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    Hi! Sometimes I want to ramble about things and don't necessarily have an outlet, so i'm impulse creating this cause i wanna liveblog some swimming anime season 3 thoughts (aka Free!: Dive to the Future)

    5 minutes in and haru got another childhood friend to return and immediately flirt with him. what a blessing, this swim boy has such a harem.

    Also they're like determined to do english on Rin's scenes in australia and japanese VAs doing english is always such a blessing. they try so hard

    the intro is intense. there's so many swim boys now, who are all these swim boys, and can i really orgy ship this many boys at once???? probably
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    General warning for liveblogging: i will probly be taking some nsfw takes and generally willfully taking every single interaction in as gay of an interpretation as possible. Free! is my shipping candy, don't judge me :P

    new boy bein like 'nagisa? is that your girlfriend??' to makoto and he's just like 'oh, no, they're a boy'
    dont hear u sayin ur not together tho eue

    asahi immediately calling makoto on haru's phone is screaming 'hey bro im stealing your boyfriend' vibes.
    oh now they're all having tea together, nm it was def a hey lets have a foursome call

    the ending is absolutely adorable, i dont' know if i can manage this many gays still tho. so many beautiful boys
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    what's UP this thing exists.

    I am making potato soup today, is first soup i've made from scratch, just tasted some since it mostly just needs to boil off more from now on and it's tasting good!!! needed more salt because of course it does, when does potato soup not need more salt

    nm i just remembered the potato soup at my college cafeteria. how did they make it so unappealing.

    anyways otherwise uh, well i haven't watched any more of Free! yet, i got distracted watching the antscanada youtube channel, though i might be pausing on that again, i think i've had my fill of it for now and finally got to a part of the story vids that isn't cliffhanger-y

    also!!! my contract got extended a month and a half, so now i get to stay in england through may at least! :D yay
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Update 11 days later: the potato soup was a success, very delicious, much enjyment was had, it lasted almost 5 meals but probly should've been slightly supplemented with something more substance-y meals cause at the end of work day i was ver hungry

    anyways i keep thinking hey i should try to keep a journal so?? guess i'm journaling here now potentially? those who have been lurking feel free to comment, i like comments.

    Anyways... so I just got a girlfriend!! i'm her 5th partner in a polytangle and it's not like, serious, specially since i'm almost definitely in the country temporarily, but very welcome! she's awesome and she likes warriors!!! which is my pretty much special interest and when she saw fanart i had of it on my computer she got super excited and we're re-reading all the books together now!! :D it's gr8. i had to skip ahead to the second series cause she's really fast at reading and i'm not super motivated to read fast re-reading the first series because i have the events near memorized, but the rest of the series i'm less crystal clear in memory on and she's no longer on holiday so we're pacing each other pretty well now. so much exciiite

    speaking of being in the company temporarily boy my life is eternal anxiety about when i might have to leave the country. because romantic and fwb relationships that are very good and i wanna develop more and just, liking the climate and my position in job and living here i'd reaaaally like it to last.. like, another year potentially. but right now my contract ends may 10th.. tho it was originally march 31st so, they've extended me a bit to make sure i'm on through the end of this season at least. cx there's a lot of factors of whether or not i might get extended further but those thoughts are nearly all confidential information right now so alas, not for my semi-public journaling. not gettin fired for nondisclosure breaches today.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's my thoughts for today.

    OH. im very pumped about kh3 coming out 2 days ago but i can't play it myself and i KNOW once i start watching a playthrough i probably won't be able to stop watching a playthrough so i'm saving that for tomorrow after work. potentially. if i go to see httyd3 with coworkers tomorrow it might be a saturday/sunday thing (i'm also seeing bumblebee on sunday with a friend!!!! yaas!! all the good content!! might actually have enough good new content to convince me to try and pick up a new fandomy site now that i'm not on tumblr anymore) (i should pick one or two up anyways cause i wanna increase drawing work and having places to post such things is good motivation)
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Seein httyd3 with coworkers in like an hour!!! so excite. i don't think the moviell be good but i rly love the world and characters so even if the plot is as meh as i'm suspecting it to be, i'll still enjoy being in the world owo
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame


    nonspoiler review: 6.5/10. gorgeous cinematography, creature animation, exciting world to explore, but humor wasn't as on point as in httyd2 and plot was if anything a bit weaker than 2, which was already weaker than 1

    So like. I really enjoyed this film in the characters are world are still vibrant, the conflicts made possible by this world still interesting, the villain, though not terribly different in action from the previous one, still interesting and with different motivations. His worldviews less developed and less justified, one thing this movie seemed to have a lot of is telling through dialogue what the central conflicts and morals of the film are, but the reality of what's happening feeling just, different

    the main way i want to script doctor this is just. please rewrite the last battle scene. Hiccup's conclusion that the dragons need to leave and hide away makes no sense when they just defeated and drowned all their current major enemies. The other chieftans are the only ones established, there's no talk of further trouble, and they had NO losses in this conflict. all the dragons we know survived unscarred and none of the hero humans were seen losing someone either. There's no proper indication that the world is too dangerous to have a dragon/human society among it.
    if I wanted to draw up to this point, the least I would have is this battle be lost terribly. If the villagers lost half their dragons and saw the bad guys get away, it makes perfect sense for them to decide that it's too dangerous to live the way they had and to hide away the dragons, only to visit in small private meetings. but the way they set this world up in this and the last few films..... it's just not a sensible conclusion

    also they continue to do astrid major injustice and GOD that wedding subplot had no place here.

    I do want plushies of the tuxedo-patterned baby night furies tho

    generally it was one of those movies that had so much potential but fell just short of it in the I NEED A BUNCH OF FIX-IT FICS STAT way
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame


    It just keeps bothering me how they give us this tragic separation conlusion and tug on everyone's heartstrings wITHOUT EARNING IT. like you have us connection to these characters through the previous movies but there'S NO further development in this movie outside of Hiccup, Astrid and his mom are ONLY there to be his moral support despite them both being more competent than him, the way this series has shafted its excellent female characters is so frustrating and just. not having enough plot reason for this tragedy that you force on us just makes it feel like a cheap shot at the emotions, just. nooo. the point of films is to manipulate your emotions but when you do it for no reason it's just not fun >:C

    i will stick that point forever. fuck you filmmakers, you need to earn my tears. tearjerker for the sake of tearjerker is not ok. (especially you lars von trier. fuck off and take my panic attacks back)
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    holy shit it's thursday. time just flies

    anyways i spent this week alternately devouring kh3 cutscene movies and avoiding watching kh3 because my brain is DUMB and tries to avoid things it knows i'll get invested in
    sometimes a good survival strategy if say, i'm trying to start rereading a webcomic but it's midnight (i will reread until i'm done, even if that means devouring until 6 am on a work night) but very annoying when i just want to watch a few episodes of shows that I want to watch.
    anyways kh3 is excellent and i'm feeling the big fandom energy so hopefully that'll last and give me a reason to try mastodon so i have a fandom art & talky outlet that's not specific discord groups cause i want a bit more wide fandom experience again

    also work's sorta sucked this week. just having trouble fully concentrating (probly mostly cause kh3) and yesterday i spent a lot of time ranting and being upset about things and that carried until like halfway through work today and a bit still fizzled through the end of work. finishing kh3 has helped tho boy i'm not gonna be happy when i wake in 6 1/2 hours. hoping tomorrow will be a good animation day and i'll get my keys done... it should be fine?? i might need to message my lead if he doesnt give me notes on one of my shots early tomorrow cause i like... i'm nooot sure if it's.. right. it's complicated, basically the setup and animatic and surrounding shots all don't work logically with the background and props i have so... i fudged the continuity and i can't tell if it shows or not, so gotta make sure i dont have to completely redo that one, and if i do best to know tomorrow and not last minute.

    guh i'm worrie dpart of the week being bleh is that i've been going off my meds, partially cause i wasn't sure if they were doing much and partially cause i have no idea how to get a refill and i dont knwo where i put the slip with instructions so... i guess lets try just.. not. i do wanna try being off tho cause i feel like the worst of my productivity problems are behind me with school pressure not being a thing any more and im honestly sick of having to watch my pain med intake and alcohol intake and not being able to take any cold meds or sleep aids. so. we're tryin this. i'm trying to keep an eye on my mood and energy tho and if the downturn's too steep i'll... try to find my refill slip and if i can't find it.. i'll make a gameplan for dealing with calling the doctor and figuring that out. i really hate phone calls here especially because phone static + british accent makes it almost impossible for me to get information from a phone call. and i hate knowing like nothing about the expected process for stuff like this because different country. guh.
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    good day, actually got shit done at work, finally pushed dumb emotions off my back, excited for weekend and feeling more energetic. weird becase ive been getting like 6 hours of sleep every night but my brain does eventually go to reserve fuel mode
    what's important is i managed to concentrate pretty decently tdoay and i finished keying so i can just do fun tweening tomorrow and not worry about the weirder shots till monday

    currently trying to get the motivation to clean my room. gotta get together a list of shopping for saturday too. excited to go to a munch and chill with friends, not super happy the munch talk thing this month is about homeopathy. gonna just. sliiip out when the talk starts, not feeling sulking through fake medicine talking :l
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    self: consistently bad at consistently journalblorging

    anyways. I got extended again!!! don't knw how long, should know in the next threeish days, I'm really hoping for like, february contract ending, so i can be here through another christmas season and long enough past that to not feel guilty about taking almost all of december off > 3 > my family's planning a disney world trip and it'll be sister in law's First Time In Disney World and I HAVE to see it!! it'll be so good!!!

    anyways... hm. i got a cold last week which sucked and i had some very sleepy days and generally haven't done great on this episode in work but eh.. i'll be finishing on time anyways so that's nice, and I think I did some good more detailed animation, so, still a positive. I've added SciShow Tangents to my liste of podcasts to listen to new eps of every week, mostly backlistening to Oh No Ross and Carrie through days today but I think my brain's getting tired of that.. not sure what to move onto instead though.

    yay general update on life
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Extension is till november 8th!! not what i was hoping but not as short as i was fearing, should all work out, just waiting anxiously to make sure holiday allocation is correct to see where i can spread it. I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink it should spread out decently but i will have to hold onto some to make sure i can go to didney with my family if i get extended again. we will see how the cards fall. i'm thinkin either way this warm season i might try and do like, small weekend trips to places around england maybe monthly to just, explore a lot of the country without having to take vacation days. maybe someday I'll stop feeling like financial stability is temporary and having a strong urge to hide away every cent of my paychecks that i can Just In Case

    I am also getting strong wanderlust feelings bubbling up so I want to do Things towards goals of being able to just Go Places Do Things, which mainly means i wanna work on my fitness again. I should probly get back into pole and I want to get into walking/jogging mix as well but boy am I bad at actually starting that. want to get a better gameplan put together... basically my goals are I want Stronk Muscles which was bein accomplished pretty well by pole, so, continue that, but I also want a lot more Endurance so when I'm on vacations or want to go hiking I can actually go all the miles I want to go instead of getting too exhausted after only a few miles. So I thiink?? the best thing to work on with that is just, Walk More, probably Run Some As Well. right not my main thing is i don't really like walking around the city with no purpose because Cars and Danger, and it's sunset by the time i get out of work right now so going to the more naturey parts i can reach is More Danger U: this will be dealt with in like, a month when the sunset gets back to nice times but. still. want to start now. trying to plan just little circuits around my neighborhood because there's not many cars and some pedestrian only streets and some pretty blocks I could explore more, but tuesday and wednesday it was wet and i had stomach cramps and today I had a calf cramp in the middle of the night (no reason I can tell for this one, might need to get this leg checked out my ankle on the same leg was doing the Sudden Sprained Feeling But Just for 30 Seconds thing a bit this week too) so universe is conspiring against me
    tomorrow we get out of work an hour early (cause we always do on fridays) so i should probably Go Walk tomorrow o3o hopefully leg feels better, usually does after a day and a half after these cramps
    Also want to start tracking my food again, this time with more of a just keeping track of what i'm eating focus than a weight loss focus. i'd like to lose weight, specially now that i'm off of antidepressants, but trying for a x pounds a week calorie counter thing clearly burns me out too quickly, probably was going too crash diet-y, might set the tracker i've got for a like, 1/2 pound a week loss so i can work on improving food intake without accidentally making myself go into shaky need-food mode u:

    in less AAAAA news, i am officially part of new girlfriend's polyfam!! I am friends w/ 3 of the metamours already and i'm just. aaa so fuzzy to be semi-fam with all these cool people >w< and this is sorta my first time like, Properly Labeled As This Dating so i'm v pumped about that
    aaaa my sis n her bf are visiting in like 2 months i wanna see if we can have dinner with them, i can do a family meets partner thing!!! and with my sis it can be a completely honest one!!!
    also supes excited for that sis visit and my parents visiting a bit after her, too, just. lots of good happenin right now. i'm also planning a trip to london in a month exactly, i've got my hostel and train ticket now so now it's just sorta the.. what do i want to do part
    if anyone has reccs for london things to see, do recommend!!!
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    once again the most consistent thing about me blogging is that i am inconsistent with it, despite the fact that I always immeasurably enjoy reading back on my thoughts that i've forgotten

    anyways i'm posting today because i've been wanting to start eating better consistently for half a year and i've made.. some steps? but nothing consistent and i'm trying the lose weight and stop binge snacking train again so i'mma.. try to post about it here for some accountability
    so, tw dieting / eating habits stuff through rest of thread, if that's stuff that your brain is bad with probably don't continue

    baaasic situation is a year ago i went from retail job of standing in a place or carry heavy boxes of stock around to much better but much more sedentary desk job of animator. on top of that the move took me from living carless in a place where to take a bus to the nearest grocery was either 6+ blocks of walking at both ends or a 40+ minute trip, so i'd mooch a ride from a housemate once a month for a proper grocery run and grab ends at the cvs in between, to a situation where a medium sized grocery store is a 7 minute walk away and a corner store with all the essentials, and a lot of junk foods i like, is a 3 minute walk away, and also open till 11. and i have 3x my previous income.
    this is all great but when I don't really specifically meal plan and put effort into my eating it means that after work I go to the store, get chips and ice cream and some pre-made wrap that i dip in an onion/sour cream dip each bite of eating it. delicious, but bad for me, bad for my wallet, and lack of nutrients makes my stomach and mental health worse in the medium term. also I gained 30 pounds. some of that is muscle but like... i don't fit into the shorts I wore all last summer. so there's definitely some extra fat that I'd really like to be gone

    so! I started a bullet-journal-y thing, I don't know if it counts as one of those but basically i bought a cute journal and made a page for meal planning and a page of large meals I already know how to make, and plans for other meals to make. large meals mainly cause my workplace has an (also expensive) cafeteria and I know from experience that my executive function for food preparation in the morning is roughly zero, if I have to do more than grab it out of the fridge I likely won't bother, so I try and make or plan something I can eat for the whole week on the weekend. Did this successfully for a while earlier this year, i have a consistent chicken noodle soup recipe, and a beef soup recipe, and for lazy weeks I buy a bag of potatoes and bake 5 of them at once and just have baked potato for lunch. Over may and most of this month I super fell off the bandwagon because family visited twice in may and after that I had.. probably a depressive episode, just have had a lot of trouble the last few weeks doing anything but the minimum to keep myself going, so i've wasted a looot of money on junk food.

    this week i'm trying doing salad daily! got a few heads of romaine and a mix bag of broccoli and carrots to add in as well so it's a bit more than just leaves, and also chicken and a bit of cheese because if it's just veggies i will collapse in the middle of the day. wiith caesar dressing because I can't yet get myself to like a non-creamy salad dressing. also grapes.
    today that was a liiittle too little and i ate the rest of the snacks I bought yesterday (i went hiking and afterwards couldn't resist buying all the junk food. honestly an accomplishment that i didn't binge it all right away though!) after lunch cause my hands were getting shaky. Think I might need to grab some toast too just to have something more substantial with my lunch this week. Next weekend's busy so it'll probably be a potato week but I'll try to prepare some broccoli to put on it instead of just sour cream or butter.

    anyways I've managed to just eat my planned dinner (grille chee and corn, delish) this evening so far so that's good. less snacking also means i'll hopefully get to brush my teeth more consistently? maybe?

    sooooo yup that's today's ramble. ate more snacks than i intended to during the day, but now i'm out of snacks so i just have to resist going to the store..
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    had salad almost every day! wednesday i did not because it turned out all my meals were planned otherwise, was pizza day at the studio and monthly munch at a restaurant for dinner. other than more biscuits than I should be eating at work, managed to keep snacking out of it, too, and even brush my teeth most days! yayy good habits.

    now just gotta remember to meal plan for the next week tomorrow <.<
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I did the thing, planned the meals, got the groceries! Which was annoying cause it turns out the closest place is closed for a week so I had to go a different route and postpone getting groceries for a day. But it worked ouut.

    Doing baked potato for lunches this week, prepared some broccoli to go with it! I should have like three different types of veggie and two different types of fruit in my diet this week, much better than I had been doing.

    I did have ice cream and snickers for dinner Saturday but it was second day of bleed week, so that’s pretty expected. Also it was 90 outside.
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    Anomal(eee) Grumblepunk Gremlin

    Sounds like you are winning at food in spite of setbacks! And yeah, I don't think there's any need to stress about having dessert when you're also making sure you're getting nutritious foods too.

    Sorry to hear it's hitting 90 over there too, though. We just had our second 90+ day in a row after a couple months of unseasonable coolness due to way more rain than we usually get here, and I'm in mourning. I know it's supposed to be hot in the summer, but does it have to be thiiis hot? /whine

    super belated congrats on gf and polycule! :D
  16. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Yeah!! I'm not gonna completely hardass myself about desserts and snacks forever, obvs, right now it's mostly like... the amount of food and portion sizes i have increased dramatically in the last year, so i'm working on like.. calorie counting and amount of food i eat per day control at the moment too, to get that back to a level that's better for me.

    luuckily it's manchester so it's back to being 65 now! the 85-90 weather lasted one day and then got thunderstormed away, mostly an absolute nuisance because there's not AC in most anything here.. maaaybe the grocery store but public transit, most shops, and certainly my house are all without AC so it gets.. very inescapable very quickly.

    aa thank :3 it's veery casual but i think that's good for me at the moment cx;
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    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    I open the Kintsugi; I make a post, first time in five months

    I'm proud of you, keep being mindful about your food consumption, keep eating vegetal

    Think of japanese vegetal if you want more flavors... cucumber in vinaigrette, it's like pickles, but less salt... like this. Use miso, or basil and garlic, make stir fry with vegetals. Hot heat, short amount of fry time. No fancy flavor? Take butter, take garlic, put any vegetal in pan. Pea pods. Buy vegetal crisps. Just eat.

    Inspired by making my wife eat a dinner without meat for the first time in her goddess-given life because I didn't feel like finding and defrosting some. Buy big bags, very big bags, of frozen fruit, put into blender with honey and fruit juice, or malk, make smoothie drink. Delicious. And if you don't want vegetal... understandable, have a good day. Maybe eat chicken. Easy chicken: cut up, put in flour, pun in pan, GARLIC, then cover in white wine or Sherry, put the lid down, wander around the house stupidly for half an hour. Put on potatoe. Oh yeah, worchestershire somewhere in there.

    I honestly had no idea Free! released a third boyfriend for Haru. I mean a third season of their anime. How was that
  18. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    yaas. i've been meaning to go to the gigantic chinese grocery store like two blocks from my house but new stores are intimidating. i'm sorta trying to do like.. one new food thing every week?? this week it's cooking broccoli on the stove with a tiidge of oil instead of dipping it in water, i'm digging it, v good. i'm generally goin for like.. half hour or less prepare time food for dinner because that's about the amount of time i can probably use the kitchen without butting into roommates, and this kitchen is literally not wide enough for one person to move past the other without touching. one food at a time.
    this week i'm either doing salad.. or chicken nugs with fruit n veggies. which honestly is like 1/3 chicken and mostly strawberries and some corn. the broccoli is for my potates.

    I. honestly still haven't watched any more of the new Free! there are a lot of new boys suddenly and i think i got overwhelmed. i'mma like.. read a summary of the first two seasons as a refresher i think before picking it back up.

    in other news i'm debating whether to attempt a day trip to london this weekend for pride. it is only 2 hours from my station to a central london station.. and i'll actually uh... be in minnesota when manchester pride happens.. (i'm going to minnesota for literally just four days because i want to go to the state fair and the ren fest??? so let's see how well i can punch jetlag in the face and go crazy)
  19. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    Fighto. Eat good foods. But not so many that it sucks. Having a diet that sucks is a solid way to not be able to keep your diet.

    New stores are intimidating. My best recc is to look through 1 shelf or locate the 1 shelf with things you might want on it and ignore the rest for now. Letting yourself do less usually helps brains, usually. If your stomach has a hard time with oils and butters, btw, I recommend sunflower oil for being relatively tasteless and light on ur digestion. Unless they don't have much of that where you are. Peanut, grapeseed, and vegetable are all here for you too. I have... a lot of experience in cooking for people who will hospital if something is wrong.

    That... that was something in particular that lead me to eating a lot less good in college, having roommates. The anxiety led me to cooking less, eating less, cleaning less... that suck. Chicken bugs are not bad in themselves if you're not using them as grease carriers lol you're doing great ouo

    I can believe you're going to MN for the ren fest, I can't fucking believe you're including the state fair in that trip too. You utter horse trash. You cheese-curd-eating midwestern buffoon. But have fun at the renaissance fair, buy something nice, have a good time!! Drink an ale. Last renfair Wife and I bought a pentagram-shaped tambourine, a succulent that we put in a sake cup, lots of incense, a Book, and I got more taxidermy jewelry ouo and for the first time in like three years I wasn't babysitting anyone and could just have a drink and run around and have fun!!! Yay. Do that. Purchase more leather like I purchase more bone
  20. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    i once again completely forgot i wanted to go to the chinese food store. anyways the grocery store closest is open again and they CHANGED THE LAYOUT. SCREECHES.
    it's honestly better set up now so i understand but aaaaaa nooo i had a systeeeemm

    one thing that's nice about not wanting to spend too much time in the kitchen i'm discovering tho is salad is really quick!!! like even tho i'm choppin my own veggies it can be a like, five minuts and i'm gooone process.

    i am. so so pumped to go to the ren fest tbh. i'm going with madison and rachel from woodbury high and it's gonna be so good. i'm gonna drink so much of that good minnesota brewed mead.
    oh man!!! leit!! thinking of good renfest-y things when parents and i were hiking in a mountain in ireland i picked up some quartz-y rocks for you!! i shall bring them to christmas. i'm gonna develop a habit of getting you rocks from like , every pretty country i visit so be prepared for this

    anyways completely random thought but i was just remembering how i actually quit my victoria's secret job by just stopping showing up and not answering any calls. the first time i tried to quit they just talked me into changing my availability and then it was still just. misery. because i was working sunday mornings and most things about working at victoria's secret are actually hell. and i didn't have any way to nonverbally communicate that i wanted to quit and the store managers were verry hard to talk to about things like that.
    honestly hilarious to me that i did the ultimate like... flop of a person method of quitting a job once but also did it extremely calculatedly. like i actively decided this and made sure that I wouldn't really need to ever put this job on my resume or as a reference.
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