Among the Poppies. [Canine RP]

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    "Hrm. I see."

    He realises he isn't making the best first impression, and suddenly recalls his Master telling him that more truffles can be found with your head lowered than raised... or something like that. He was quite sure the old hog meant actual truffles, but maybe it was a metaphor that would come in handy with other wolves. They seemed to be nervous around him.

    "I apologise. That was inappropriate." He lowers his head awkwardly, and then quickly returns to his previous position. "So, uh... which way are you all headed?"

    [OOC: Damn, my adages are the best. Also, please excuse any tense changes.]
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    "I'm in search of a pack, in truth." Windsong ducked his head bashfully as he admitted this. Surely these other wolves would hear the unspoken implication of his words and conclude that he'd done something terrible and been rejected by his pack. Still, to admit what really happened would be just too embarrassing. Better to let them think him a monster than a weakling. Probably.

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    Barkimedes, being an expert at being kicked out of packs for stupid reasons, gave Windsong a sympathetic smile. "You'll find somewhere!" He said enthusastically, not so subtly glancing around the group to see the reactions of the others. "No one likes being a lone woof."

    Now surrounded by company, his tail started wagging lazily in the grass. "I wasn't headed anywhere, really. I came from south of here." He nodded his head in the direction of the south woods, where the pack who last told him to sod off live. "Probably shouldn't stray too far. Haha..."
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