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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Raire, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. chaoticArbiter

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    yeah, I have considered that stuff. I'm just not totally sold. especially because we don't know the birth order in regards to the third kid, so the second thing is pure speculation just like the theory. it's kinda hard to guess based on what we've seen and do know--like, Todoroki's 15, and the other brother is 19. lotta room in there for the third kid to be between that brother and Todoroki, you know?
    I will say if it is Dabi, the original hair color continues to match Quirk, though. in our singular screenshot of that kid, his hair is red, which means it'd fit for him to have a fire Quirk. even if he dyed his hair later.

    eta: basically, I am not saying it's impossible. I even think it could be plausible. I also think it would be interesting. I just also think there is reasonable doubt to be had.
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  2. Charlie

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    I think that's fair too! I was just bringing up points I wasn't sure had been considered in case. It's valid to not be sold on it.

    I do think Hori is definitely aware of the theory and playing with it, if it is not canon though.

    I will say we do know birth order though. The official data books gave us the information that 'Fuyumi is the second oldest', and Natsuo is younger than her (he refers to her as his older sister), so we know the last sibling is the oldest.
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    So Endeavor just rocketed about 50 places up my list of favourite BnHA characters. I'm actually really loving his recent development, and Horikoshi so far seems to be doing well in presenting people's reactions to said development fairly. Maybe I'm optimistic, but we shall see. :D

    A friend of mine came up with a hypothetical scenario where it's actually the other way around, and it's Enji who's originally from a family of villains rather than Dabi being from a family of heroes. We don't really have any evidence for this aside from wondering why he picked a woman who has pretty much the opposite Quirk from him to marry (I mean if he was just looking for a strong quirk to introduce to his bloodline I'm SURE there were more logical choices) and also why Rei seems to be more sympathetic to his general cause than one might expect. ...But it's fun to think about, and I think it might be my new headcanon provided Horikoshi doesn't put out any conflicting information. :3
  4. chaoticArbiter

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    but I'm kinda uncomfortable with the way Bakugo's mom talks to him and treats him. like, I realize he could probably bust down the wall of the house if he wanted, and I have no doubt she's right that most people endlessly praised his powerful Quirk and nothing but as a kid. but I am deeply uncomfortable with how she treats him in the whole visit from Aizawa and All Might, and I really don't think the response to your son having received a lot of praise for only his Quirk as a kid is telling him stuff like "you're a weak little bitch and got kidnapped and caused everyone a lot of trouble". that doesn't just seem dysfunctional to me, it seems damaging. like. I am of the opinion that the praise as a kid gave Bakugo an inflated sense of how great his Quirk is, but I also think he's placed way too much of his self-worth on being strong and his powerful Quirk and being the best, and if that's how his mom usually treats him, I don't think that's going to helpfully combat any of that, or his idea that he has to be the best and will get there because of his Quirk. at best, I can see him going "fine, I'm not the strongest yet, but that just means I have to get there, and I will, no matter the cost, because otherwise I'm nothing", and at worst, I feel like it's gonna give him the same sort of thing that happens with BPD re: self worth--constantly vacillating between "I am the best" (in his case, probably only as long as he is Strong and The Best) and "I fucking suck and am nothing". and idk. I am Uncomfy.
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  5. chaoticArbiter

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    why is Mineta even a character. what does he bring to the table that isn't creepy and oftentimes bordering on sexual harassment. why does he exist and when does he stop existing.
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  6. emythos

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    He's apparently one of the authors favs for some reason
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    that makes me uncomfortable.
    Mineta's a fucking creep and I want to know what, exactly, the author loves so much about him. no one should like Mineta. I'm not sorry. he reads to me like he's bordering on committing an actual crime and sexually assaulting someone.
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  8. emythos

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    I think the author intended him to be comedically awful and doesn't realize he ended up legitimately awful
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  9. chaoticArbiter

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    ....I was gonna say I wish someone would explain to the author that people who behave like that are very real and sometimes very dangerous and that Mineta is genuinely a creepy and awful character, but honestly, I am willing to bet someone has already tried and it didn't get through to him. idk. maybe I am being cynical. but....if he's aware of what fans think about things in the manga, I can't believe he hasn't seen criticism of Mineta? cause I've seen a LOT.

    eta: like don't get me wrong. I can get it if the author meant Mineta to be comedically terrible. but Mineta hasn't come across that way at all for pretty good reason--his behavior's not funny, it's too close to how genuine entitle creeps who sometimes end up assaulting someone act. and I wish the author would take responsibility for that and own up to the fact that he screwed this up. because he did.
    ....although if we are being real, I will never find someone being a creep towards people in a sexual manner to be amusing. at best, it is uncomfortable. at worst, it reads like a predator in the making. neither of these amuse me.
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  10. The Mutant

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    God, yes, Mineta is no joke one of the major barriers to me actually being into BNHA instead of just glancing at it from time to time (along with all the fanservice/sexy costumes). I get a very strong sense that since he's a gonky, unattractive, small design with a gimmicky quirk it's ''''''okay''''' because lol you guys no matter how creepy he is, he's obviously too much of a joke and incapable of doing anything to really harm anyone, clearly!!!!!

    Apply Mineta's personality to any of the other major cast and it's not so silly/handwave-able :I

    (I can't believe Danganronpa 2's rough equivalent to Mineta was actually marginally better.)
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  11. chaoticArbiter

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    it honestly really does not help for me that Mineta has the Quirk Pop Off, which effectively means he could. stick someone in place. if he so chose. he's not actually harmless. he just hasn't taken it as far as genuine assault yet.
    remember, kids, sexual harrassment and the threat of sexual assault in a character aren't funny things and don't get more amusing or acceptable just because they're supposedly incapable of actually doing anything!!
    and y'know, even if someone is small and seemingly can't do anything, that doesn't...mean their behavior isn't creepy, uncomfortable, and unacceptable....
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  12. ZeroEsper

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    I'm really fucking hoping he's the traitor leaking UA's information.
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  13. tinyhydra

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    I generally don't dislike characters, and have tolerated creepy over the top perverted characters in anime in the past, but Mineta... I think it's cause usually in action shows like this, creepy pervert characters, or at least the ones who're supposed to be heroic, they usually got more going on than being creepy perverts. Like, Master Roshi and that frog guy from Naruto, they're teachers who honestly help other characters grow and develop and shit on top of being creepy perverts. When Mineta's not being a creepy pervert he's being a whiny little prick, and it's like, okay, could we not have spent some time with some of the other characters instead?? All the time he's on screen is guaranteed to be unpleasant.

    Also he designed his own costume in the fiction of the show, and it's deeply troubling that he gave himself a big metal diaper.
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  14. evilas

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    Bakugo1.png Bakugo2.png Bakugo3.png


    The entire thing, everything from his defensive posture in the first pic, alongside calling him too weak, to the anger in the second one, seeming like a protective mom who just wants no harm to come to her kid, to how she forces him to bow, to how she goes "oh he just has a quirk that made him think he's sooo coool but actually he's just some weak shit" like HOLY FUCK BAKUGO I UNDERSTAND YOU NOW, I understand you so much.

    3 guesses as to who was the person who did the most praising of his quirk (and nothing else) as a kid and convinced him that it was his best quality and who gave the simultaneous messages of "this is THE thing that will make you great" and "Don't think that just cause you have this, you're automatically great, you prideful weakling".
    (yeah I'm like 99% sure it was her)
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  15. chaoticArbiter

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    that last thing?? now that I think about it, yeah, almost definitely she has been giving that constant mixed message since he was a kid. I wouldn't even be surprised if she doesn't realize or maybe just doesn't CARE that she's the cause of his thinking his Quirk is his best quality. like....we DID see a single teacher being impressed by Bakugo's little like, fireworks, or whatever, as a kid, saying "I'm sure that will turn into a powerful Quirk!" or something to the effect, but it's not like she said that the powerful Quirk would make him great--just that it'd likely be powerful. I am very willing to believe that it's his mom who's been giving him those messages forever--honestly, maybe she even gave only "this is what will make you great, this and nothing else, this is the worthwhile thing about you" for a long time, but then decided to herself that her son had gotten too arrogant from 'people' praising his great Quirk, and clearly she needed to be reminding him he wasn't a hotshot yet. and my god that is so fucked up. wonder Bakugo reads as having BPD to me--he probably would after a home life like that.
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  16. evilas

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  17. Morgan Jae

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    drew a friend and a boy
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  18. Charlie

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    A few thoughts on the situation with Bakugou's mom
    1. I think it's abusive
    2. I can't find any people who will agree that Bakugou's mom was abusive but Bakugou also abused his peer Deku (neither cancels one another out, but in all discussion it does for some reason?)
    3. So many people in fandom think its funny when she's hitting him and I just do not get it. If anything, the anime makes it more viscerally uncomfortable with the slapping noise and it being confirmed the first slap is totally unwarranted when he's just sitting there quietly
    4. Regardless of whether Hori intended it to be abusive, it's a pretty bad relationship. What I am confused about is Hori's intent. I think he sends a truly mixed message yet a lot of BNHA in general is about abuse! We have... at least 9 implicitly abused characters in the manga so far and the theme keeps coming up. So it seems to me he really should be careful here. Yet I have no idea which side he's tossing up on this situation in particular and I'm kind of eyeing it warily waiting to see what he does with it.
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  19. tinyhydra

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    I think a lot of people's reactions to Bakumom have a lot to do with them thinking something like "ah, finally, someone who's willing to tell Bakugou off for being shitty and maybe hand out a well deserved smack or two," without really taking into account that this isn't a new situation. As far as we know, this is how she's been treating him the whole time we've known the character, so if not taking his shit is supposed to make him a better person then it's kinda already failed. Like, I keep seeing people talking about what a good mom she seems like, but Bakugou's behavior says otherwise. She seems too aware of how others see him to not have at least some idea of how he treats people. Plus, it's not like Bakugou's ever seemed like he feels the need to hide how he feels about/treats Izuku. I think a parent with a kid who behaves like Bakugou is at best well meaning but ineffectual.

    I feel like she's the kind of person who thinks bullying builds character, and that if Izuku doesn't wanna be picked on than he oughta man up and figure out how to make Bakugou stop by himself.

    As for whether or not it's deliberately abusive, I think the whole "you were weak and are causing problems for everyone," thing seems too on point in regards to Bakugou's issues to be entirely accidental, but it's hard to say.
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  20. tinyhydra

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    i have some thoughts about the final exam match ups.

    I feel like Sero and Mineta vs Midnight was pretty unfairly weighted towards the kiddos. Midnight's a close range kinda gal with limited mobility, and Sero and Mineta both have abilities that let them restrain people at mid-long range, plus grant them a lot of potential mobility in the right environments. I don't think the map they fought in was particularly well suited for either of them to capitalize on that mobility, but it also had long, unbroken sight lines, so it wasn't like Midnight coulda snuck up on them or nothing. I feel like the gun guy coulda given them a better fight, and his arena would have let them move about a bit easier. Given them some verticality to work with, while also giving gun guy some good sight lines to capitalize on his longer range. Thirteen would have nullified their I don't wanna say projectiles, but projectiles. That'd have forced them to get creative. I don't really get how Midnight was supposed to properly challenge them.
    Also, it's hot garbage that Sero didn't get some rescue points for saving Mineta's bacon at the start.

    I really liked the terrain element to the finals! It's pretty cool to think about, like how an environment could handicap a teacher or set up a student pair to succeed when the goal is to challenge but not completely overwhelm the students. Plus student partnerships and all that, the final exams and how they could have played out are really fun to think about.
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