with that side of my heritage
    so yeah that's also cool
    anyway nice to meet you
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