anyone else doing the bullet journal thing?

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by whyguy, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

    Trying a BuJo ver. 2.0. This time I only have the monthly and weekly spreads, and I just use them as a fancier checklist for all the Things I need to do.

    I use an empty circle for household chores, empty heart for health/wellness related things, a filled triangle for paperwork or admin things, a filled circle for employment-related stuff, and an empty square for art or creative project ideas.
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  2. Astrodynamicist

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    I've wound up falling off doing the formal bullet journal. I just wasn't keeping the physical thing on me enough to check it enough for it to actually help. But I've basically been using my bloggette as like a cyber bujo? Bc I check my phone a lot and kintsugi in particular so I actually see my to dos ever this way. (as opposed to something like habitica where I also don't necessarily check it all the time, although that one is v useful for keeping me on track for my PT exercises. It works for me for daily stuff apparently. Shrug!)
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  3. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

    i've settled for a monthly + weekly spread that's easy to maintain & still mostly does what i want it to! i know from experience i can't let myself get too bothered by trying to maintain an aesthetic, so these hit a good spot between being functional & looking okay for me
    monthly spread does overarching to-do, planning & habits tracking (not really habits but like. things i wanna keep track of. from left to right: did i have breakfast, lunch, dinner, did i exercise/at least go for a walk or smth, sleep enough, spend time outside, how was my general mood. red is Bad/skipped entirely, orange is Couldve Done Better But Did Do Thing, green is did good. ONE DAY i'll have a week that's entirely green with specks of orange. ONE DAY...!)

    weekly spreads are just to-do lists. sometimes they get nice borders but mostly they just get lines bc functionality first.
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  4. ... okay. I've been telling myself "I should start a journal" off and on for a couple years now. I didn't start at the beginning of this year. I didn't start on my 25th birthday, or my 26th. And I keep Not Starting over and over. But it looks like this bullet journal thing is actually helping quite a few of you guys, and there's no time like the present. I have a lined Moleskine journal and a pen. Wish me luck.
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  5. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

    Good luck, friend!!

    Also: I’ve personally just been doing full-page daily spreads, because that’s what suits my personal needs best. I really dig how customizable this format is! :D
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  6. Pros about Moleskine journal:
    has a "if lost, return to X" page at the very front
    next page is a single-page spread, using that for the index/key log.
    little elastic band to keep it closed when not in use
    bookmark ribbon to keep track of where I'm at in it
    little pocket on the back cover to keep a business card or some cash in
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  7. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

    I have four different ways of keeping track of stuff! It must be January!

    I have my 2020 week-a-page diary for appointments, deadlines and birthday reminders (good old standby, helps a lot).

    I got a really nice "ToDo" pad for Christmas, with nice big boxes for checkmarks. It currently has a bunch of household chores in it.

    I am trying to restart my BuJo, which didn't even last a week last May.

    And I have a day-a-page 2020 diary for describing my day in retrospect. (The 2019 one ended up mostly empty, but this time will be better!)
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