Back to the Future, anyone?

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by breadtab, May 8, 2020.

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    The Back to the Future trilogy was my favorite thing for years as a teenager. Recently, my sister that discovered my 12-year-old brother didn't remember seeing those movies--although he must have seen them back in 2015, at least, because we did celebrate "Time Travel Day" and I think we watched them then. Anyway, he's definitely seen them now. We made three days of movie nights out of it. My dad even joined us the last night to geek out over the train scenes.

    Now I'm feeling super nostalgic. I've been going through the Back to the Future fics on AO3. There are only a few hundred, and a majority of those are Marty/Doc Brown slash, which isn't my cup of tea, so I'm already running out. It doesn't surprise me. The movies don't leave a lot of loose ends, and there aren't a lot of characters; compared to something like Doctor Who, there just isn't much fanfic material.

    The crossover potential, though! Most of the crossover fics I've found are oneshots that just steal the plot for a different fandom's characters, or have Tony Stark deciding to build a time-traveling Delorean. It's a darned shame. I'm getting really tempted at this point to write my own crossover with Doctor Who or Knight Rider or something.

    Anyway--is anyone else still a Back to the Future fan? It's weird to realize that all the time periods in those movies are in the past now, even the 2010s! Times are different enough now, I can't imagine Hollywood folks deciding to make a reboot of this particular franchise.
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    Hello yes I love this series!

    It's not really something I've felt driven to seek out fic or art for (which might be because at the time I was SUPER big into it was waaaay pre-me having a computer, much less internet), but it's been an enduring presence in my life since I was a preteen and one of the few things from my childhood that's held up well enough to be enjoyable to me as an adult. I didn't see the first movie until I was in my teens, but I saw the second and third as they came out (maybe waiting until they came out on video, but it's been 30+ years so hell if I can remember), and it was just the COOLEST SHIT. I think I really super got into the whole thing with the third movie - maybe it was growing up in rural Oregon where where wild west stuff was still really idealized because of the whole Oregon Trail thing made it feel more personal, in a way, and just a general fondness for interesting history. Whatever the case, I enjoyed that movie enough to get the novelization of it when it came out, and really enjoyed it when my grade 5 teacher read it to us over the course of a spring.

    At this point I enjoy the future stuff in them as a wacky alternate history future. It's fun (and sometimes a little depressing) to look back on and seeing what that retro future said about the hopes, dreams, and fears of the 80s movie makers.

    Have you played the Back to the Future: The Game game? It's a point-and-click adventure with really cute graphics, genuinely good voice acting, and a solid story. It delves more into Doc Brown's past and is pretty fun! The puzzles mostly aren't obtuse; I'm kind of bad at puzzles in general and had to look some up but I generally didn't feel frustrated or annoyed. It's apparently considered non-canon even though one of the co-creators advised on it, but it also doesn't contradict canon, so.

    Now you've got me thinking about fic potential, though, dang it. XD Maybe something giving Marty's girlfriend more screentime, like Doc Brown involving her in something to save Marty, or do something to help her own family or future that something has messed with. Or something with Doc Brown and his wife and kids and their awesome time traveling train! There's so much a person could do with that. *thinking* I'm pretty sure that between me and my husband we have all the movies, maybe it's time for a re-watch...
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