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    ah i only have monster high dolls but i *am* a larper so I might have helpful pointers for dresses and shifts and such lmao
    have you looked at prior attire before? they have a couple medieval videos on there that give good looks at the layering and what all is connected how.
    Luckily medieval style clothes hardly need to be sewn fitted, they're generally fitted with pins, lacing and belts if at all!!!
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    I have seen some of her vids! She is very talented. Im afraid doll-sized pins don't exist, but I might tack it together at a few points if I intend on keeping the doll in a particular outfit for a while, or to take photos. Amerukawaii ( I might have spelled that wrong) is a YouTube's, I don't know if her channel is still up or active, but she did miniatures and dabbled in doll clothing and customization, so I'm taking some pointers from her for anything that's more fitted. I have that beige, easily tearable tape. Forgot the name.

    Edit: Akamerukawaii is closer to the name. The channel is up but hasn't been active in a year. She has a lot of fun fantasy doll customs though!
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    My phone gets excitable about auto correct...
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    Oh yeah the pins might be a problem, but doing a single stitch to reinforce things might be enough i think?
    also man, i remember the elemental fairy series she did i loved that so much.
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    Shit was so good, I'd forgotten all her cool shit. She even sculpted her own dolls on occasion. I hope she's doing well (I first subscribed way back when she did that tiny food series)
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    I was talking about the fanfic I'm going to write in the chat of the game I'm writing a fic about and now people are kind of interested and i feel like I have to subject them to my writing along with you poor innocent people XD

    Well at least I'm not forcing them to read it somehow

    I'm rather nervous tho XD I managed to not get any really bad reviews on my fics back in the day, hopefully that continues
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    Got an email from dollyhair saying my package came! Very excited. I'll try to post pictures of the hair and dolls later
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    well that email was saying it shipped, and i waited a few weeks. checked the shipping info and they tried dropping it off twice but the house across the street is being built and theres been a shit ton of big ole trucks in our teeny one lane road, so it's saying they couldnt access the location. Bitch I've seen the mailman walk around in his shorts, and we've gotten other packages lately, so I KNOW ya'll couldve made it to my porch. Hopefully when I have time to call the post office they still have my package and I can pick it up, because THAT COST SEVENTY FUCKING DOLLARS GODDAMMIT

    rant over for now
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    I want to write June's Journey fanfic but the 1920s is one of the sections of history I haven't delved into goshdarnit

    I'm going to do it anyway

    Screaming all the while that i am fucking up the historical accuracy despite google
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    Screw canon, im marrying the cuban
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    Didn't end up getting the doll hair because I got into a car crash (no one was hurt) and since I couldnt drive to the post office I kind of just gave up on the package. Calling the office to see if it was still there AND THEN having to ask someone to take me there is just.

    Too much for my dysfunctional/not-allowed-to-ask-for-help ass.

    So instead I bought some mandela brand yarn because the colors are nice and it separates into 6 tiny strands that fit better in a needle-shoved-thru-rubber than the other yarn I bought.
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    Harder to style because you can't brush it properly, but the only hairstyles she'll be rocking are braids and the like, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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    getting my big girl panties on, give me a mo
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    I am so nervous because it is Bad and my standards for myself are high as balls. I have two more 'chunks' of story, one from the main and one from Onyx's side story, but i am a slow copier-typist so they will probably be tomorrow or something

    be nice to me @ChelG lol. also @Acey

    Anyway this is the thing i started writing a month or two ago and i've been adding to it now and then. Some of it is first draft, some of it is from notes i scribble down during work and then i edit it a bit when i write it in the notebook. I meant this whole thing to be something i can go back to and flesh out, it's just to get the ball rolling, be the backbone i can build off later, since my old issue is finishing things and my new issue is being really bad, dear god how was i a better writer at 16. Better wording, not so much plot points.

    Anyway this is my main girl. I think i might post something from a side-project with her sister later (the one who adopted Ebony)

    Spoilers for This Rotten World by Jacy Morris (i do not recommend), The Dead Walk the Earth series by Luke Duffy (i DO recommend), and GoT. Too lazy to reread GoT right now, but im not writing anyone who was still alive while those books were written, so shrug.

    The story will take place over several years, and begins before Ned gets killed. Like a week or two? Ish? Joanna Lannister (Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion's mom), Brandon Stark and Lyanna Stark are all already in, Joanna's been there the longest since they arrive after death. That's why those three have had time to update certain aspects (gay people are chill, actually, and you shouldn't give your child shit for being a dwarf, but you SHOULD give him shit for other things) and are used to the setting.

    Also did you know Stannis married his first cousin? Joanna and Stannis's dads are brothers. Lannisters being hypocrites again lol (the wiki might be wrong, let me know if that is incorrect)

    anyway im procrastinating.

    Orchid returned home soon after graduation. She was too anxious to attend any parties. Her small court had spent the last few years making the palace more habitable. The lower floor of the Southern Wing was cleaned, the flooring and plaster replaced. She had ordered a cattle ranch to be started a few years ago, and it was just starting to turn a profit. The plumbing and internet had been repaired, the palace kitchen cleaned out, and an orchard had been planted behind the palace courtyard. Two large greenhouses had also been built, to the north of the palace and east of the ranch. She was seventeen, and had properly inherited the kingdom a year ago. With only three subjects, Orchid still wasn't comfortable with the title 'Queen'.

    The issue of subjects was the source of her anxiety. Since she was now finished with schooling, there was no more reason to wait. Her court had helped her prepare for them, and people were due to arrive in a week or two. The problem was, she wouldn't get very many. Orchid had signed on to accept refugees from two planets that had hit the point of no return. Zombie apocalypses were one of the nastier ways to end a world. She would get the scraps- the humans who managed to survive until the plug was pulled. Orchid didn't like the waste of lives. But she could only take her share of survivors. So, she would break a few rules. Luckily she had the power and influence to get away with that. Besides, she would be saving people who would die otherwise, so she wasn't 'stealing' anyone.

    What Orchid most worried about was answering people's questions. She didn't have any easy explanations, or time to waste when she could be saving people. Luckily Joanna would be coming along.

    The airship was stocked, her outfit chosen. Everyone knew the plan for tomorrow. The most important thing Orchid could do now was try and get some sleep.


    The first stop she made was at a hospital in Portland, Oregon. She left the ship with Brandon and Joanna, with its cloaking activated. Orchid had a layer of invisibility on as well. She was here to find a pair of nurses who would interact with a few of her survivors and later die. The more medical staff the merrier, in her opinion. Furthermore, they already had a working relationship with Dr. Joan Winston. She would take the time now, while the hospital was still functioning, to mark them both so they wouldn't succumb to the disease and to make them easier to find later.

    Her task didn't take very long. It was easy for her to sneak into a busy hospital when no one could see her, and while both humans could feel the brush of her fingertips as she laid her spells, they were too distracted to pay it any mind. Orchid then hurried back to her ship. She had a mother and son to save.

    By the time Orchid reached them, Kate was dragging her son's body to their neighbor's house with her zombified husband close behind. Mort was nearby too, but Orchid had to leave him for now. She knew he would survive a few hours, and she would pick him up when he met Blake, another of her allotted survivors.

    The ship landed softly on the street, still under cloaking. As Orchid left the craft by the main ramp, she raised a hand toward Jason, stealing the un-life the disease had granted him. She then lay a temporary perimeter around the house to hide their presence and stop anything from interfering. Brandon went to recover Jason's body and Joanna joined Orchid outside of Fred Walker's house.

    ((I hit a hard spot here, so instead of sputtering here for years i put a parenthesis and will go back to this section eventually))
    (talk to Fred and Kate, resurrect Kevin. Kate, Kevin and Brandon go back home to get family photos, etc while Orchid resurrects Jason on the ship. Joanna helps Fred get comfortable.))

    After everyone was safely on the ship, Orchid went back to the hospital, grabbing Dr. Winston's cat on the way. The poor thing didn't deserve to be abandoned. Shit had fully hit the fan back at the hospital, so this time she parked the ship on the roof. And since getting in and out of the quarantined wing would take more time than she had, Orchid drilled a hole straight down to the floor she wanted to reach. It was unlikely that anyone would question it, as most were now dead or zombified.

    Orchid sent a tractor beam down the two-meter wide hole, putting a barrier on it so that only those she allowed could enter it. She was beginning to learn that if you pointed scared people toward safety with enough confidence, they listened well enough despite the circumstances. She gathered up the nurses Molly and Miles (they had been bitten and quarantined before everything went went to shit) and after getting Clara and the doctor out of the surveillance room they were hiding in, she healed Clara's boyfriend. Courtney had been turned and was strapped down in another quarantine room. After, he was woozy and disoriented, but could walk with assistance.

    Once back on the ship Orchid asked if Dr. Winston was in good enough shape to help Joanna care for the survivors. Orchid was doing the heavy lifting, but everyone without severe injuries still needed to be fed, hydrated, and checked for smaller wounds. Miles and Molly still needed their bite wounds properly cleaned and dressed.

    With a fuller but reasonably chaos-free ship, Orchid went back to snatching up would-be dead people.

    Nina Gonzalez-Santiago had slept through the beginning of the end of the world, but once she saw the state of things she was happy enough to follow the strange girl who offered her sanctuary. Orchid then saved sisters Anan and Emanna Abdullahi, seven and two years old. She did not bother saving their neglectful mother, who had turned in her sleep and would have killed the two girls if Orchid hadn't interfered. She told the little ones that their mother could not be with them anymore, and took them into the ship to be cleaned, fed, and cuddled by Kate and Joanna. Orchid reminded Joanna that the rec-area T.V had children's movies, then soberly went back to her task.

    Dustin and Suzy were another two who were destined to die, and they took little convincing to join the crew. Dustin did request to being his beloved motorbike, which Orchid stashed in the lower section, where two tiny, rarely-used ships were kept.

    Dustin's boss Han was a miserable old asshole, who had been shot by his wife right before Orchid reached their home. Orchid didn't mind losing him and didn't bother bringing him back, nor did she mind that Fang had shot him as long as she didn't plan on killing anyone else. After a short conversation Fang joined the crew with a suitcase, and Orchid told them Han had died on his way home that night.

    The ship then headed to an apartment building, where they hardly needed to convince the three young adults to join them. They'd seen enough shit that heading off in a sci-fi looking ship with an alien? Demon? Angel? sounded fine in comparison.

    Orchid was then able to save Mort, who had met up with the Texas-raised, good natured Blake. Mort had had quite a night, and after Orchid had healed up his knee and he got the goose egg on his head looked at, he was happy to claim one of the beds. Orchid was always grateful for the easy-going ones. There were only a few more to save. She was looking forward to having some quiet time of her own.

    The last bunch was a group of six, in a boat on the river. Zeke the army veteran and Louis, the youth he had picked up along the way. Brian, his wife Sarah, and their daughters fourteen year old Jane and six year old Ruby. If Orchid had waited for the survivors to be delivered to her, then out of the six, only Louis and Jane would have reached her. She was exhausted from all the healing, emotional from seeing all the suffering, and wishing she could save more. But she swallowed back the lump in her throat and smiled at the shocked humans as the ship's ramp lowered to their boat.

    "Hello! I'm sorry about the state of the world right now, but we've got food, beds, and medical supplies if you want to join us."


    ((I like to do a tally after each "books" worth of characters. i try to get the full names if possible and the canon age of anyone under 18, but i do my best to guess if no age is given))

    Rotten World Survivors

    Jason Thompson
    Kate Thompson
    Kevin Adam Thompson (11)

    Fred Walker


    Dr. Joan Winston (and cat)

    Nina Gonzalez-Santiago

    Anan Abdullahi (7)
    Emanna Abdullahi (2)



    Rudy Lincoln



    Jane (14)
    Ruby (6)

    26 in total

    24 adults, four children

    Time skip of about a week

    this was the first chunk i wrote, the others are....kiiinda better. i get more comfortable and there are a few short convos.

    ALSO before anyone who actually knows things about farming speak up, i know that it probably takes longer than 3-4 years for a ranch to turn a profit, we are working off of Harvest Moon logic. Most crops/plants can also be encouraged to grow faster due to being tempered with in a lab as well as being in a magic-rich environment.

    Orchid, and especially Onyx, are rather gray morally. Orchid prefers to do things 'nicely' but if an asshole is already dead and she'd have to bring them back and then try to rehabilitate them.....ehhh why bother sometimes. She has all those Lannisters to worry about already. she's trying to rebuild a society, she prefers people she doesn't have to fret about.

    Orchid's mom Marie was the one who signed up for folks from the GoT universe. I thought it would be nice if Orchid wasn't as alone when she was starting out as queen. I mean, she has her sister and stepmom (her birth mom is....unavailable most of the time), but she's stubborn and she doesnt wanna ask for help. Also Onyx wants her to figure things out on her own, she'll step in if needed or if Orchid asks for help, but she's got her own stuff going on. And she's still kind of salty that Marie didn't leave her the kingdom. I mean, you are the only child for 80 years, you grow up expecting to inherit, then out of nowhere your mom has a second child, makes her Heir, and then DIES. Rude.

    I'm thinking I'll start capitalizing the word palace when it refers to the Raven palace. I have a habit (and by extension the Ravens/demons have a habit) of capitalizing certain words. It just makes me happier. So from now on you guys will know why I'm being obnoxious XD

    like you didnt see this coming though, i mean capitalizing words to emphasize them or indicate importance is literally my quirk.

    I'm also not taking everyone from the GoT verse, even named characters. I just have no interest in some of them, which is why Aerys the Mad or Dany's older bro or other dead fam aren't here. (ok, mostly because i doubt Aegon would be a good little subject. Orchid would grow annoyed with him. Dany is much better at working within her situation-also she definitely seduces the Queen and marries her. sorry for the spoiler) I just don't need/want everyone. Like, the onion knight? I always skip his chapters. who caaaares. (im kidding, i probably missed things by skipping them, but UGH the onion knight. also most of Stannis's shit. bluh.)

    I'm thinking of drawing very rough diagrams of the Palace and the royal flagship. lemme know if interested. scale will definitely be off.

    let me know if you have questions, if it's not a spoiler i'm happy to ramble

    also should i call it an airship or a spaceship? it's both but. i dont want to just introduce it as a ship because my mind goes to water first and this guy, while built for space, is kinda all-terrain. and when i think of airships i think of blimps? let me know if y'all agree.

    One last fun note, Orchid's full name is Blue Orchid Raven. That's on her birth certificate, her legal name is the one she uses most of the time, which is just Orchid Raven. I like the color of the swamp orchids in minecraft and decided to be a dick. They are the canonical color of Orchid's eyes. For even weirder names, you have Hysteria Quinn, a rather famous ancestor and the second person in the Raven Dynasty. Her 'real' name is Alexandra Raven but she used Hysteria and her mother's name for paperwork all her life. (yet another reason Ebony belongs in this stupid family)

    Demons don't commonly have middle names, at least not in the Raven fam. Maybe some of them did when they had gotten real settled as a royal family and had a bunch of family members and ancestral names to use.
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    Oh man, I already love this. If you need a beta feel free to hmu, I'm pretty decent at it and I'm invested in this!
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    @Acey you're very sweet but i think i won't need a beta for a minute XD it's like handing a half-finished shirt to someone and saying "just finish the buttonholes for me please"

    I've been working on this since i was a tiny babe playing pretend with my friends haha. I've got a big ole timeline and a lot of stuff that makes sense to me, but hasnt been properly shoved onto a paper.

    also there's some stuff where the morality is...skewed, and i have come to terms with the fact that the Ravens are kind of assholes, they've done a lot of good over the generations and they haven't really done any One Bad Thing, but they have a lot of flaws, and i get nervous thinking about how folks will respond to that. I'm still coming to terms with the whole concept of "characters can do A Bad or have Bad Opinions and that doesn't always mean the author agrees"

    i've been reading too many tumblr horror stories i think XD

    edit: i am very bad at grammar and things because they didnt focus much on that in high school and i attended one whole class during college, because writing? with a deadline? about anything? oh lord. so once i've got something meatier I will think of you haha
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    And i am bad at conveying emotion. i try and write something cute or family oriented and i feel very constipated XD agh words

    who decided a written language was a good idea.
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    This is definitely a mood. I'm utter darkfic trash and I have a major love for writing characters at their worst, and I get so anxious that people will get all pissy! Thankfully no one has yet, but yeah, I totally get that unfortunately.
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    More nonsense because i am a leaky faucet leaking world-building

    Elves used to live in a neighboring realm, a common theme for last names among elves was trees. which made it sort of confusing, since plants in general are a common theme for names among like, every race. except the dwarves maybe. but they went extinct before Xaurius even existed. I bring this up because a common theme for demons (they used to be known as sorcerers or something along those lines, they were like the human equivalent in their little world, and while almost all could use magic, the higher classes were mainly those who were more powerful casters.) look at me getting distracted, ANYWAY. Demons like to theme surnames off of species of bird, or just anything 'dark'. They are Goths. Some are pastel goths. But most of them are some variety of goth, punk, or other alternative style. (edit: they also like to mix and match eras. when your lifespan is around 2000 years, you like to do that kind of thing) I am a boring person who grew up around boring people and i think that sort of thing is Neat. Also when i can start adding to my closet again i will try to be the Goth Queen of my dreams. Anyway, for examples of demonic last names I'll go with cousins/vague relations of the Ravens, because of course. One of their relations from way back in the day, before they were nobility (and thus as the Ravens grew in status their relations grew as well) were the Nyx's. Every now and then, a spare who decided to start their own house or move a Bit away from the limelight but still wanted the advantage that being related to the royal fam gave, used to take the name Bloodraven, which again evolved into Bloodhaven.

    Nowadays, those trying to do the same thing (distancing themselves from the royal fam but still wanting people to know they might be important and might be Very Good In A Fight so don't overcharge me, asshole) normally take the last name Briar or Thorn. A symbol the Ravens took over the years was the rose. Interestingly, they've never really used the actual raven as a symbol. their old crest used to be a royal purple background with a golden pentagram with an open eye within. that symbolized strength in magic and a watchful ruler. These days Orchid has kept the family colors, but updated the crest to be a golden rose on the purple backdrop.

    despite not using the raven imagery, they do on occasion use feathers as Fashion. Also nearly every Raven has the feathered wings-furry tail mutation. When the sorcerers were sent to Xaurius, some were given that form, and some had a more traditionally demonic bat-wing, scaley tail form. it's a Story that i won't go into right now. The Ravens (especially the Heirs) also have a...different mutation, but i will again get into that later.

    So much shit that i forget i havent told folks on this forum about, haha.

    i think i'll throw down the bit i've written about Onyx's end of the story. her story involves vamps from the book Bloodbound, in the app game Choices. Not that i can imagine many of you are worried about spoilers from that, but i will say that Choices is a pretty darn good app if you like choose-your-own-adventure type books, pretty characters and settings, and the ability to be gay a lot. most books default to a female MC and they have a bad habit of choosing one LI to really throw at you. Like, i just want to hang out with my friend Matt because he is injured and we are Friends, stop forcing them to be flirty. Heck.

    also a thing i will state now. The places i am stealing all these characters from are obviously different worlds, some of which Orchid and her sister could visit, some of them they cannot. GoT is off-limits. even if Orchid wanted to change the outcome of things (and she and the others DO) they cannot reach that world or interact with anyone they've known there. They can only speak to them again when they die. Which is a bummer, especially for Joanna. She takes a smidgen of comfort from knowing that, even though they all have to die young (and in a few cases, in disgrace), she will eventually have almost her entire family with her again. so she can yell at them. and be Disappointed. and also love on them because despite everything, she loves her children and her husband, and she desperately wants to give some love to her grandbabies. I thought about including Robert Baratheon (too lazy to check spelling), but after some thought i am unlikely to include him or his brothers. Stannis is a POS and not even interesting to me like Cersei is. I feel bad for his daughter, she might pop up. Maybe? Renly i might bring in because i ship him with Loras and Renly is unlikely to bother Orchid. He will just move in with his jock boyfriend in the Tyrell manor and be fabulous. I have little ill-will against him. Robert....while i would like to let Ned have his friend back, and it might be interesting to see how he interacts (or doesnt) with his ex-wife/"children"... i think it would be really awkward for Lyanna. He never got over her, and she didn't want him then, or now. So. Sorry Rob but I'm going with Lyanna's comfort here because she deserves the best.

    sorry for yet another tangent, i might as well stop apologizing though, because i am unlikely to stop anytime before my death, and apologies get tiring to read. ahem.

    The "dead" worlds are only visited once, Orchid knows what will happen beforehand, she gets sent something like a folder of papers as well as some video of the events that go down. it helps her know what to expect from her refugees. She uses that to Plan, which. will have a Consequence or two, but nothing too dramatic. the Ravens do their absolute best to never time travel. Not a fan. They have enough trouble planning things, timelines? Bleh. Striders they are Not. And that is why she has a time-limit of sorts when she is grabbing her peeps.

    the stories from Choices (according to some of the canon books, but especially according to the canon for this fic) all take place on the same world. I will return to this world again when Orchid has babies because a few of them find spouses there. Also Orchid has been slowly acquiring an alliance with some of the governments on that planet. More people to trade with, potential tourists/immigrants, and a fun place to vacation maybe? idk allies are Good. The choices world can be visited at any time, but we won't go there for a little bit, probably.

    There is one final world, that will come in a few months into the future and is related to the Consequences. That world is under the protection of someone who would prefer very little in the way of outside influences, so while Orchid will be asked to do a favor for them, people from her world (and most outsiders) will be blocked from going there. Also certain worlds block the dead from returning to their place of origin, the Choices world does not have this barrier, but the other world will. GoT does too, technically (unless you are Jon Snow but that is a different sort of thing).
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