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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Raire, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. TheMockingCrows

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    looking at the booklet, Pino is confirmed as a girl. which means every time i look at Rody now I just go trans trans trans trans trans
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    I...I'm almost up to date with the anime (haven't watched this weekend's ep yet) and I am vibing WAY too hard with Dabi right now. Like, seriously. To the point where I'm wondering if this is what kids these days call kinning?

    We both have:

    - Abusive fathers who tried to push us too hard to be successful and punished us when we tried too hard and failed anyway - hero-worship and love that turned to hatred all at once and never went away

    - Fucked up genetics that means attempting our goals or performing what we consider a normal task actively damages us physically

    - A younger sibling who is Basically Perfect in comparison and seems to get on better with said abusive fuckstick much better than we could ever manage, baffling and infuriating on so many levels (I'm not saying Shouto gets on with Endeavour, but it sure as fuck LOOKS that way from Dabi's POV)

    - Feeling like while our mum's didn't active take part in the abuse, we can't understand why they still even think about the bastard much less talk to him, maybe they're complicit?

    - I even have related self harm burn scars for fucks sake, although obviously they're nowhere near as extensive or severe lol

    Augh argh argh argh. All of his damage is just hitting way too close to home is all. I kinda wish my dad had been a public figure so I could have found more ways to ruin him, and gods do I wish I had fire powers so I could have burned him down.

    At least mine is dead now.
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