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Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by Jasper, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Riptide Queen

    Jasper can you even talk about disgusting fusions at this point, i feel it's a bit hypocritical of you

    didn't we have like six arms or something
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  2. Jasper

    Jasper Done With This Planet

    And who´s fault is THAT?
  3. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Riptide Queen

    my guess is yours, do you even know how to do anything right jasper? gosh
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  4. prismaticvoid

    prismaticvoid Too Too Abstract

    You have really nice teeth, Jasper!
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  5. Jasper

    Jasper Done With This Planet

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  6. Jasper

    Jasper Done With This Planet

    It would have been fine if you had just done as you´re told. We would have captured the traitors and I could have forgotten that repulsive thing ever existed.
  7. yo its amethyst

    yo its amethyst punk rock and pepetualy stoned

    so jaaper

    whats it like being the rIGHT FCKIN SIZE FOR A QUARTZ

    checik ur size privilege
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  8. Jasper

    Jasper Done With This Planet

    Do what with my size "privilege"?
  9. rats

    rats 21 Bright Forge Shatters The Void

    (highkey wanna make a peridot account and post in here too, like i dont have a million other things to do)
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  10. peripheral

    peripheral Stacy's Dad Is Also Pretty Rad

    Jasper, you have quality teeth.

    I am jealous of your quality, pointy teeth.

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  11. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

    Dude, do it. And also join us in gemeral chat, since that's the actual RP thread.
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