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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by bushwah, Aug 10, 2019.

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    I don't know if literally anyone else will benefit from knowing how to do this, but:

    These two filters block all third-party image files from displaying while visiting webpages with a root domain of archiveofourown.org.

    Note that this trick only works because afaict the domain archiveofourown.org hosts all critical AO3 image files (such as the rating, warning, category, and completion icons) and no user-submitted image files (such as user avatars and fanart), and other websites will not necessarily react the same way.

    Also, you should see a little broken image embed icon wherever an image has been blocked, so you won't forget it's on and miss images. I can't guarantee this'll always work but initial testing is hopeful.

    If you're concerned about seeing non-textual NSFW on the AO3, or have some other reason to want your AO3 experience to include no inessential images, pop these two lines into filtering software (I use uBlock Origin but AdBlock Plus should also work), clear your cache, and browse freely.

    (This is unsolicited advice, which I'm guessing would be allowed in a forum titled General Advice, but if it's not mods can move it I guess.)
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