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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by jacktrash, May 23, 2015.

  1. kmoss

    kmoss Under Construction

    good: made egg rolls good enough that i got highfives from brother & his wife
    bad: when i was turning egg rolls in oven i forgot that oven mitts existed and ended up backhanding the inside of the oven with my hand :/
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  2. Fish butt

    Fish butt Everything is coming together, slowly but surely.

    Bad news: I didn't go to the beach today and I didn't get drunk.

    Good news: I went to the park and picnicced with a friend there instead! It was an extremely good day - I had the old apartment cleared out, safe for my ex's stuff, which will be picked up tomorrow and sent to him then and there. Then I met with a very good friend who had been there for me since the divorce, and we had a lovely time together. I told her my plans, and while it made her kind of sad, she was also very excited for me. Overall I am very happy, and no longer so anxious. I had a bit of an anxiety episode last weekend, and now I'm just really relieved and calm. Eh, we're getting there, slowly but surely.
  3. dkjou

    dkjou all's calm in the radish patch

    not so great: I tilted my sleep cycle off the cliff into daytime oblivion again and had to reschedule hanging out with a friend who teaches during the year and has conditioned herself into super early bedtimes for reasons of needing to get up early to get to school.

    great: She didn't seem to mind too terribly about rescheduling, so we're on for Friday after my pilates session. I also found a really nice image-to-text converter for my phone last night during my translation binge so hopefully in the future this will take much less time by virtue of my just dumping the text into a google doc and letting rikaikun do the heavy lifting with all those kanji I can't read.
  4. budgie

    budgie not actually a bird

    good news: no longer going to be kneed in the bladder in the middle of the night
    bad news: this is because my boyfriend has gone back overseas.
  5. Kary


    Bad news: freaked the FUCK out last night because my TA contract came in the mail YESTERDAY, and they wanted it signed and turned in TODAY. no contract = no TA = no grad school. it also didn't say WHO to give it to, which is??? fab

    Good news: further reflection of events allowed me to process slow mail/poor instructions as "Not My Fault", managed to be upset with the proper parties and take action instead of blame myself and freeze in fear. Signed, scanned, and emailed the form to... several people, because there wasn't any instructions. Basically asked "what gives???" My grad advisor emailed me back an hour later (I was too steamed to sleep) saying no worries I've definitely got the TA, and I was able to sleep after that. This morning I got an email from one of the administrative people, saying that the scanned form was good enough for the records AND!!! I GOT AN APOLOGY FOR THE CONFUSION!! so it's all good and I managed not to freak out enough to uh, make it bad? go me

    Other bad news: I got a bill from my former insurance saying I owe nearly $800 for my last three psych appointments that I thought were covered... need to call them... might just be a billing error... but... PHONES DX

    Other good news: I SAW A LIZARD!!! :D I see lizards every day pretty much but this one was UP CLOSE!!
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  6. pixels

    pixels hiatus / only back to vent

    good news: i have a follow-up interview with an employer i really like! she runs her own firm in arlington and i want to work for her so bad omg.

    bad news: oh my god how do i even do this without looking desperate what do i wear what do i say oh my god what if she realizes i'm a complete fucking dork *screams into eternity*
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  7. Lambda

    Lambda everything happens so much

    @pixels Good luck!! You'll do great.

    Edit for: That was kind of rude and pushy, but I'll send you positive vibes tomorrow!
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2015
  8. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    Good News! I am in complete ownership of my grandfather's old KIA.
    Bad News! The A/C really doesn't work.
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  9. Aniseed

    Aniseed Well-Known Member

    Good news is, I got my dad some gifts for father's day and he liked them and thanked me and told me he loved me and it was nice. I don't have the means to get people gifts often and I'm bad at phone calls and showing people that I care, so I'm glad that I could at least do this for him and that he knows I care about him.

    Bad news is, I didn't get my abusive mother anything for mother's day, and I'm sure she's stewing about how he got gifts and she didn't and will cry and whine about it. But as cruel as it sounds I don't love her and I don't owe her anything after how she treated me when I was still there. So I'm trying not to panic. I just really wanted to show my dad that I still care about him at least even if I don't call often and can't visit often.
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  10. tinyhydra

    tinyhydra a dingus

    Bad News: Flipped my shit this morning at work, cause my GPS was on the fritz and I couldn't find the job site I was supposed to be cleaning till an hour into the day, which basically means I cheated my boss out of ten bucks, which is really not worth the death threats and personal insults, brain. Way uncalled for.

    Good News: Got my first full week's pay today! A whopping $175 that I earned! By myself! Like an adult! Now I'm gonna by myself a large stuffed alligator, like an ADULT.
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  11. glitterchance

    glitterchance 34 Vigilant Gaze Engulfs the Void

    Suck: I had a panic attack earlier in the parking lot of a superstore.

    Win: I bought sidewalk chalk to play with!
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  12. Aviari

    Aviari PartyWolf Is In The House Tonight

    Good News: ShyCat crawled out from her Invisible Bomb Shelter under the guest bed and into my arms for attention for the first time in close to two months!

    Bad News: It's been two and a half hours of nostop clinging. She could give a facehugger a run for its money. I can't get up. I can't leave. I have to pee. My gum has its flavor. All is lost. Tell my husband I love him.
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  13. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    Suck: the heat index is 103°f right now and will be in that range this whole week. If not longer because Humid Southern Summers.

    Good: the AC broke last week, when it was 10 degrees cooler.

    Suck: three lab sciences and a math next semester, one of which is apparently so hard most people take it without any other classes and half of them still fail.

    Good: I like science, and taking all that together means I graduate next semester too.
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  14. tinyhydra

    tinyhydra a dingus

    Bad News: About this time around last year I was busy getting kicked out of the navy for being a lying sack of shit who can't handle adulthood. I keep getting weird flashbacks late at night about all the things I did wrong and all the people who doubtlessly know how much of a fucking freak I am, and I can't watch that Blue Planet documentary without feeling like I'm gonna vomit myself inside out, cause that was what was always playing on the TV in the psychiatric clinic.

    Good News: I am doing okay. I made plans, and I followed through, and now I have a job and a marketable skillset, and I'm on track to graduate in a few months. I like what I'm doing, and I think it could be something I can do for the rest of my life without getting bored. My world didn't implode when I hecked everything up. I can do this, I know I can. I just have to make plans, set goals. I may be a freak and I may be a loser, but I'm getting somewhere, and someday I'll figure this whole thing out. I've got this.
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  15. Newlyread

    Newlyread Killer Queen

    Suck: I have zero money and my cupboards are bare, all I've had to eat today are crackers and coffee.

    Yay: I found some cheap offbrand rice-a-roni and a can of kidney beans buried under the laundry and and empty grocery bags on my Recliner of Executive Dysfunction. FOOD.
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  16. Izevel

    Izevel capuchin hacker fucker

    Bad news: I just got back from a weekend visiting family, and things with my housemate are, as usual, tense. It's hard to predict when things will or won't be bad with her, unless I just go for the basic assumption that things are probably bad.

    Good news: I'm having a lot of luck searching for a new place to live! Found some great potential places, with lower costs than here. Also, my jobseekers allowance was paid in :) oh, and I met my brother's new dog over the weekend, and she's the most delightful creature on earth (possible hyperbole). So yeah, lots of good news.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
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  17. Elaienar

    Elaienar "sorta spooky"

    Suck: The power went out while I was trying to add some farmland to my house on the Kintsugi server, and it turns out a tree fell on the line a house down and we won't get power back until "sometime between 6 and 8" which means ... eh, normally I'd say "tomorrow", but they've actually been fixing things faster lately, so we'll see.

    Rule: The house is so hot without air-conditioning that Mama has taken us to Arby's. Arby's has air-conditioning. And wi-fi!

    Edit: Power back! I actually saw the guys flipping a huge switch with a very long (30+ feet?) pole. Exciting!
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  18. Mattias

    Mattias Well-Known Member

    Bad news: I have to renew one of my prescriptions today, and it's $70, and I have no income, so that kind of hurts.

    Good news: I still have some of my other prescription left, I brought it with me from another country where it was free. But that one's going to cost hundreds, I don't know how many hundreds. It's not covered because it's a newer medication and there are older medications available, but I can't take any of them so I'm out of luck.

    Also good: it's sunny today and I woke up at 2pm so I get to see some of it. It's rainy and cold here most of the year, but we're having our brief summer.
  19. Mattias

    Mattias Well-Known Member

    IT WAS FREE!!!! I got my debit card out and the cashier says "oh no it's covered." It's not supposed to be covered?? I haven't been in this country for long enough, and I don't have a tax return from two years ago, and I was told it wasn't covered anyways?? But it saved me seventy bucks, and I got ice cream. What a great day.
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  20. Mattias

    Mattias Well-Known Member

    Good news: I am writing an essay and it's 2500 words long and nowhere near done.
    Bad news: I am no longer sure that my point is very good or that I'm actually making it. This might be 2500+ words of bullshit, who knows, I sure don't.
    Also bad: It's Ramadan and I keep forgetting that I am not supposed to swear. I am not supposed to swear EVER but it's especially egregious during Ramadan. But swearing is my native language, I've never been able to stop, I give up. I've said the F-word several times today though, that's not very good.
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