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    Man, you can tell a job is shitty when they won't accept any resignation more direct than fucking ghosting them, jeez. It's almost like they have convicts sewing their merchandise and are grumpy about not having the same leverage over the rest of their employees, or something. :/ Good on you for getting out of there!
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    pfff right? and when I quit it was actually easier than it had been because our store managers had been switched! The original store manager.... well the first time i mentioned that i might be lowering my hours or quitting within a few months (specifically citing that I was going to work more on my at home job in my major field (not mentioning that that job was unpaid tho lol)) she acted personally betrayed, kept going "why would you do that?!" like i specifically had picked this job up just to drop it 4 months later because I was scamming them or something and I ended up crying in the corner and a few of the other employees (and one manager) all took me aside later to basically figure out what the missing stair had done to the new girl : 3

    and another time they were short people for a week so the same store manager came into the breakroom and asked us chilling there if we had any time open next week. I said no, so she looked up my schedule, saw I was only working there three days, then asked me in order individually what I was doing every other day of the week. A coworker later said I was brave for citing 'going out with friends' one night as a reason i couldn't come in for work.

    to the job's credit tbh the days I was doing inventory work there were probably some of my favorite shifts of all, and if I was a morning person and didn't have a hell commute I probably would've stayed to be an inventory person. They basically set it up as people unboxing and sorting product in a line way in a corner of the back room, so you could just chat and do the same repetitive task all day, which is basically my ideal as far as retail jobs go. unfortunately those were the shifts that usually ran from 5 am to 10:30ish or so.

    anyways in the end the job that paid me a dollar less an hour and gave me half as many breaks had way less pressure and way better managers so it ended up being an immensely better job overall, despite in hindsight the fact that they almost definitely also committed wage theft (I worked 32ish hours a week nonstop after I quit the victoria's secret job, and even though the part-time worker definition was '29 or less hours a week' they doctored my forms with the time before that I worked 12ish hours a week because of the victoria's sectret job so i came out to average as a part time worker. wheeeee)
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    general food update: still doin the thing. got salads for lunches this week, the store didnt have romaine so i've got two packs of red and normal gem lettuce, which are pretty cute and one head is about the right size for a lunch salad so that's convenient. also remembered i like having a sausage or two with like, a fruit and a veg on the side as a dinner so i'm doing that for 3 dinners this week (finishing off my potates for the other two)

    I got carrots to put in with the salad but i'm discovering this pack is Way Too Much Carrot for just my salads, so, i have to figure out what to do with most of a bag of baby carrots. I will eat carrots raw with a dip but... the ratio where I actually enjoy that is far more dip than one should be consuming, honestly, so that might not be the best plan, and i really dn't like the texture of cooked carrots unless we're talking full on soup. miight just give up and go for a beef stew for lunches next week, tho midsummer is a weird time for stew.

    also, while i'm just journaling, oooh my goood i want the series i'm actually supposed to be on to start, the other show in the studio the rigs are really slow and it's just so soul crushing to work on after a while, when half the characters you're animating lag a solid half second with every adjustment. gaaaah.
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    here is a weird thing i tried recently - very tiny diced carrots in spaghetti. it was strange, and i'd never thought about putting carrots in spaghetti sauce before, but not actually bad, so i do plan on repeating it
  6. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    tw for this post for talking about 9/11 cause i guess that's where my brain is today.

    Yo i've been thinking about how no one agrees on the cutoff between millenial and gen z and how, being born in 1995 i am really not clear on which i am, and i've come up with an arbitrary cutoff that i'm now going to profess everyone should use, and then ramble about other related things.

    So the deciding factor on whether you're a millenial or gen z is what year you truly understood what 9/11 was. if it was 2001 you're a millenial, if it's any year later than that you're gen z. surprise, i'm gen z

    like. i saw someone posting about how growing up not knowing anything but post-9/11 would affect people's views and i'm here like yes!! exactly!!! it really hecks me up in hindsight how long it took for any authority in my life to take a moment and go. 'wait. these kids don't know exactly what happened. we need to start teaching this now.'
    Liiike. I was a few weeks from turning 6 when it happened and I got the 6-year-old appropriate summary: some bad people ran a plane into the twin towers and they've fallen'
    problem: i had no clue what the fuck the twin towers were or if they were significant. i thought they were in minnesota for years!!! because i grew up near the twin cities, so, naturally, twin towers must be there. i don't even know when I found out they were in new york. I distinctly remember at one point lying to a friend and saying my dad was driving not too far away when it happened because it was just a big event that you could get reactions from other people with acting like it was more related to your life than it was.
    I distinctly remember I was in 7th grade, almost 13 when on 9/11 we watched a documentary about the event. It was the first time I heard about the attempt on the pentagon, it was the first time I heard what the twin towers were before they were destroyed, it was the first time anyone discussed the cultural impact on them. It took seven years for one of my teachers to realize, oh, these kids were all six when this happened, they don't know exactly what it was. and like, yeah, from an adult perspective i can totally see how those years slip away and you don't really realize how fast all these kids are growing up and what their perspective on this is, but it's still. wild to think back on

    and I really do think it's probably the least bullshit a marker for generations can be, at least for american born in those years, like.. yeah you're not gonna get much more clear of a national shift in perspective than that. so many of the 5-10 years older than me people i watch on youtube/hang out with irl have such emotion behind talking about the event that is just completely absent for me. the actual day I do (theoretically, memories are a fickle thing) remember, but only in that I could tell my parents were upset and that something bad had happened because we were actually watching tv news.
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  7. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    That's... Actually a decent marker, maybe? I was 12, and while I didn't really understand what the WTC was, I understood where everything was happening, and what was happening. Hearing about the attacks themselves wasn't as scary as the changes that came after. Our area had a weird hysterical rash of prank school bombing threats, and the sudden violent nationalism resurgence was creepy.
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  8. Anomal(eee)

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    Same, I was 11 and while I didn't personally have very strong feelings about the event as much as the aftermath, but I definitely remember the jingoism and authoritarianism in the adults around me dialing up and never really going back down. Growing up where that perspective shift was the only mode anyone had known seems like a really good way to delineate generations

    ... Fuck I just counted backwards and realized my little brother had just barely turned three on 9/11. Crazy stuff
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  9. Acey

    Acey same old sad soliloquy

    I’m in a bit of a weird spot there—I was eight, and I remember 9/11 itself very vividly, but I was young enough that I don’t vividly remember the cultural shift as...well, nearly as much of a shift as it truly was. My memories of pre-9/11 America are pretty vague, and at the time I think I accepted those cultural changes as necessary somehow, because I was really too young to know better.

    That said, I remember the day, and the attacks, quite well, and I more or less understood what had happened?
  10. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Yeah, I really don't remember being conscious of any of the aftermath... the only things I do remember were like... 4 years later when I was 10 and they started showing us these kid-friendly weekly news things in class to try and get us interested in current events but it bored me out of my mind because it was aalways about the wars in the middle east and I didn't know anything about what people were doing there past like.. finding the terrorists and it was just weird and repetitive and seemed.. really normal? like, 'yeah, ok, we're at war in the middle east like we always have been, we get it,' was definitely the mentality i had at the time.

    then like.. a year or two later I was reading Ozy and Millie and realized the artist used to draw a political comic from 2004-08 and i was like. heck, i was marginally interested in the '08 election, i like this artists' sense of humor, why not read this? aaaand that's how i got my first sense of perspective on what actually happened in the bush administration! which was a reaaally surreal moment, specially growing up in a (by american perspectives) center-right household that sorta. didn't mention politics and felt like everything was going fine all the time.

    honestly in hindsight the '08 election was a super formative time, i was for the first time old enough to be marginally interested in elections and.. i grew up in a suburb that legitimately as a district votes right about 50/50, I was distinctly aware that all my best friends' parents were definitely voting differently than my parents and my math teacher would berate my friend for wearing an obama hat (in hindsight, what the fuck was a geometry teacher doing trying to berate a 13 year olds' political views) and just. weird year. very much transition from child mode to teen mode for me.
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  11. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    iiits time for weird amourphos anxiety from unknown origins and a vague sense of unwellness in my body so my brain can become convinced that i'm definitely dying somehow right now
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    Pretend it's a little ghost or demon or something attached to you. 'Penelope is sending me strangeness waves again, trying to disrupt my sense of reality and stability again in order to trick me into giving her conscious control, nice try, Penelope, this body is MINE'
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  13. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    that's it, i'm officialy haunted by the spirit of xehanort. he's trying to nort me. i will not et my heart fall to darkness.
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  14. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I am currently sadly eating a bowl of slightly salted spaghetti because I drank too much and got that eternal nausea but I ran out of bread in the house. As well as butter. This is a mood tbh tho
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    hey nerds does anyone want to hear me yell about how much NONSENSE The Lion Guard is?? (the lion guard being the lion king tv show disney's made/is making, idk if the third season is the last. it might be. i'm only like halfway through)


    So to start. In the pilot it's established that like, the monarch child who is not in line for the throne gets mystical roar powers that they use to lead the lion guard, essentially a group that solves internal disasters and works as something of a border guard for the pridelands. cool. it's established the last lion to have this was scar. why didn't he have his cool powers anymore in the lion king??


    i can. get into everything else later but i really just needed to express this right now. I. lion guard had a really weird position to fill in the story it wanted to tell and dealing with like... how the idea of how the pridelands works has never been very... good.. but they just. dig in their heels and i sort of love it for that.
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  16. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    That's real fucked up of him. Like are you sure Mufasa knew about this? Was it common knowledge? If so I cannot really see how Mufasa was so surprised about Scar's, you know, murder of him. Clearly Mufasa didn't like him already for some reason that seemed dead serious but a quadruple fuckin homicide is a bit above.
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  17. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    God, this backstory was given in the pilot episode which i actually watched a few years back so i don't remember exactly, but like.. it's illustrated in rafiki's tree, i don't know how they'd find out about it post-mortem, and the Guard sorta works as a public service, so i can't imagine scar could be all like 'hey... my four groupmates disappeared and i lost all my powers... no reason....'

    i do love how the show simply says he used the roar to 'destroy' them, like... yup. side step around talking about murder all you want show. It's not like you have a solid 2/5 of your main characters as obligate carnivores and yet they spend almost all their time saving prey animals from predators...

    like ok. my favorite thing about this show is it's tryyying to make the pride lands' border policies make sense. hyenas don't follow the circle of life, so they live in the outlands! but hey, not all hyenas are bad, there's an episode where kion gets stuck in the outlands and runs into a chill hyena who respects the circle of life! (her name's jasiri, she's literally the best character) buuuut... nah she still lives in the outlands. literally they show that her situation's potentially severe enough that when the zira's pride takes over her family's water source, there's literally no other water and she needs kion to talk them into sharing or fucking off (which, put a pin in kion's overstepping of his influence, we'll get there)

    but also!! we are not done limiting entry to the pridelands with hyenas, oh no. there are also no: jackals, leopards, or harrier hawks in the pridelands, to name the species they've specifically said aren't in the pridelands so far. they sideskirt an issue of a leopard whomst is actually friendly asking to join the pridelands by making it a story of him sticking up for himself to keep his own, off-pridelands territory, every other intruder is just. welp, they're greedy, aren't following our rules/are hunting someone we've befriended so they're getting kicked out

    aaand even within the pridelands there's been like, a handful of episodes where the conflict is 'x predator that is allowed to be in the pridelands is hunting in the Wrong Place' (usually the crocodiles, why is it makuu breaks the rules like 6 times and yet still is among the council of leaders in the pridelands??)

    AaAAaAAAAnd back to kion overstepping his bounds!! he has repeatedly gone into the outlands to help in beyond-borders issues, including one time saving baboons he JUST exiled for not respecting the circle of life from getting eaten by the hyenas in the outlands. because janja wasn't starving enough. what are the restrictions to your police authority, kion? whatever you decide they are? U:

    anyways this is an incredibly dorky rant but. i just love how much no sense it makes. why are there hunting free zones in the pridelands, especially watering holes and grazing grounds? how does any predator ever get a meal? why would the herbivores ever leave those zones? are the lions forcing them to occasionally do so so they can hunt them??
    also when you directly introduce like, every single animal in this universe as equally sentient it really makes everything awkward. does kion ever feel bad eating one of the antelope from the herd he saved from the mudslide yesterday??

    honestly in the end the perfect place for the lion king canon is as a really awkward piece of history in the zootopia universe. weird-ass monarchy in the distant past that pretended to be benevolent as they forced every other animal to live life the way they wanted them to.
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  18. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Another completely unrelated thing i deeply enjoy about the lion king is that they have 100% stuck to having swahili names for all of their characters.... except Kiara (and to a lesser degree Scar, since that's technically his chosen name, his birth name is Taka)
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  19. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    me: eh, autism spectrum runs in the family, but i don't think i really got much of any of it, i mean i don't even special interest
    also me: let me tell you about deep lion king lore for an hour
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    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    today i touched a dead sheep!! i was in the peak district hiking and there was just. a sheep right by the path, real heckin dead. it wasnt in rigor mortis yet and didn't have like, any visible rot at all (i at first nudged its leg to make sure it wasnt like, reaaaallly sleeping) so i poked it to see if it was still warm.. twas cold. got to see its eye slightly fogged too so... that was cool? little creepy. i warned people i walked by after with off leash dogs, didnt want people worrying bout their dogs trying to eat mysterious dead sheep.

    im sad i couldn't really collect anything from it tbh.. i've been tempted to start keeping an eye out for bones to clean and have and damn a sheep skull would be cool but like.. an hour or two after death sheep is way too fresh to harvest a skull from, obviously. i am wondering how it died though, there was a little bit of blood on the head but no obvious cuts or anything
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